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bombs bombs bombers

bombs bombs bombers ????????????????????Trump certainly set the stage for stupidity and disregard for respect for human beings. He glorified the politician in Montana for body slamming a re...

studecar18552Oct 24Oct 25

I kissed a girl..Can't two people from the same gender fall in love? Sure they can. Then, why does it become about their sexuality more than love ?...

usha123861812Apr 10Apr 11
If youre antisocial youre a psychopath Yall need to stop misusing these words

If you're antisocial you're a psychopath. Y'all need to stop misusing these words................ If you're antisocial you're a psychopath. Y'all need to stop misusing these words...

jarred1140-1Oct 4

We are perhaps too hard on ourselves hereOkay we all know CS has moments of unusual interest, blogs which create snippy comments and outright rudeness and when that happens there are gasps an...

Elegsabiff2,2121321Feb 2018Mar 2018

aHOLES...I used to think overly aggressive, obnoxious or arrogant people didn't realize they were aHOLES. That may be true for a very, very small percent. The...

chatillion17291Feb 19Feb 20

no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years !!A psychic is a person who claims to use extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving te...

needyoubyfastway6741May 3May 11

To believe Donald or the Ghostwriter...Earlier in the week a news story hit about Donald's old taxes showing he had lost more than a billion dollars many years ago. That was around the time...

chatillion5931May 9May 9
Are You Living an Insta Lie

Are You Living an Insta Lie?Are You Living an Insta Lie?...

jarred1182-1Nov 2017
Do not come to Holland

Do not come to HollandDo not come to Holland...

jarred1193-1Nov 2017

SlaveryI am somewhat poor even though I come from a line of successful and accomplished people. The problem is that I was abused in many ways and by many peo...

befree5511821Feb 2Feb 2

PrayersOne of our blogger is in need of prayers. Oregon specifically by Ashland region is on fire. Evacuation is forced on level 3 as I am writing this blo...

lindsyjones475141Jul 2018Jul 2018
Only people lie

Only people lieOnly people lie People can lie, animals do not................

jarred1156-1Jun 2018
Lets just for a moment

Let's just for a momentPut aside our childish egotistical bickering and morn the tragic event that has unfolded in NZ

Onthcrestofawave27271Dec 9Dec 30

WHY NOT HAVE A HETEROSEXUAL PRIDE MARCH?I think gay people etc., seem to think they are something special and enjoy prancing about in an exhibitionist manner. They even have their own flag,...

CROWNAFFAIR267201Dec 10Dec 11
The 3 Rs

The 3 RsIn SA criminals use what is commonly known as the 3 Rs literally to get away with murder or to cut their sentence by more than half at times. REMOR...

Lukeon276161Sep 2018Sep 2018

No Offense...I try not to use that phrase. Why? It's an excuse to insult someone... a one second warning you're going to drop a bomb on them. Example: "No off...

chatillion299131Jul 2018Jul 2018

Road-Rage Xmas'Twas the night before Xmas, the streets were a mess with last-minute shoppers unleashing their stress. The traffic was swarming like flies on a tur...

kornbluth11031Dec 19Dec 19

Sayings or phrases that grate on my nerves...All righty now. That's your answer... cut & dry. Everything happens for a reason... Just sayin' I've got your back! When you get the answer... re...

chatillion754601Dec 15Feb 26

why do people fight for whsts not there's?Reding an article I can't help feeling nauseous . Live and let's live . We came here with nothing and nothing we shall take back with us....

georgie39415131Nov 2016Nov 2016
Whats your favorite part of Christmas

Whats your favorite part of Christmas?As the hustle and bustle of the festive season approaches, I ve noticed alot of friends , and family have different parts of the season they enjoy. I...

1to1to1679281Dec 2016Jan 2018
A surprise from them

A surprise from them.....The moment that I will never sweet of them who planned this for me..... They gave me surprise birthday you all my students...

pianawait396121Dec 2016Dec 2016
I dont often go to church

I dont often go to church !But when I do Its to hear some damn fine words, If you are a graduate of the youtube college of vox-pop thinking then this is not for you...

nonsmoker409161Apr 2017Apr 2017
We Are All Trained to Be Actors and Liars

We Are All Trained to Be Actors and LiarsWe Are All Trained to Be Actors and Liars...

jarred1205-1Jun 2017
what do you think I m doing every second of my life

what do you think I 'm doing every second of my life................. what do you think I 'm doing every second of my life...

jarred193-1Jan 4
hell yeah

hell yeah..................... hell yeah...

jarred1129-1Nov 29

Colorful festival "HOLI"We celebrate colorful festival "HOLI today its wonderful festival of india today we forget difference between poor and rich people just color each...

rcm123307131Mar 2017Mar 2017
In case you wanted to know

In case you wanted to know...........We don't really get to know each other very well on this site. We are mostly a mystery to each other. I thought that it might be nice for the gr...

VikingSon393161Mar 2017Mar 2017
The Travelling Sofa

The Travelling SofaWhile out riding my bike the other day, I think I mentioned the sofa that someone had dumped in the middle of the gravel road. When I saw it, I laughe...

LadyImp17561Jan 11Jan 12
Thanks Google

Thanks GoogleSo I'm currently at a coffee shop and enduring the presence of two obnoxious human beings and the louder of the two is apparently ah...transitioning....

BadlyDrawn13831Dec 31Dec 31
with all the negativity in the news and in the world

with all the negativity in the news and in the worldwith all the negativity in the news and in the world its so important to remember empathy and compassion...

jarred1219-0Jul 2017
Who is The Fool And The Wise

Who is The Fool And The Wise?Who is The Fool And The Wise?U can't tell a fool nothing!!...

jarred1188-0Aug 2017
People do not care whether you live or die

People do not care whether you live or die.People do not care whether you live or die. The truth sucks but it will set you free.?...

jarred1260-0Aug 2017
Hows it feel

How's it feel?...................How's it feel?...

jarred1100-0Dec 15

Top Ten Florida Man Misadventures!Whenever something REALLY strange happens in the USA, you can almost be certain, that it takes place in Florida. The Sunshine State is home to sev...

Philipsen14750Dec 15Dec 15
there are so many false people

there are so many false peopleFor the last two weeks I have just felt like there are so many false people and or Im one of the few who keeps it 100...

jarred1244-0Aug 2017
Life is a game

Life is a gameLife is a game. Ha means that everything is fake and not lasting very long. No wonder that people regard it as a battle/struggle instead....

jarred1160-0Aug 2017
The madness of human behavior

The madness of human behaviorThe madness of perceiving human behavior. How can any one person have the ultimate truth of how people think feel and react to any given situation? R...

Akeldama4039160Oct 2017Oct 2017

Just ThinkBefore you plan terminate your employee, just think, why I couldn't find an other job for him within my department, or other department, May be he ca...

real_khan22420Oct 2017Oct 2017
Track16536100Oct 2017Oct 2017
A Lesson for Life

A Lesson for LifeA Lesson for Life...

jarred1399-0Aug 2017
Dont compare yourself with anyone

Don’t compare yourself with anyoneDon’t compare yourself with anyone...

jarred1240-0Aug 2017
Educated Isnt Synonymous With Intelligent

Educated Isn't Synonymous With Intelligent!!!?????????????....Experience taught me!...

lookn2share403180Oct 2017Oct 2017

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