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Intelligent and funny.

If there's anything more attractive than intelligent women, it's funny women. idea

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Is there anything specific you can add that will help me tell them apart? W. (Scars? warts? big breasts?)
No, Wrinkley, I don't think there is anything I can tell you. I suspect you and I look for different things in a woman. hmmm
Perfect lip sync!
thumbs up
Yes, chat, that's one of the things that make it so funny.
Somehow, part of America has unfortunately accepted Trump being Trump, which is not a good thing at all.
But, the insanity of what he actually says is apparent to the rest of us all the time.
Yes, she is funny. But, the actual situation is not.
So, thanks for helping us laugh in very difficult times for the nation. cheers
Awesome lip sync thumbs up but I couldn't deal with 9 minutes of it
Credit to Trump, Jim, he's managed to create a cult without having any charisma. But then he is known for breaking the rules. Perhaps when some of his followers hear his ridiculous utterings apparently coming from the mouth of someone else, it will break the spell. dunno

Probably not, but at least the rest of us get to have a laugh. smile
Yes, Fay, 9 minutes of Trump's voice is hard to endure. sad
Lift the spirit Blog. She is gorgeous, those eyes ! But she is so talented and has the expressions off to a T. laugh thumbs up
gg. wave
hole batting Thought I might be banned..... I bit your nose off the other day. Sorry !blushing
Don't be silly, gg, I'm not that sensitive. hug
I disagree. He's created a cult by deceit. While generally deplorable,
there's a certain amount of charm and charisma that was necessary to
deceive so many people. One could even argue that he is an expert at duping the dumb. What he does totally lack, is integrity.
I'm afraid I don't see his charm, Jim. He isn't even a lovable rogue. Yes, he's a liar with absolutely no integrity, but you only have to listen to the man for five minutes to know what he is, so I really can't account for his following. I think he has an obnoxious personality. dunno
I totally agree with you from your perspective.
However, that's because we see through his b.s.
Many people don't. They are actually charmed by his lies.
How did this blog go so fast away from scars, warts, and large breasts as telling marks of either a funny Lady or an Intelligent Lady?

I just thought there may be physical tell tails of how to differentiate between the two types of women. And I understand your order of preference. I like funny and someone who thinks I am not stupid or not stupid enough for their tastes.
Do that type have a category? I do not doubt that which you find desirable in a female counterpart is not what I might but then again if this whole setup worked that way, there would just be one male and one female type(s) People would all like the same things, think the same thoughts, and basically have sex either not at all or all at the exact same time. Or as told.

But that shit about Trump, who? W.
I don't think you are the one to be critiquing charm and charisma, you lack both.
Koko the gorilla could have won that election. It was this country's chance to get away from the Obama/Clinton regime. It was time to stop the shadow government operatives, it all gets very old more quickly now than in the past.
Well, forgive me for defending Trump's charm & charisma.
It seems once again, that you are not really...........happy.
JimNastics•6 mins ago•Kingston, New Jersey USA
Well, forgive me for defending Trump's charm & charisma.
It seems once again, that you are not really...........happy.

I'm slightly confused, all joking aside. You're defending Trump's charm & charisma or do you stand by what you first wrote that he has no charisma? W.
I'm sorry, Wrinkly, but your preoccupation with scars, warts, and large breasts is confusing to me. confused

Are you sure you are replying to the right blog? dunno
Why is there so much animosity towards Obama, hpylady_? I always thought he was one of your better presidents. He seems to be a decent man. dunno
Harb. The blog was light relief from the incessant hate flinging and war torn warriors fighting for a leader that couldn't give a sh-t about them.
I love a laugh, craic, all types of humour. I love taking off people and love characters. This blog is dehydrated for want of fun and some banter.
Now regarding the truth about that president ~ might I recommend a terrific book I am reading,
Shadow State by Luke Harding ~ journalist, writer, and award winning correspondent with the Guardian paper. He's travelled to Iraq, got down and dirty and was deported from Moscow. He proves without doubt that Mr.T. was helped in getting to be president by Putin.

I would urge anyone who likes well written factual books to have a read of this book. It explains who is behind the fake news and is trying to pit one section of US against the other. There are other ways to win a war and this man writes well [in my opinion ].

Sorry for having interrupted the fun. I love the way Trump crosses his arms tightly when he feels threatened , much like a child whose caught raiding the fridge for ice cream. PS The journalist has no particular agenda here, he sees the cracks in all leaders.
PS ** Sorry, I meant to type this CS SITE is dehydrated for want of some fun and banter and light heartedness, not your blog.
I have a feeling, gg, that after the election, when Trump no longer has the protection of the presidency, he will find himself in very hot water. I daresay he has the resources to drag out the legal processes against him indefinitely though. Still, the show will be interesting and entertaining to watch. popcorn
Harb Trump is up to his neck in dirty deals, and was never what you would call intelligent, just street wise. His quest for power is driven by his inner demons and he will stop at nothing. I don't think he will ever be brought to trial as far too many are in there with him. Not all US leaders either.
I stand by everything I write. I'm not sure why you are confused.
What I first wrote, did not mention charm, nor charisma.
Here it is, exactly, as it is;

The reality of having someone criminally insane as president is obviously not a good thing.
However, as I point out in my second comment, such criminals often have charisma & charm in order
to pull off the deception. It's not unusual at all. They become experts at finding and manipulating the dumb & naive.
Just to clarify: It was I who said Trump has no charisma. Perhaps I shouldn't have expressed it as objectively as that. Let's just say that I do not find him charismatic. I do not say that merely because I intensely dislike the man; there are people who I also dislike but can recognise that they have charisma. Presumably his disciples do find him charismatic, but I would put that more down to their poor judgement and taste, rather than any inherent quality of Trump.
H - it's a combination of both. You do not find him charismatic, but others do.
A person is judged to be charismatic in general, based on how many people find him charismatic,
not on the quality of people who find him charismatic.

He has charmed a lot of people with his lies. Oddly, some even understand they are lies
and are still charmed by him. There's some extremists like dingdong who even applaud and mimic the lies. People like him are actually fans of lies, as a warped art form.
Before Trump ran for office, his main man was "lying Ted", as Trump referred to him.
Ted Cruz is very practiced at the "What about" distraction, that some on here use in an argument.
They distract the topic away to something that may be loosely related to the topic, but ultimately irrelevant. Indeed, it seems the topic has shifted away from funny & intelligent.
Yes, a very clever parody. Also makes you wonder - again - what kind of people vote for Trump.
Harbal, your blog is about "Intelligent and Funny women."

Don't allow anyone to bring POLITICS into the mix. very mad

Yes, we women are intelligent and can be funny if men do not piss us off. laugh handshake
Okay, Jim, let's get back on track. thumbs up
As Jim says, Tule, we have wandered away from the topic, so I can't really respond to your comment about Trump voters. If that weren't the the case, I would probably say that they vote for Trump because they are idiots, but I don't want to offend anybody, so I won't say it. smile wine
Quite right, LaFonda, so let's find some examples of intelligent female humour. applause

I hope I didn't piss you off. uh oh
HE. Intelligent woman. Funny woman. Short sky scrapers. Army intelligence.
You're not impressed by the video then, Vier? sigh

How surprising. hmmm
Harbal I loved Joan Rivers. Many found her over the top but at times I tough oh no, she's gone too far, and she had, but she made me laugh.
Many others too many to mention. A sense of humour is a glint in the eye and somebody who can sum up a situation quickly and is a good character watcher. I will say it again, this CS blog site needs more laughs. I watched Fawlty Towers last night with a friend. I know it is dated but it was funny just as I find Dad's Army cheers me, and I wish they'd bring back Curb your enthusiasm and Sienfeld.
One of my favorite female comedians is Paula Poundstone.
I especially like how she can innovate in handling audience members.
There's many examples of her doing that.
For instance;

I wasn't too keen on Joan Rivers, gg. I'm not really a fan of stand up comedy. There was a woman in Seinfeld (I think) who I always thought was very funny; I'll see if I can find her.

I've never seen Paula Poundstone before, Jim, thank you. thumbs up
I think that this woman was very intelligent and funny. Gone too soon Bless her. A northern lass grin

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