10 reasons to be on a dating site

and so i try again

cs is the best dating site

has all the others beat 100 percent

cs is really free,no kidding


cs has flower power


cs has more test than high school


cs has a lot of nosey people

is this good or bad

cs has music,books,poetry,plays

2b or not 2b,oops that might pertain to algebra

cs has a top 10 list

now i believe i could write for the national e,or david letterman

cs does not have my phone number

no kidding

cs will cause me to have a good day


oh,yeah i allmost forgot,there's a lot of women on cs

that was really a close call

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cheering doh doh cheers barf beer wine wink applause confused dunno help head banger scold professor
no we are not right for each other,no I am not shy, don't call me sweetie,i gave no reasons whatsoever for a guy to make a comment like this,[ prefer women and women only,is this clear,dont ever embarrass me again,as you can tell I have not changed like the rest of the world, if my statement is not polite,it is your fault.
Hi i am John if you think you would like to chat and become friends? So we could see if we think we are right for each other. Please don't be shy. I really would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time.. Text me some time sweetie. Lets chat. Here's my cell six23-3zero8-six845 teddybear dancing cool angel cheers
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