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I live in a large condo community, probably a few hundred units with golf, tennis 3 pools and some restaurants. I live on the 2nd floor and considering to buy a bike for some exercise but there aren't any bike racks near me. My choice is the drag the bike up the stairs or use the elevator. The problem with the elevator are signs restricting people only (they complain if you are carrying luggage) and a weight restriction.
I called the president of the HOA and asked if there would be a chance to install one rack by the courtyard entrance. She said no. They decided that no one living there is young enough to ride a bicycle. I thought WTF... no one is young enough?
So I brought up the subject of permission to take the bike into the elevator. She didn't have an answer and asked the weight of the bike... Less than 50 pounds was my response and she said she would place a call to the elevator company.

I assured her the woman in the electric wheelchair at the end of the building wouldn't be restricted access to the elevator! That's one of the reasons they were installed.

She said she would get back to me on that.
It's been 4 days and I've heard nothing.

No one living there young enough to ride a bike??
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Bugger her..Put the bike in the lift that you call an elevator..She is ridiculous
When I began looking to downsize from my home of 30 years, I knew I wanted something maintenance free. My best friend wanted me to buy a condo...One of her clients was selling her condo in my price range.. It had a great view of the Sarasota Bay...pretty good floor need of, bathrooms...which was not a problem. The deciding factor for me for not purchasing garage, no laundry room in the condo, and the rules that one needs to follow of most condo homeowner associations.

If I were you, I would just buy the bike and keep it in my place....Maybe, just carry the bike up the stairs...
If they would agree to install a bike rack, I'll buy something used... if possible. I'm hearing used bikes are hard to come by since covid and high gas prices. That way I could cover it with plastic.
If I buy new (my preferred option) I would get a folding eBike somewhere in the $500 - $600 range.
I really miss having a house with porch, shed, carport, yard with fruit trees.
I bought an attached is a mixture of homes and villas. Many retirees and also, young families. I bought the cheapest in the neighborhood..they always say that is a good rule in purchasing a home. It has the amenities of a condo..pool and a gym...

I did not know that they make folding bikes..that would be perfect for me.

I live very close to the Legacy Trail...a bike path the county made from the old railroad tracks..that are no longer operating...very scenic ride...

I don't understand the problem with putting your bike in a lift..It doesn't make any sense to me why you can't

I wouldn't trust my bike being attached to a bike rack because if thieves want that bike no matter how many chains you have to secure that bike of yours where there's a will there's a way
Because someone in an important position doesn't want to be bothered with allocating funds to install a bike rack or granting permission that allows me to use the lift.
One solution is to become a board member of the HOA
My post was in reference to those who make the decisions.
In the underground carpark in Moore Park Sydney, both our (then) bicycles were stolen, chained though they were. Here my bike is locked up in the garage - and yes even at 76 people do ride bikes but the hills are getting harder and harder. Hills surround me, North and West upwards, South and East downslopes, gradients of about 20% I guess, but whichever way you go there is an equal amount of up and down after all! It's just a fact of life. Remember the Tour de France used to be on bikes without gears (not so sure of without drugs though)! Opperman in 1931 rode until he was 90. Mockridge finished le Tour in 1955. No gears!
I've seen only a bike frame attached by heavy steel cable to a post. All the other parts of the bike were gone!
Many thanks angel
I found a bike rack about 200 yards from me.
It appears to be used a lot.

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Maybe more bike racks are needed.
Chat I have a feeling you could threaten to sue her for what she said, however you would need to prove it. That's why God made phones now for recordings. Try again, then threaten to sue. Better yet - just use the elevator leaving the ball in her court.
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