“In the worldwide prison they’ve built, the greed of both rich and poor almost to no limits. It is the modern world of desires, passions and lust, inchaining everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, from the weakest to the strongest, through the very System conceived upon the illusion of progress and evolution. The new age religion – or better said cult – seems to have trapped the minds of people into such deceit that gets even harder to comprehend for majority, what’s going on with themselves, and how evil is being rooted throughout, up to such level of darkness that there is a very small chance, of getting out – alive – out of this labyrinth of weaved Deceit. There comes the great scholars of the world with new theories of how mankind to survive in what seems for them endless problems of which people confront day by day; the more theories they bring to the eyes of the world, the more deeper issues to be dealt with, while nothing works really but just generating repetitive patterns of failure on all levels. Education doesn’t resemble at all what was one century ago, if not two, - but just an indoctrination meant to determine people to follow the conceived System, without any concern of the fact that all and everything that’s done through it, destroys the human nature – the only one who is able to cope with the hardship of times, adapting over and over again, to a world of violence and cruelty; while almost everyone wishing a better world, nobody seems to care of their own wrongdoings, of their own contribution to the mass enslavement, to their own fails, to their own choices, and barely to be seen one here or there, to really take responsibility for its own actions, for its own deeds, starting from even words up to even its very private thoughts. It is no wonder, therefore, how all are collapsing, the imminent change of the human being and once with it, entire world, showing the sufferance of mankind. Even the nature itself, suffering once with the human being, although very few truly to notice and to even accept such Reality which is beyond their capacity of thinking, or feeling. The rich, can’t understand its role in society, and corrupted by greed, becomes richer – in vain, and up to just a waste, of everything that is being given or allowed to it, once with these, even the other ones lives. The poor, can’t understand its purpose in the society’s enclosure, neither, and becoming corrupted by greed too, becomes poorer, - demanding answers to obvious questions, requesting a place, a role, a purpose, a meaning – although all have been provided, to it. Within all these, social classes and levels, without distinction to who’s the poorest or the richest, are just a mixture of deceived minds, betrayed hearts, wandering beings with traumatized souls, - or just empty shells awaiting in vain a redemption, if not hearts of stone, filled by pride, vanity, rebellion. But the course of the world, is brought to this point through intention, all are done in purpose, so that division happen in society; there, in the shadow, apart of the public eyes, the hunters are lurking, admiring the prey: those who know more, of what’s really going on, being the same ruthless tyrants who admire the works of evil, done through their actions over the world; those are the same lost children of the world, although they wear the sigils of royalty, those are the same wanderers of the maze where Deceit found a home, even if they surround in luxury and pleasures; those are the same humans turned against their nature, regardless of rank, title, inheritance, or merits, and in their empty eyes, darkness shines, like the same sparkles of worldly Illusion. They look to the prison the people built, with their help; while people are imprisoned inside, they have become the same guardians imprisoned behind the bars. They are prisoners too, even if they own the keys of the gates.“
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