- Chapter I:


“In a world where greed rules, is no difference between poor and rich; the rich get richer for people indulge slavery, while poor getting poorer for people chain eachother; mass compliance to the edicts of lawlessness turn the world up-side-down, and with a twist of a tide, each ruler has the potential of a tyrant, as much as people facilitate the empowering; each designated and elected representative actor on the stage, dictating to the crowds what to eat and how to do it, when it’s allowed and what is permissive, is the same hand of the state who feed the hungry beasts trained already to act upon command, as it is a well known fact how people were subdued along history through hunger or better said, starvation. There is the hand of the state acting upon the benevolent masters commands, ruling with a whip on a hand and a sword in the other! There is the rule of law, upon the domesticated jungle of modern age, where the new religion of worshipping the ego of man has become a common habit, where the actual schemes of dominion follow the old republic!.. There is the stage where the actors meet to seal new edicts of ruling in the same prison where all partake in crimes, - the timer ticks in the tribunes for each newbie in geopolitics, strategy and engineering of the crowds, to uptake a speech ready to be transmitted to the eyes and ears of the order-followers who blindly search a representative to be herded!.. There are the honorable etiquettes and sealed ties wearing the sigils of the triangle of law of order out of chaos, wearing proudly the banners of the double headed eagle awaiting the masters to seat at the table of nations, - there are the benevolent hands from which the innocents blood flows while their gestures resemble an opera en vogue, in the same place where the puppets come together to bring forth new ways of exploiting the general, public madness who conquered their globe!.. There are the heads of ministries where lies works best with dreams of hopes for the future of nations embalmed with promises to be fulfilled, first with cheers and then with tears, - there are the voices to be heard loudly so that the reign to come while new regimes change in mass confusion, while those against, reduced to silence in memorandum of the alleged wars, trials and tribulations to come in the new experimentations following until reducing the human beings to just numbers in a list with numbers!.. There are the demagogues that people love to have, like masters to follow, while the ones with potential of intelligence be used in scrupulous attempts of changing sides in a cunning plan or drawing new borders on the map of the world, for each one is expendable, but not until its purpose or assigned role has been attained, ordained to the cult where they belong; none out there is clean and everyone is faithful to the cause, willingly or coerced for the creed, none of them is there without credentials or acquired merits, for the treaties to be signed, deals to be decided, bargains to be aligned, each with duties to the masters hands, so like a glove washing the other, under oaths of fraternities and pacts within the entities, ruling over the crowds. Entertainment. To enter in each one’s mind, to tame each one’s heart, to shape each one’s behavior. Backing mirrors, in screening, manipulation, control, authority and ruling, in foundation of the new, modern society of future. It is all there. Nothing really missing from this theatre, where the actors spin among the spectators. All are at their right place, all come at the right time.“

[ … ]
- Shall be continued…

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