- Chapter I:


“For the ignorance of modern men and women, their children have no future except Slavery taken to extremes. These times are coming down harder and harder for the generation in which all what is human is being perverted up to such level of madness and evil as never known in history of mankind, because these times are special: there are the necessary means for mass enslavement, and all began with compliance of masses to the ruling state; few generations before, were trained specially for social engineering taken to new levels, to which is attached genetics, nano-technology and robotics, in re-designing the future of mankind. The blinded people, follow the govern indoctrination where driven by ignorance, dream of a hyper-technological future in which humans to make use of machines and whole world to benefit upon these inventions, without to realize they are being used for mass enslavement in a tyranny to come in which human beings – most of the common, working class, and including even those among rich ones, will be subjected to what is being called under development as Artificial Intelligence, which will be like a sentient to overwatch the new elaborated System of the New World Order that takes place in these times, – and, of course, the implications are wide, into destruction of everything what means a Human Being which is far net superior to any invention or machinery designed to take its place in hierarchy. Blinded people, trained since childhood, to receive these sci-fi illusions of a world in which mankind using machines will attain a reign of glory, a world of peace and prosperity for everyone, a world of justice, law and order. But everyone out there, is being used for evil purposes, for once all are designed and set on the go, the new System built will truly set in chains everyone who would follow, willingly or coerced. People do not imagine what their future would look like, in such technological chains from which they can never get away, and thus, are lured into a trap which unfortunately, would become for everyone else attached to the System, an eternal damnation and sufferance, – one can not compare the harm that is being done by now – so far – and very few actually understand what is already happening with this world, and how people are being turned against their own nature. The idea of conspiracy theory – a vague term which does not mean anything than a sinister way to hide in plain sight what is already obvious, – ambiguous terminology and wording who upon deeper analysis show antagonism and contradiction – is being used and promoted in the same time, to generate not only mass confusion, but even based on the principle of denial, leading further the cognition of a human being to suffer, not being able to discern what is truly real of what is false, – deepening the upcoming traumas which will be present in each man or woman when confronted with Reality, one who can not be changed. When the waves of tyranny will start hitting worldwide, nobody can not change the harm that’s being done, in the name of progress and evolution, nobody will be able to counter the evil that is being propagated into the world, nor its spreading, and the shock will come for all social classes, on all levels, without any possible way to avoid the impact. “

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- Shall be continued…

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