- Chapter I:


“There were times, to often wonder how can be understood such a world in which rape, theft and murder, prevails?! Alike history being re-written, as many times as it is needed until finding the ultimate form or tyranny, in which lawlessness to rule, under the high command of darkness and evil leading to extermination of everything what’s human, clearly indicating not just rebelling against God, but endless hate upon all creation. If entire history of mankind is a trace of blood leading back to antics, what has been changed, except the amount of damage that’s been done, upon the masses, as if an evil spirit awaits to be born as many humans as possible could, so then collect each of their soul as reward, once with wiping out whole nations, in the intrigues of wars and rebellions, in an endless requirement for feeding with pain the hunger for revenge. This indeed, looks like the spirit that lurks in the shadow, which dominates now the times of my presence into this world, for I have grown knowing gradually the level of deceit as much as it was given to me to cope with, and also, to realize some ultimate truths, from which one was written under the holiness of God when great king Solomon received such wisdom to write how all and everything into this world is Vanity. He saw the roots of creation in a lily and amazed, he praised God, acknowledging that although he had made a whole palace, and gathered so many in a kingdom, could not compare anything to the fragrance of such flower, in which the Wisdom that is God only, could have created in such grace and wonder. I ask myself, how blind I am, passing daily through a modern town, in which the hand of man to barely have built just squares and call them buildings, for I am surrounded by steel and concrete. How blind I am, to even allow my eyes search into such squares without even a proper design or a concept to reveal, while everything around me, floats of life: every single blade of grass from the multitude of the green spots, in which my dusty eyes does not search, every single little twig or parts of a stem, a brownish leaf, from the places of nesting, in which my dirty eyes do not dare to look, every single little stone, resting on the soil, in which my sinful eyes, can’t discover anything, - I sigh – how blind, I am, truly, how much blindness fills me! My eyes search among steel and concrete, at least a trace of intelligent design, and they can not find anything else, than slavery, there. There, yes, - there! – there lies the slavery of mankind, regardless of a rock shaped to a square line to just fill a fence, or pieces of paves, tiles, with marks of a chisel or just shiny coated, in decorating the sidewalk, - oh! Nothing is really there, than slavery of mankind! There is the wasted time, in a test of endurance for the belly and the pocket to be filled, - there is the test of strength when the bones are crushed under the sweat of hard labor, - there is the test of sanity, in a mock or laughter, in a vulgar tongue or curse. There is the wasted life of the commoner, who dreams nurturing desire after desire in endless vanity, wearing proudly the banners of greed or envy, - there is the counting of yields, efficiency written on a tick of a clock, and the ring bells to pause for a while and start over, if not all marking an ending. There are the passages of times, along oceans of thoughts, spent on uselessness and leading to nowhere except back in the beginning, when people have chosen their path, - there is the fruitlessness of their deeds, - and.. oh, how much blindness in me! My very eyes, filled with such infatuation!..”

[ … ]
- Shall be continued…

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