Little Mess Game

Do you have the patience and wisedom to clean up the mess? Play this game and find out.

Instructions: At the beginning of this game there will be a mess of dots and lines crossing each other, the object of this game is to clean up the mess by moving the dots so that the lines no longer cross. This game tests your patience and ability to organize.

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confused confused confused confused confused i relly need alot of thooooooooooooght
confused confused confused dunno dunno dunno wow wow
This is an interesting game.

Which version is best; this one or the one at

- This one has very interesting challenges around level 6-10. After that, the challenges become bigger but easier to solve, and not so interesting.

- The one at has a slightly better user interface, but once you have seen the pattern in how to solve the tasks there, then it becomes just a routine job to solve even extremely large cases.

I recommend you to try both, and quit after level 10 :-)
Am I right?

I have clean up the mess, but it never said I am right
a beter game than this can be played on

It's exactly like this game, but when you click on a ball, it highlights which other balls are attached to it!
Thanks K_rational for your tips! handshake

I reached 28 million in one evening, it took me a few hours :) applause applause applause

I think the most difficult/interesting level maybe is 7 or 8, but after that it gets easier and easier, and level 30 was so boring that I quit :) frustrated frustrated frustrated
If you've ever done graph theory in university, this game should be easy. The real trick is thinking in terms of placement.

Look for vertices that have only one, two or three connecting lines. That vertex can usually be placed in the centre of the other or near them. Moving the easiest parts first (and in groups) may seem counter-intuitive when you see one vertex with 10-20 connections, but doing the simple things first will simplify everything else.

Make sure you use the space available. Separate groups of vertices with few connections, and minimize the connections few between the groups. Many times, you'll find three or four vertices can be made into a large triangle or tetragon and the rest go inside it.

Also, learn to "flip" sections. When there's only one line crossing over another, do a mirror image of some of the vertices. You'll be able to move sections of vertices inside or outside to eliminate crossovers.

When you get to level 12 and higher, there will be a lot of single vertices that have no connections. By level 25, there are over 200 unconnected vertices, and you only need very small space between those.

For those who think 23 million is unassailable, don't. Once you get past level 11, it's an endurance and speed event. Keep your browser and the game running for days (as well as logging in every 12 hours from a different browser tab) and you could top 100 million if you played long enough. I scored 23 million over five days, not in one session.

By the way: If you click "help" while playing, the time counter stops, so it won't reduce your score.
How nice. DISCONNECTING singles logs me out without warning me, losing my score.
big mess

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