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Acceptance of Death

Acceptance of DeathAcceptance of Death [/im...

jarred170-Dec 19
The table cloth a beautiful heart warming Christmas story

"The table cloth" a beautiful heart warming Christmas storyAt Christmas time men and women everywhere gather in their churches to wonder anew at the greatest miracle the world has ever known. But the story I l...

britishcolumbian1187Dec 19Dec 19
Most People Dont Even Realize Whats Coming

Most People Don't Even Realize What's ComingMost People Don't Even Realize What's Coming...

jarred180-Dec 19
Track161380Dec 19
We remember

We remember....the twelve dead and other victims of Islamic terrorism in Germany, one year ago today. Just one of many such attacks. On Deutsche Welle here in my hot...

Vierkaesehoch920Dec 19
I love your

I love your ........I love your ........ I love your lips when they touch mine I love your lips and they taste really fine. I love your eyes they just sparkle and sh...

skaligsm760Dec 18

"DYNASTY"Im Sorry To Rag On About This.................................................................................................But The Facts... Are The...

namaron1050Dec 18
Go on

Go on,Its Christmas time. Treat yourself, You know You deserve it !...

nonsmoker47453Dec 18Dec 21
Track161211Dec 18Dec 18
Hallelujah Aleluya

Hallelujah (Aleluya) To finish this year with a positive energy, I wanted to share this beautiful version of the Hallelujah sung by Il Divo...

daniela77719922Dec 18Dec 18
we talk too much

we talk too muchoh, not here on CS. Generally. Money may be the root of all evil but it is only when we talk about it that people get really het up. If you don't...

Elegsabiff54357Dec 18Dec 20
a question for the guys

a question for the guysi'm making a scarf for a guy who's in his 30's. Should i put fringe on it or not? i should finish today. thanks...

freehand17712Dec 18Dec 18

MARKETING PRINCIPLEQ1. "Wants and demands of all people are not same". explain this and give one example? Q2.what are three factor of Cultural factors?. Q3....

only1life13715Dec 18Dec 18

inheritanceShould passing down an inheritance be not allowed? I heard a person on the news make that suggestion, inheritances should not be passed down to the...

Johnny_Sparton38843Dec 17Dec 21
Love me like I love you

Love me like I love you.Love me like I love you.

jarred163-Dec 17
Sail On The Wind

Sail On The WindSail On The Wind...

jarred157-Dec 17

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("FANTASY")..(74)When The Bad Talking.... Bad Guys.......... Come On Board ...............................They Can Be Seen... Flocking To The Area Thats Being Occupied...

namaron105-Dec 17
Track161232Dec 17Dec 17
Sell By Date

Sell-By DateLike food, all relationships have a sell-by date. Relationships started way back when the average life-expectancy would have been only 25-40 years...

mollybaby1,429147Dec 17Dec 25
why girls like bad guys

why girls like bad guys.?I don't apologize, I don't make excuses, I don't care what people think about me... and I don't have friends I use as wing men. I'm still not sure why...

jarred173-Dec 17
Seeing Your True Self

Seeing Your True SelfSeeing Your True Self...

jarred171-Dec 17
when it comes to a relationship with women i like romantic intelligent amazing classy women

when it comes to a relationship with women i like romantic intelligent amazing classy womenwhen it comes to a relationship with a women i like classy romantic intelligent beautiful women i'm a southern gentlemen to the ladies...

colbyc281283Dec 17Dec 17
The art of giving back

The art of giving back...Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love the build up, the anticipation, putting up the decorations and using my creative mind to think of gift...

Roughroadergirl280-Dec 17

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(138)Oh...........Thats Just Too Bad.................................................... Aint That A Shame?...........................................I Saw...

namaron34134Dec 16Dec 26
Why is Pornography the Biggest Thing on the Internet

Why is Pornography? the Biggest Thing ?on the Internet?Why is Pornography? the Biggest Thing ?on the Internet?...

jarred179-Dec 16

RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUALwhen I started to work for the company that I am employed with one of the 3 rules they insisted on was respect for the individual. I totally agree wit...

wenever53253Dec 16Dec 28
How to Become Silent

How to Become Silent? -How to Become Silent? -...

jarred172-Dec 16
Folks I have some bad news

Folks, I have some bad news...I just had a long talk With Santa...on Viber ... He told me that this year he wont come to CS ,apparently after decades of prizing good girls and...

Dedovix34129Dec 16Dec 16
no self confidence

no self confidencesomething always buffles me as in how do people start praising other countries and forget their own.. I do always move from countries to countrie...

hatelies40931Dec 16Jan 2

Tiny, small, medium, large and ex largeI heard people say it is not the size of the ocean but the motion . I have heard people say they are not satisfied. I have heard men say she is to d...

Annleerose39914Dec 16Jan 1

textI listen to a song and think, she is lucky I think I want someone like you Over the horizon, maybe there's someone like you sadness mixes with hap...

freehand1372Dec 16Dec 16
Freedom Of Speech

Freedom Of SpeechFreedom Of Speech...

jarred159-Dec 16
Track161342Dec 15Jan 13
A dry spell

A dry spellAs you know, I was indoctrinated into the swinger life and my swinger went monogamous on me. Now, I don’t know where to turn for some real pork and b...

Palmfrond1715Dec 15Dec 16
For chessplayer ONLY you need to know how the game works at som point preferred 1900

For chessplayer ONLY! ( you need to know how the game works at som point ).... ( preferred 1900 + )This blog is for chessplayer,that know´s how to play ( +1900 and op ) My question is this. ( and I hop, that there is som chessplayer, that is better...

benthansen840Dec 15
Another BirthDay single

Another BirthDay single. ..Cheers ?? to myself for surviving another year!???? Giving thanks to the Almighty;couldn't have made it without Him! ?????? I remind myself every ye...

NickiX20171728Dec 15Dec 17
stringman34117Dec 15Dec 20
Do u believe there is the one out there

Do u believe there is "the one" out there.I am on CS over a year. On the forums actively about 5 months...this is my first blog. I've never met anyone in a friendship setting from here lik...

Deedee123x1,350-Dec 15Jan 19

CREATIONA man said to his wife one day, 'I don't know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time. 'The wife responded, 'Al...

Gentlejim1183Dec 15Dec 15
Ash Come back

Ash, Come back!just read your blog, I didn't knew you're a Jew, sorry!... Are we in High School here?! FFS, if you can't accept another's opinion about USA...

Crazyheart3889263Dec 15Dec 16
Meeting up

Meeting up ...Purely by what I have read on the public blogs, there are men and women who meet up with the much-discussed intention of serious zoobie zooms*. There...

Elegsabiff887101Dec 15Dec 17
The wave of life

The wave of life.In quantum physics one of the ways to describe a particle is by drawing a diagram of a wave. I am no expert in quantum physics, but as I read, I lear...

Johnny_Sparton20422Dec 15Dec 15
Blueyes22: "Working on a dream"(meet us in the quizzes)

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