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big boy

big boyto check out a scam ask them for a up to date photo with the date on it...

culla31132Sep 9Sep 18
Track162061Sep 9Sep 9

Please answer these questions for me...................Instead of talking to your plants, if you yelled at them would the still grow? Only to be troubled and insecure? Will you die if you get scared hal...

britishcolumbian1298Sep 9Sep 9
Want To See Me Wearing My c*ck Ring

Want To See Me Wearing My c*ck Ring?This is my c*ck ring....

Track161654Sep 8Sep 8
Track161700Sep 8

"THERES A PRICE"If They Are Living Out In Good Ole California....They Are up There In The Mountains...Living In Their Lavish Homes......... With The Beautiful Scenery...

namaron496-Sep 8Sep 11
Medications in Psychiatry

Medications in Psychiatry...So much is not widely known about these agents. Back in the 50's, when we could do little more than lock patients up on back wards of 2,000 resident s...

Aaltarboy951Sep 8Sep 9


Track161670Sep 8

JMHOThis site is full of the crazies the misfits and the socially inept The longer you stay the more normal they seem The more normal they seem the...

oldblue5435710Sep 8Oct 3
Warning Sex Blog

Warning! Sex BlogAnd you thought you'd heard everything.... We report a case of o*al stings by spermatophores of the squid Todarodes pacificus. A 63-yr-old Korean w...

Gypsytramp34029Sep 8Sep 9
Vibes Within The Forest Gloom

Vibes Within The Forest GloomBritish Columbia has over 200 some "ghost towns" that are known and on occasion some intrepid hikers/ explorers along the coastal waters or the interi...

Kattte1016Sep 8Sep 9
Cheerleaders ate my Pony

Cheerleaders ate my PonyEver since I was knee high to a zebra I had always dreamed of owning a pony, a pony of my very own. I scrimped and saved for many decades working 7 jo...

Mapmaker40634Sep 8Sep 10
Free Your Mind And Think

Free Your Mind And ThinkFree Your Mind And Think...

jarred169-Sep 8
stringman1556Sep 8Sep 8
Positive People

Positive PeoplePositive People...

jarred162-Sep 8
NewYorkcitylove59-Sep 8
715 A M

7:15 A.M 7:15 A.M and only 22 deaths....

Huitzilopochtli1387Sep 8Sep 8
Who are you

Who are you ?Can you tell me what are the two most important days of your life? If you can not say no problem, I can tell you . The first day is when you first s...

skaligsm17211Sep 8Sep 8
FLYJAMES16819Sep 8Sep 8
NewYorkcitylove63-Sep 8
Its Not Fair

Its Not FairIts just not fair. All of the women are looking for decent normal guys, no one looking for a rude crude dude anymore....

Track161499Sep 8Sep 8
I Was All Excited

I Was All ExcitedI got a mail. But it was a scammer.....................

Track161804Sep 7Sep 19
Naive traveller

Naive travellerI am sure there are people that will laugh at me here.... and with good cause, but in Spain... they mostly only speak Spanish. One of the most common...

Abagail51651Sep 7Sep 9
Track161003Sep 7Sep 8

stupiditywhatever the cathucaxqhty is to sign is plain stupidity , I have been on CS for years and never had a problem until this asinine requirement was thou...

studecar1396Sep 7Sep 7
El Zorro

El ZorroVicente Fox, he is certainly the Mexican president, more ignorant of modern times; But as a comedian;

Huitzilopochtli902Sep 7Sep 7

"DISTINCTIVE HONOR""There Are Many Things................. That Good Ole Money..... Can Buy.......................It Can Buy You A Car...A House To Live in.................

namaron535-Sep 7Sep 9
NewYorkcitylove61-Sep 7
Why is it that

Why is it that. ..tantric sex is considered to be the ultimate s*xual experience ;yet if you say You nude Skype Or sext your looked upon as some sort of s*xual devi...

oldblue5449341Sep 7Sep 10

DistractionWe need one here today so here is my distraction....

Track161162Sep 7Sep 7
Everyday Is Beautiful

Everyday Is BeautifulEveryday Is Beautiful...

jarred168-Sep 7
East West

East & WestAfrican is not the real the real burden for western Europe but eastern Europe....

Duromojon963Sep 7Sep 7

A most opinionated and judgmental momentsThe dysfunction of one's behaviour can pollute even the most lucid and formidable mind. Why is that? Is it because sensationalized and most in...

lindsyjones28114Sep 7Sep 23
The Right Question

The Right QuestionA widowed lady, still in good shape, was sunbathing on a totally deserted beach in a predominantly Jewish community near Ft. Myers, Florida. She...

JimNastics1392Sep 7Sep 7
stringman800Sep 7

Harvest MoonIt rose, fiery red, behind Motril, jutting out into the Mediterranean.  I thought at first it must be the setting sun as it was so low in the sky,...

mollybaby62550Sep 7Sep 8
I Am Me

I Am Me….I Am Me…....

jarred166-Sep 7
Try Your Best

Try Your BestHave you ever heard the name of "Helen Keller" . Helen Keller was an American author . When she was 19 months old , Helen Keller became a deaf and b...

skaligsm17316Sep 7Sep 19
Track161330Sep 7

HOLY FUKKLES A DUKKLESHi, been gone now for 7 months, came back 4 shits and giggles miss u all , but now not sure even how to blog anymore ....2 funny fuk chan...

123butterflies25210Sep 6Sep 9
Lets have some fun

Let's have some fun!Name something you should never do naked?...

myhome20727Sep 6Sep 6
So whats your poison of choice

So what's your poison of choiceWhat do you crave and cant do without... Booze Food Or whatever...

oldblue541764Sep 6Sep 6
lisabv2012: "Top Ten Songs I love"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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