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Love is the answer to all questions 12

Love is the answer to all questions-12About me The twelfth part SECRETS The most private thing I'm willing to admit If it must be said, that is that I do not have a successful...

fairy1989770Aug 1
Love is the answer to all questions 11

Love is the answer to all questions-11About me The eleventh part NEEDS Six things I could never do without conscience dignity A happy and warm home full of love wisdom Health...

fairy1989800Aug 1
Love is the answer to all questions 10

Love is the answer to all questions-10About me The tenth part MY TRAITS The first thing people notice about me I smile^^ Some people say that my smile just like the sunshine and...

fairy1989700Aug 1
Love is the answer to all questions 9

Love is the answer to all questions-9About me The ninth part TALENT I'm really good at If I choose to accept a man, only because of love, there is no other bad purpose. For love...

fairy1989790Aug 1
Love is the answer to all questions 8

Love is the answer to all questions-8About me The eighth part __ __ __ Your personal data and photos must be true, not false and lies. If you don't believe this online dating...

fairy1989680Aug 1
Thankful heart and walk with love 7

Thankful heart and walk with love-7About me The seventh part ASPIRATIONS What I'm doing with my life I used to work in a police station in the hospital. I am a white-collar....

fairy1989720Aug 1
Thankful heart and walk with love 6

Thankful heart and walk with love-6About me The sixth part I'm a lucky person, who has a good health, is born in a safe and wealthy country, so I feel very blessed. I am a honest an...

fairy1989570Aug 1
Thankful heart and walk with love 5

Thankful heart and walk with love-5About me The fifth part I'm very reliable. This is related to my family education, personal quality. I'm not a frivolous bad girl. I am a family c...

fairy1989520Aug 1
Thankful heart and walk with love 4

Thankful heart and walk with love-4About me The fourth part I attach great importance to the relationship between people and people. The fate is very precious. There is an old sayi...

fairy1989580Aug 1
Thankful heart and walk with love 3

Thankful heart and walk with love-3About me The third part ——— Hello First of all, thank you for paying attention to me. I must have a solemn friendship reminder: I have spent a...

fairy1989710Aug 1
Thankful heart and walk with love 2

Thankful heart and walk with love-2ABOUT ME The second part ——— You must accept and agree: First: I am a very serious and single-minded girl. I only accept one to one mutual...

fairy1989820Aug 1
Thankful heart and walk with love 1

Thankful heart and walk with love-1ABOUT ME Part one If you are a on the surface pretending decent and honorable person, you are actually a shameless a nauseous sanctimonious hypocr...

fairy19891662Aug 1Aug 2
Track161277Aug 1Aug 1
Islamic Call to Prayer

Islamic Call to Prayer..........Islamic Call to Prayer.................

jarred165-Jul 31

"HUMANITY"Come On Now...............You Aint Got What It Takes.......................If Anything?.................................Youre Probably Going To End Up...

namaron266-Jul 31Aug 1

Hey! You stole my blog...Some of my blogs are inspired about current events and other popular blogs at the time. One such blog I did years ago was inspired by another blog. It...

chatillion582-Jul 31Aug 3

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(163)This Blog Is For Some Of You People.........................................................................Most Likely.......... You People That.Dont...

namaron845-Jul 31Aug 11
Have You Ever Questioned The Religion Culture and Way Of Life That Youre Born Into

Have You Ever Questioned The Religion, Culture and Way Of Life That You're Born Into ?I did! And As I grow older and able to see, feel and experience life, I' able to make sense of things around me and form my own belief. I was born...

Crazyheart3856064Jul 31Aug 1

The angry blog...The other day i slid into my bed i banged my head up hard against the wall....

Bluesky6019916Jul 31Aug 1

CanonigosFresco lavado...

Track16842Jul 31Jul 31

Faceless people at Connecting SinglesSome people prefer not to upload a pic in his/her profile. Reasons, reasons and more reasons....

single_again4u58342Jul 31Aug 1
It isnt right to say that Islam is a terrorist faith

It isn't right to say that Islam is a terrorist faith"It isn't right to say that Islam is a terrorist faith"...... ............

jarred183-Jul 31
stringman1011Jul 31Aug 4

What you ignore you empower.  Never Again.This is a memorial to the truth that real facts matter: Over a third of Americans now don’t believe in the Holocaust of the Jews, but on 2 July 1942,...

Willy34111387Jul 31Jul 31
Request to all Muslims

Request to all MuslimsRequest to all Muslims.................

jarred183-Jul 31

Quick Question...Before heading to the office, I checked my corporate email yesterday morning and received a message from a client who was asking about receptacle outl...

chatillion1314Jul 31Jul 31
The Virgosign on picnics

The Virgosign on picnics.Today is the last day of July, the month dedicated internationally to picnics .... and therefore the great outdoors ! Not here though. In this, on thi...

virgosign981Jul 31Jul 31

WiZiD Zoo (Part 6)I began by acknowledging the gaps and putting in that space a question rather than trying to force the gap closed with some hypothetical possibility....

Wrinklylove460Jul 31

drone rules...Some people buy drones and don't know how to use them. Here are some rules:...

chatillion1,047-Jul 30Aug 2

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(85)This?......................I Just Cant Seem To Understand..........................................................You Are Considered A Legend...........

namaron188-Jul 30Aug 3

Beauty in the Eye of the BeholderThese past few months, despite my best efforts, I haven't arisen early enough to capture a sunrise and I haven't found a place that strikes me to take...

LadyImp19016Jul 30Jul 31

Boatload of Africans storm beach in SpainThis is why America needs the borders protected. Sub-Saharan Africans living illegally in Morocco try to get to Europe each year by climbing rows of...

Willy34112009Jul 30Jul 30

Women and men.....sneaky psychological vetting on CS...Probably fair to say, consistent with all other marked differences here and elsewhere between the sexes, that women get much more mail/notice/likes/ f...

Vierkaesehoch1265Jul 30Jul 30
You wouldnt do it to a dog

You wouldn't do it to a dog!Nobody in there right mind would starve a dog or cat to death by cutting off it's food supply, but now by law it's fine to do it to a human being...

zmountainman79199Jul 30Aug 1

New Car...While it would be nice to purchase a new car, I'm not prepared to have payments for the next 4-5 years. My current car is 'growing old' quickly with a...

chatillion1516Jul 30Jul 30
tattooed on forehead

tattooed on forehead..................... British stag do lads have sparked outrage after paying a homeless man to get the groom's name tattooed on his forehead....

jarred180-Jul 30

A Wife Is Dreaming In BedShe suddenly wakes up and shouts "hide quick, my husband is home". Her husband wakes up, gets out of bed and jumps out the window....

Track161411Jul 30Jul 30

How to catch ones attentionI get soooo much wrong mail from so many bad men that I'm beginning to wonder in PM will anyone say/do anything to get someones/anyones attention arou...

itchywitch80949Jul 30Aug 17
Do not try to judge

. Do not try to judgeWhen you condemn others, you actually condemn a piece of yourself. We often condemn those qualities that we so hate in ourselves. Features that make u...

jarred162-Jul 30
important information

important informationdear readers i want to know the universities in canada or newzealand which offer short terms technical courses . is there any have the knowledge abo...

atifshz520Jul 30

Things you do without clothes onHere's a few to start the list: 1. Take a shower 2. Watch television 3. Sleep 3. Make sandwiches for friends coming over later on, but not l...

robrt78763463Jul 30Aug 13
The Virgosign on the World Cup

The Virgosign on the World Cup.Hey people. I am sure all England football supporters worldwide remember today in history 52 years ago. Yes 30 July 1966 England bested West German...

virgosign1866Jul 30Aug 1
Dreamcatcher99: "Mandala"(meet us in the puzzles)

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