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Travels yesterday took us to the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio. Probably a 50 minute ride from Dayton to see the things in and around Ohio dating back hundreds of years. It was a taxidermist heaven to see settings of animals, deer, wolves, beavers, foxes... you get the picture. How many times do you get to see a 2-headed calf?

There was a cutting of a tree over 145 years old and they had a plastic overlay showing some of the notable things that happened in time and what years the rings appeared.

Lots of agricultural displays, actual farming tools that were used in that era. There was a section on WWI showing the weaponry of guns, uniforms, helmets, a section of kitchen appliances over the years, horse drawn buggies and some early vehicles including locomotive advancements and patented items like a train designed to climb mountains. I got to see a machine used to make car tires and tools used in the fabrication of machinery.

That was a few hours in the museum and an hour riding around the city to see a historic section of houses more than 100 years old.

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