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is it time to be honest on this site

is it time to be honest on this siteI realise that I will be shot down for this but from the blogs I have seen a lot of people blame the site for not finding the partner of their dreams....

moose5228511Jan 11Jan 11

YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY.....WHY MOST OF THEM ARE too tall tattooed freaks crazy sex fiends dress like morons mumble all the time can’t drive worth crap func...

Browser4202667Jan 11Jan 11

just sufferingI see a man struggling to survive in a place where there is most probably no economy and no government,just suffering...

jarred189-Jan 11
Horrible experience

Horrible experience.Maybe I am wrong on this one , therefore I need you to inform me and I am hoping someone out there in blog land would have an answer. Some of my rela...

Annleerose30012Jan 11Jan 17
Philosophical Fiction

Philosophical FictionI have created a new avant gardist genre of fiction called Philosophical fiction. Philosophical fiction is post-post modern fiction. Philosophical fic...

psiberite29718Jan 11Jan 13
Vacant Position Idiot Required

Vacant Position: Idiot RequiredSometimes I forget that I’m an Idiot and from time to time I need the services of another Idiot to remind me that I’m an Idiot. One such Idiot di...

Catfoot63145Jan 11Jan 13
Hermeneutics of ST Pauls Theology

Hermeneutics of ST. Paul’s TheologyI was listening to a Sermon on the Biblical Book of the Hebrews. The speaker was saying that the author was unknown. But again he reiterated that Bibl...

psiberite2020Jan 11Jan 11
Freudian Interpretation of Dreams

Freudian Interpretation of Dreamsa) Hypermnesic Dreams Hypermnesic dreams are those dreams where the dreamer dreams of something that he or she has not experienced in real life and l...

psiberite1643Jan 11Jan 26
Museaphor A New Species of a Metaphor

Museaphor A New Species of a MetaphorMuseaphor is a new species for the Metaphor. It has got its inspiration from the Pataphor. Now what is a metaphor? A metaphor is a comparison betwee...

psiberite850Jan 11
Trope and Conosceance

Trope and ConosceanceTropes are figures of speech. The most common are the metaphors and similes. A metaphor is comparison between two objects one being the Tenor of comp...

psiberite720Jan 11
Post structural assemblage of the Sign

Post-structural assemblage of the SignThe assumption of this writing starts from the view that all signs are Signifiers. A signifier is a tangible reality with a sense of meaning. I have d...

psiberite830Jan 11
American Chop Suey or Cold War Stockings

American Chop Suey or Cold War StockingsAmerican Chop Suey or Cold War Stockings are political idioms. I have used American Chop Suey in my earlier article and now I am coining another term:...

psiberite1501Jan 11Jan 11
Circumcision Complex

Circumcision ComplexWe all read about the malefic bombings in Brussels and France caused by the Jihadi Islamists. Islamic Jihadis suffer from a circumcision complex in ps...

psiberite1040Jan 11
Sayings of a Beatnik Rabbi

Sayings of a Beatnik RabbiIn the centre of the Book there’s a great hole, a fathomable one that signifies an absence. I will do a favor to God by freeing his hand and writing...

psiberite810Jan 11
Beatnik in the East

Beatnik in the EastI have been reading into the Beat Generation writers especially Ginsberg and Kerouac. I am fascinated by their leanings towards the Counter Culture mo...

psiberite890Jan 11
Methodologies for Hermenutics

Methodologies for HermenuticsHermeneutics the art of interpretation has tons of literature on it. Here I am concerned about how it can be devised into a methodology. Here are some...

psiberite760Jan 11
Analysis of Kafkas Writings

Analysis of Kafka's WritingsFranz Kafka was Jew living as an exile in Germany. His writings ring a tone of queasy angst and he stimulates the philosophy of existentialism in his...

psiberite1070Jan 11
Track161342Jan 10Jan 11
Track161951Jan 10Jan 11

Whoops. I forgot about these 8.Yesterday when I added the 41 photos to my webpage, I neglected to add 8 others. I'll blame it on...

JimNastics1622Jan 10Jan 11
stringman1350Jan 10
True Love

True LoveTrue love comes from the heart. Distance doesn't matter. If the love is true... Love will bring you together....

Unknown67751Jan 10Feb 5
Death of the Great Barrier Reef

Death of the Great Barrier Reef...Within 50 years or less all the world great reefs will be gone... WHY???

FLYJAMES16912Jan 10Jan 11
I would rather

I would rather .......I would rather sing a song of love rather than write a complaint of rejection I would rather rejoice in the truth than live a lie I would rather wal...

Akeldama401461Jan 10Jan 10
It Does Not Happen That Way

It Does Not Happen That WayI’m still surprised at how many people join Connecting Singles believing that the love of their lives is going to drop into their laps over-night. Tha...

Catfoot62648Jan 10Jan 11
Track163340Jan 9

A look back - Jim's Nature Photos from December 2017. I just uploaded 41 nature photos to my Flickr website; all taken last month. You can see them all an...

JimNastics1918Jan 9Jan 9
i am being silly

i am being sillyshould men be taught how to go about ladies I mean vibing ladies should they be given pick up lines to vibe ladies because a number of them are fa...

hatelies27222Jan 9Jan 9

Can Britain Brexit without uniting Ireland?Sorry no prize for coming up with the right answer....

oldegit1281Jan 9Jan 9
Global Warming Is Probably A Farce

Global Warming Is Probably A FarceI believe it is just another conspiracy to keep people in jobs. Everything is exaggerated for the sake of sensation and organizations like Green Peace...

Catfoot1,198138Jan 9Jan 10

My dog just died.My dog just died. And it's the most horrible feeling in the world to lose someone you love.. [/yout...

jarred1150-Jan 9

Manchester.With all the cold weather and such, wouldn't it be nice if the Government gave all the pregnant women in Manchester an extra pack of fags with their r...

pat8lanips2395Jan 8Jan 12

We are being lied to. The first thing we learn in schoolWe are being lied to. The first thing we learn in school is what's 1 + 1 and everyone would say that the answer is 2 but the truth is that the answer...

jarred1121-Jan 8

We're Buried In Snow & Freezing! GLOBAL WARMING!Errr...I mean 'climate crisis', of course... January 4, '18 Al Gore: "Bitter cold’ is ‘exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis’"...

miclee28421Jan 8Jan 10

(Coninuation of snow shoveler)December 20 Electricity is back on, but had another 14 inches of the dang stuff last night. More shoveling! Took all day. The snowplow came by twice...

Gentlejim22311Jan 8Jan 10

FBI Re-Opens Investigation Of Clinton Foundationand allegations that donations to the foundation influenced actions of the U.S. Government. January 8, '18 - 11:00 - GMT...

miclee28718Jan 8Jan 10

One mans rubbish is another man's treasureJust told my son he´s adopted.........................

Bnaughty33921Jan 8Jan 9
Be Yourself

Be YourselfIt is so easy to spin a yarn to impress somebody but it always backfires. If it requires a lie to be the person that somebody wants you to be, it is d...

Catfoot1,018151Jan 8Jan 8

Of goodbyesOf goodbyes and Forgiveness Gentle breezes stroke Gentle cheek, kissing As old friends do If the fountain fills with Joyous tears...

Palmfrond1220Jan 7
Whos on the line fantasy phone call

Who's on the line. (fantasy phone call)Its like fantasy football but less complicated. The Game is simple! Post a pic of who you think is on the other end of the line for one of the fo...

nonsmoker67342Jan 7Jan 8

Diary of a Snow ShovelerDecember 9: We woke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lov...

Gentlejim1797Jan 7Jan 8

Marriage, ...... still a viable institution?Been there once, about half a century ago. Sally and I were barely 20. Put her through nursing school, but the union didn't last long enough for her t...

Vierkaesehoch37825Jan 7Jan 9
montecito: "Famous Times Square Kiss"(meet us in the puzzles)

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