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"CANT COME BACK"It Is Just The Way That It Is...I Have Excepted That No Matter What You Do For Some..They Will Never Be Satisfied'.....Or They Expect It From You In A...

namaron256-Jun 9Jun 9
See through people

See through people...This I must post here, if its believed or not isn't very important .... but I am sharing for all the right reasons. It was Christmas eve 2014 I ha...

itchywitch39712Jun 9Jun 10
Happiness is a soap bubble

Happiness is a soap bubblewe all have bubbles of happiness floating through our lives, perfect, beautiful, and lasting seconds. In the happiest lives there are lots of them but...

Elegsabiff55057Jun 9Jun 11
stringman1371Jun 9Jun 10
I find it funny how a lot of people hate on the internet

I find it funny how a lot of people hate on the internetI find it funny how a lot of people hate on the internet . but don't realise how crazy they'd go without it. ??...

jarred196-Jun 9
Track161592Jun 9Jun 9

AN OPEN LETTER TO MRS MAYDear Mrs May, Opps! I do rather think you misjudged the mood of the electorate when you called for a general election.. Although I didn't vote for...

ManicCC1714Jun 9Jun 9
FEAR is the path to the DARK SIDE

"FEAR is the path to the DARK SIDE"FEAR is the path to the DARK SIDE...

jarred1101-Jun 9
How Social Media Is Rewiring Our Brains

How Social Media Is Rewiring Our BrainsHow Social Media Is Rewiring Our Brains...

jarred1110-Jun 9
My love for a married Man

My love for a married Man.Some years ago, I met a wonderful, funny, charming, handsome man, a sort of George Clooney really. So intelligent and yet, lighthearted, and it was li...

goldengloss44436Jun 9Jun 10
stringman1123Jun 9Jun 9
Proud mum

Proud mumI don't normally write about my personal life but today was my daughters graduation and I'm feel so proud about her I want to shout it out to the wor...

lshtar48844Jun 9Jun 9
A Moment Of Silence For London Attack Victims

A Moment Of Silence For London Attack Victims...was called for prior to the soccer match between Australia & Saudi Arabia. It was mentioned that two young Aussie women were killed in the attack, o...

miclee1783Jun 8Jun 9

"SUDAN"..("LAST WHITE MALE RHINO")Hes The Last White Male Rhino........ Left In The Entire World..His Name Is "Sudan"........There Are Only Two White Female Rhinos Left Also..In The Wo...

namaron247-Jun 8Jun 9

Have No Beef With Anyone HereJust want to wrap up my petition blog but anyone who wants to add their support there, feel free to post... The blog was intended as light- hearted...

Crazyheart3854529Jun 8Jun 9

"RULES ARE RULES"Were You Ever In School When You Were Little...And Some a** Hole Started Picking On You?...And When He/She... Said What They Said About You..(That Was...

namaron310-Jun 8Jun 8

I Miss You, Charlie!I hope you're having a super nice stress-free day there......

Crazyheart382784Jun 8Jun 9
Concealed open carry

Concealed/open carry.Was told by a sweet elderly neighbor, whose hubby just left for a better place, that she knew of a young fellow who has done work for her, and who mig...

Aaltarboy1295Jun 8Jun 9

Dear MODSGiven this is a free dating site would I be right in saying you owe your members nothing? Each and every member enters at their own risk with per...

itchywitch563-Jun 8Jun 9
The Second Coming of Broken Fingers Malone

The Second Coming of Broken Fingers Malone!!This morning promptly at 9 am I started my rounds. This is Bullhead City, AZ and nothing changes. Life here fits me like a favorite pair of shoes. Wel...

Ed194117214Jun 8Jun 9
Who are you really The puzzle of personality

Who are you, really? The puzzle of personalityWho are you, really? The puzzle of personality...

jarred197-Jun 8
Bad sex

Bad sexWould you stay in a relationship if you didn't ennjoy sex with your partner?...

Abby196355547Jun 8Jun 8
What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared

What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?...

jarred197-Jun 8
stringman1411Jun 8Jun 8
Very big aging white pine tree

Very big aging white pine tree.....starting to lean threateningly toward the Ponderosa Mansion here. 40 or so meters tall. Took it down in pieces, with much regret, as I normally spend...

Aaltarboy1586Jun 8Jun 8
Green circle on profile pics

Green circle on profile picsCan someone please tell me why is there a green circle on some profile pics? .... It makes me feel like a target waiting for arrow...

Moonat1127217Jun 8Jun 9
Im a trucker not an immigration officer

"I’m a trucker not an immigration officer""I’m a trucker not an immigration officer"...

jarred198-Jun 8
Ok I was wrong

Ok, I was wrong...I was wrong to suggest chat rooms n I didn't take the Chat Room idea it to CS Admin. After a lil bit of thought, am going suggest a CS messenger...

1_SPCTR1775Jun 8Jun 8
on my way home

on my way homeOkay, this blog is about something I usually do not talk about but on my way home tonight I was listening to my Bible cd. It got me thinking rather...

Johnny_Sparton38239Jun 8Jun 9

"CREATION"..("TIME...FROM A TIME")..(92)"And It Was At This Exact Spot...This Very Place That Joined The Mountains...Which Crept Down To The Bottom..Where They Formed A New Beginning...That...

namaron144-Jun 7

Roll Call...Where the heck is everybody? I know a few are in CS jail but who are currently booked in there? MY, Scott, Johnny, GG, CC , 10er ? About time to fr...

Crazyheart381,379116Jun 7Jun 8

"ANIMATED CHARACTERS"Yeah...It Was So Long A Time Ago....As Far As Measuring It In Human Years Anyway....I Remember That There Were Only 3 Channels On The Television Way B...

namaron409-Jun 7Jun 7
stringman1902Jun 7Jun 9
Get out of our country Refugee crisis in EU

"Get out of our country" - Refugee crisis in EU"Get out of our country" - Refugee crisis in EU...

jarred1133-Jun 7


Track161150Jun 7
Follow The Leader

Follow The LeaderFollow The Leader...

jarred1103-Jun 7

Shooting From The often do you shoot from the hip? Well, I do this from time to time when emotionally threatened. I tend to get defensive and push peopl...

Crazyheart3854068Jun 7Jun 7
E02 Not good Refugee crisis in EU

E02 - "Not good" - Refugee crisis in EUE02 - "Not good" - Refugee crisis in EU...

jarred198-Jun 7

LadiesRead this and take it to heart....

Track1620412Jun 7Jun 7
Grace Juntima

Grace JuntimaHello Grace I am from thailand I created this blog about women. Hope everyone likes my blog....

Gracejuntima22813Jun 7Jun 7
I Am Not A Foolish

I Am Not A FoolishI Am Not A Foolish [url=http...

jarred1108-Jun 7

If Islam will take over the world in 50 years...Pro Islam: How do you feel? Non Islam : what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Anti Islam: How do you react? This is my feelings...

lindsyjones93267Jun 6Jun 21

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