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Two fat and rich boys

Two fat and rich "boys"Sophists consider the value of truth to be instrumental, simply because morality is a human construct (from their point of view). Therefore, truth is...

Huitzilopochtli190-Aug 10Aug 10
Track161192Aug 10Aug 10
The Real Jews are These people that fit the Curses of Deuteronomy 28 Chapter

The Real Jews are? These people, that fit the Curses of Deuteronomy 28 ChapterThe Real Jews Are Israelites. A Royal Priesthood! God's Chosen! (so call Negro & Native Descent) (Father's side) Numbers 1:18 And they assembled...

NewYorkcitylove127-Aug 10
NewYorkcitylove93-Aug 10

I'm Not A RobotI'm a living person who likes to smoke and has too many pets. Good times....

Track162039Aug 10Aug 11
from Quora

from QuoraEva Kor, Holocaust survivor and forgiveness advocate I have faced some very tough times. When I was 10 years old, my twin sister and I were used in...

bloodyawfull42524Aug 9Sep 1
Doomsday clock resets

Doomsday clock resetsWith the recent rhetoric the doomsday clock has been set to 2 minutes 30 seconds from doomsday. Which side will fire first? Will they back down?...

Ken_1939032Aug 9Sep 2

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(123)These Are Pictures Of Many Different People.................. And Some Of Them............ Are In "Situations"..... We Might Not Have Ever Seen Before...

namaron1,014-Aug 9Aug 14

BALICIA'S TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SELF STEEM NOT MATTER YOUR GENDER PART2TEETHS AND FRESH BREATH: ! FRESH BREATH Is Very Important for your self Image! Add Bi Carb Soda To Any Tooth Paste You Could get it from any Supermar...

Balicia1373Aug 9Aug 10
NewYorkcitylove112-Aug 9
Well its time for more surgery

Well, it's time for more surgery!!I had a colonoscopy done about 2 weeks ago and the doctor found a polyp that looks more like a button. Because it's so weirdly shaped he couldn't snip...

Ed194163042Aug 9Sep 10
Life is a game

Life is a gameLife is a game. Ha means that everything is fake and not lasting very long. No wonder that people regard it as a battle/struggle instead....

jarred174-Aug 9
Feminism as generally defined

Feminism as generally defined"the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. synonyms: the women's movement, the feminist movement, women's liberation,...

lindsyjones35115Aug 9Sep 23
Sad News

Sad NewsSinger, Glen Campbell, died, Tuesday August 8. Very sad! He was an awesome talent! One of my favorite singers! Some of his music was: By the...

Gentlejim19814Aug 9Aug 9
Evolution Satanic invention

Evolution Satanic inventionThe Theory of Evolution was a Satanic invention birthed through Charles Darwin.This theory was used to attack the Creator and reduce the human race to...

NewYorkcitylove86-Aug 9

FFS...I am not a robot... The following errors occurred: is required [Blog Detail] must contain at least 50 characters, you entered 38...

oldblue541965Aug 9Aug 9

BALICIAS TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SELF STEEM NOT MATTER YOUR GENDER PAR1[]HAIR : If you do not have much hair. You could make it look more by using Hair Gell and Hair Spray! Hair Gell You could use the Home Brand! It is...

Balicia1161Aug 9Aug 9
Santa is getting a little help from his friends

Santa is getting a little help from his friendsHe could have asked his friends instead of Rudolph the red-nosed.......

tatami1222Aug 8Sep 8
Laundry List Woman

Laundry List WomanFYI Uranus was last in Scorpio from 1890-1897 Neptune was in Aquarius from 1998-2012 Pluto was in Virgo 1957-1972 How is that going to wor...

Gypsytramp1736Aug 8Aug 8
Time to play L O A

Time to play L. O. A.So again, I shall put out my intention to the yoUniverse. I am requesting a new partner here. I will take care what I wish for, I will be specific:...

ZuniMayan131-Aug 8
Track161378Aug 8Aug 9

Family.....Important for many, especially if they are grounded and fun. But many of us have few close family. You see all sorts of preferences for characteristic...

Aaltarboy1607Aug 8Aug 9
A serious back up singer

A serious back up singerI just wish I don't have a stage fright like him/her...

tatami1112Aug 8Aug 8

McDonald'sIf you take your children to McDonald, especially if you order a “Happy Meal” for them. You should be held unaccountable for child abuse. The box and...

NewYorkcitylove126-Aug 8
Have You Ever

Have You Ever...Have you noticed that, in this age of information and disinformation, you can find an article, video, statistic, "scientific review", chart, or blog t...

Gypsytramp42539Aug 8Aug 9
stringman23814Aug 8Aug 14
Im a woman very thankful and very grateful

I'm a woman, very thankful and very gratefulSince I was young and able to see and understand the roles opposite sex can do, I was so thankful that I was born or God made me a woman. My lovi...

lindsyjones58741Aug 8Nov 30
there are so many false people

there are so many false peopleFor the last two weeks I have just felt like there are so many false people and or Im one of the few who keeps it 100...

jarred1140-Aug 8
Maratika Tour A tour to experience different

Maratika Tour - A tour to experience different.Maratika Tour is a Buddhist pilgrimage tour. Maratika cave is situated in the eastern part of Nepal namely in Khotang district. In and around the Mara...

ramailogarula980Aug 8
Track161605Aug 7Aug 7
Area 51

Area 51Ok I'm interested if anyone has had any actual contact with alien visitors ? I have a burning desire to be "probed" so if anyone has any first han...

oldblue5433820Aug 7Aug 8
Adams Rib

Adams RibAdam was walking around the Garden of Eden feeling very lonely, so God asked Adam, “What is wrong with you?” Adam said, “Lord, I don’t have anyone...

Gentlejim2166Aug 7Aug 25
Speed dating

Speed "dating".......The awesome, award winning, Camden Public Library, just a bit down the coast from the world renouned, vastly expansive, large servant staff assisted b...

Aaltarboy1698Aug 7Aug 7
FLYJAMES1231Aug 7Aug 7

feminismI wanted to post a comment on the most recent feminism blog, but I see the comments had been disabled. Let it be known, I will not attack anyone on t...

Johnny_Sparton1,11378Aug 6Sep 7
NewYorkcitylove104-Aug 6

BagpiperI love this story. Lay down what’s bothering you, breathe in the fresh air and LISTEN to this story. Time is like a river. You cannot touch the...

Gentlejim1494Aug 6Aug 7
I totally believe that

I totally believe that ........Yes I certainly believe that the moon is made of a creamy cheddar cheese...

Lukeon29115Aug 6Aug 7
NewYorkcitylove108-Aug 6

NegationDoing the wrong things but, wanting to get the right result(s). I have come to believe in a principle that one can make progress in error. But, this i...

Paololuv1323Aug 6Aug 6
Times a changing yep

Times a changing....., yep.CD's and audio cassettes. Home land lines. Desk top computers. On foot electric and water meter readers. Paper love letters. Human being cashiers. Lo...

Aaltarboy1969Aug 6Aug 6
hmmm who am i

hmmm who am ihmmm who am i for me to know and for you to find out....

jarred171-Aug 6

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