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Things that make you smileHi folks. I use Facebook to see the different activities my friends and especially family members are involved in. It keeps me updated on many thing...

UnFayzed23513Jul 11Jul 12

Beetle-based blogBig black beetles in Spain, long-legged, seem harmless, fascinate the cat. He tips them over and watches with interest as they struggle to get back on...

Elegsabiff43853Jul 11Jul 13

ConcupiscenceI have been thinking and that is one thing I surely shouldn't be doing. Because my thinking head likes to ask silly questions. That's why I rather pre...

usha12341829Jul 10Jul 13

Grass killerEvery second Sunday of each month we at the govt housing are obliged to render an hour long of weeding and sweeping the area assigned to our group. A...

tatami1715Jul 10Jul 11
Track161440Jul 10

WiZiD Zoo (Part 3)The first memory to return was an image; what I term now “the charging face”. In real time the entire episode lasted no more than half a second but i...

Wrinklylove950Jul 10

"Bad boys, bad boys. What you gonna do, when they come for you..."Apparently flip & spill your guts to the prosecution about Trump.

JimNastics1793Jul 10Jul 11

YouTube Pledges $25M To Combat Fake NewsOAN Newsroom UPDATED 7:59 AM PT — Tues. July 10, 2018 YouTube is pledging $25 million to combat the spread of fake news on its platform. The com...

stringman1130Jul 10
The girl

The girlI made a new friend at work. She’s a girl and we talk about girl stuff. Its amazing how information is shared even if its a little shady. Yesterd...

Palmfrond35826Jul 10Jul 10
Track161080Jul 10

Chasing RabbitsAn old German Shepherd starts chasing rabbits and before long, discovers that he's lost. Wandering about, he notices a panther heading rapidly in hi...

Gentlejim1411Jul 10Jul 10

Who is Here From Matchdoctor?I thought it was pretty sneaky of them to pretend they were wanting to improve the site, then suddenly disappear....

texasgirl85852,38381Jul 10Jul 25

Why does Donald Trump bother?As president of the United States of America, Donald Trump puts his life and family on the line every day. Trump and his family are repetitively thre...

Willy341146523Jul 10Jul 11

Chick Fil A song ala / BeatlesThe Chick Fil A song by Tom Hawkins taking off on a Beatles classic.

Willy34113855Jul 9Jul 9

Cesarian sections vs. natural births........Reading this doggie home health tome, mostly for knowing Bravo better, and seeing the differences betwen species out of curiosity. Next will read a ca...

Vierkaesehoch1853Jul 9Jul 10
Ladies here the rules of the game according to the gentlemen for above your bed

Ladies, here the rules of the game (according to the gentlemen), for above your bed:Ladies, here the rules of the game (according to the gentlemen), for above your bed: Be a big girl and now know how the toilet seat works. If he's up,...

jarred1111-Jul 9
In a relationship

In a relationship...I just want to let everyone know that I am currently in a relationship. Things are becoming better and better by the day. I am very lucky to have f...

Johnny_Sparton69427Jul 8Aug 5

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(160)For What........................... Has Been Offered To Thee?.................................."It Seems That Mostly Theyve No Time To See...............

namaron136-Jul 8Jul 8

Photo Caption Contest - If this sea lion could talkThe best caption for this photo is............... Enter as many times as you like. My first entry is......"Wow ! That chiropractor truly s...

JimNastics20211Jul 8Jul 9
stringman1150Jul 8
The sweet words later

The sweet words ... later:1st misunderstanding: A woman marries a man with the hope that he will change and he will not change. A man marries thinking she is not changing,...

jarred1107-Jul 8

Very SuperstitiousEvery culture has its superstitions, but, despite their prevalence, we rarely stop to think how they came about. No doubt some superstitions come int...

Harbal24313Jul 8Jul 9

THAT SMALL PIECE OF MEATBeloved Believers, There was once a pastor, A very big guy, One who could speak with a lot of talent! Dear believers, he said, I am somewhat...

jarred196-Jul 8

UNDATABLEDo you ever get that feeling your undatable and unlovable and just want to give up searching to end up come on girls prove me wrong, Would you hold...

19ssdd632718Jul 8Jul 13
Track161433Jul 7Jul 8
i wrote this blog mainly for the anit trumpsters but got backlash from Trumpsters

i wrote this blog mainly for the anit-trumpsters but got backlash from Trumpstersjust goes to show ya that not is all that is written. go bite necks and do choke holds the guy is in office so respect his duty. the vote is in so...

Palmfrond1951Jul 7Jul 8

lifeif you can piss and crap ..when you wake up. that's a good start ...t,m dillonger...

Unknown1121Jul 7Jul 7

Qif you cant Q anything you are feeding on the bodys of the good t m dillonger...

Unknown1161Jul 7Jul 7

"ANOTHER DAY AT THE WATER FALL"..(5)Yeah.........I Thought .....................It Would Be.................................................. Just Another Day At The Water Fall But Im S...

namaron224-Jul 7Jul 9

PrayersOne of our blogger is in need of prayers. Oregon specifically by Ashland region is on fire. Evacuation is forced on level 3 as I am writing this blo...

lindsyjones37414Jul 7Jul 8

" LET’S TALK MISUNDERSTANDING "We all must have often heard our self and other people saying about their closest friends ,girlfriends, boyfriends(never husbands and wives though!)...

owlsway1512Jul 7Jul 7
Track161792Jul 7Jul 7

When You Live In The Middle Of The WoodsExpect the animals to visit from time to time. This was done to the car a few nights ago, claw and bite marks.

Track162036Jul 6Jul 9

Expats vs immigrantsWhy are white people expats when the rest of the population are immigrants ? Surely any person going to work outside their country is an expatriate...

Onthcrestofawave2817Jul 6Jul 7

Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINOAfter a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...

zmountainman4,270540Jul 62 mins ago

"SOMETIMES?...I WONDER"How Does......................... A Grown Man ...................Thats In Charge Of Kids............... Does Not Understand The Dangers .................

namaron226-Jul 6Jul 8
stringman1270Jul 6

Quiz of the yearMyself and Pat share ours So does Nam and Catfoot share theirs Wen and LouLou came close..... What am I talking about...

itchywitch2008Jul 6Jul 6

They really played wellBelgium may take the cup Brazil was not impressive at today's game ....

Annleerose28422Jul 6Jul 8
When you are dating she says I like you

When you are dating, she says: I like you.When you are dating, she says: I like you. After having had sex for the first time, she says: I love you. During the engagement she says: I love y...

jarred1113-Jul 6

Perhaps a temporary win for the environmentUSA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA} director Scott Pruitt has finally resigned. He should never have been appointed by Trump and should never...

JimNastics1690Jul 6
The Great Illusion

The Great IllusionThere is no totality; there is only illusion of totality in life. The man of intelligence understands that life is not perfect and is not meant to be...

owlsway1100Jul 6
CLMACLEOD7: "Deal Breakers"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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