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"And They're Off!"This has not been my week for electronics, that's for darn sure. Twenty years ago, I developed an all natural anti-inflammatory and topical pain relie...

LadyImp2409May 5May 7

The Kentucky DerbyToday is the 144th running of The Kentucky Derby. It dates back to 1875. The winner of that race was Aristides and the jockey was Oliver Lewis. The mo...

Willy3411891May 5May 5

Rev… what is fnord?As Discordians …we also have a particular love of the word "fnord," which is largely used randomly. Well my lil Discordians…it breaks down to this....

TattoedMonk932May 5May 5

Kal de Frog....Hasn't blogged since April 14th and she's closed all her blogs from comments. This is Kalpat from Indonesia.... an absolute breath of fresh air and a...

AlanStagg1713May 5May 5
Calm The drama free music blog closed for comments

Calm - The drama free - music - blog - closed for commentsYep nothing about this blog will raise your pulse Nothing about this blog will make you want to rush on it and get your drama fix Nothing about this...

LeeCharming321-May 4May 6

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(153)Just The Three Days....................................Or For Those Who See It Another Way...........................Three Nights Oh....................

namaron304-May 4May 6

Be honest ...or not, i dont carehow many of you have a smoke after wanking...

Limun26710May 4May 6

Today’s ponderingsI have been pondering and reflecting on life. How the different elements mingle and swirl, forever being connected. How something I thought was scar...

Palmfrond28111May 4May 16

"Your stink, Mr. President"Fox News host Neil Cavuto had some harsh words for Donald Trump on Thursday: Mr. President, you stink. The host listed some of Trump’s worst lies...

JimNastics86465May 4May 11

Feeling the pastI've been experiencing the feeling of the past. I can't identify the moment except that it is a good feeling. It's like the air is alive. I smell s...

Palmfrond1402May 4May 4
stringman22510May 4May 6

AntimatterUnderstanding Anti-matter

Ken_1920015May 4May 5

Hello sailor.......................Hello Sailor A young Portsmouth woman was so depressed that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the sea, but just before she could...

britishcolumbian860May 4

The man who did not have a computerBob Doesn't Have A Computer Bob is unemployed and applies for a job as a janitor at Microsoft. A manager at Human Resources interviews him in deta...

britishcolumbian20313May 4May 16

The mouse trap..........................The mouse trap.................... There was a farm, where lived farmer John with his wife Molly. They hold pigs, cows and many animals in their fa...

britishcolumbian25629May 4May 4

Friends || Spoken WordFriends || Spoken Word...

jarred178-May 4

A Saaad Tale Of The Titanic Tragedy -It is little known, even among historians and students of the Titanic disaster, that the ship was carrying a large cargo of salad dressing. The ultim...

miclee32716May 3May 5

Remembering PeepsThis ones for the peeps that aren´t here anymore for whatever reason...

Bnaughty72154May 3May 4
jarred159-May 3

Pedalling My A-- Around TownWhat better way to start the day than with a bike ride in the early morning hours? I love being out and about while people are still sleeping. It's so...

LadyImp1999May 3May 5

Do the crime .Do the timeEveryone knows THE CS blogging rules you see them every time you write a blog Rule # 2: Treat others the way you would like to be treated – wit...

Onthcrestofawave2,536130May 3May 6

For a very loving and soulful DanielaYour kindness and generosity is unequaled Your beauty is abound You are full of love and positive spirit You always make us stand in the high groun...

lindsyjones46237May 3May 9

A tribute to a very strong, highly opinionated, brilliant and beautiful Ms. WitchWe all know her She doesn't suffer fools She tells you when you are right And never patronize what is wrong Black or white you get it as it is Sh...

lindsyjones67346May 3May 5

How We Are Controlled and Why Most People Can't See ItHow We Are Controlled and Why Most People Can't See It...

jarred198-May 3

Today is my not-birthday !Yes, just like 362 other days of the year, it is NOT my birthday. Please wish me a happy not birthday, as I did not get another year older toda...

JimNastics1515May 3May 5
Shine on Whitetop

Shine on WhitetopWent hiking on the Appalachian Trail to the second highest peak in Virginia. This is on Whitetop Mountain. Buzzard Rock Summit of Whitetop F...

Shinegirl16110May 3May 9
It goes beyond what you already know

It goes beyond what you already know...The words ''Being Human''.Its something rather interesting isn't it?How in a mater of seconds you go about living your life one way then it changes.Ho...

SilentVoices1021May 3May 3

To keep " it "simple,To keep " it "simple, being alone you get everything your own way without compromise. I like a quiet life without the stress of dealing with another'...

jarred181-May 3

"A question to my self can i find my soul mate ?Two little old ladies were chatting over the backyard fence. The first one boasted, “I went out with old man Cain last night and I had to slap him twi...

owlsway1979May 2May 4

OodlesIf Zucchini noodles are Zoodles does that make Potato noodles Poodles?...

Cervatilla55365May 2May 6
Somethings happening

Something's happening...Strange, but true. Well...make what ya will, of it... My horoscope reading (not that I pay much heed): Voices from the past, are nothing new, espe...

Bspoken424211May 2May 9

There are there things people usually do to make their lives more terribleThere are there things people usually do to make their lives more terrible First: Amplify other people's happiness Second: Amplify their own unhappi...

jarred170-May 2

Trump considers firing the word SubpoenaSatire from The Borowitz Report Trump Deletes Nine Tweets While Attempting to Spell “Subpoena” By Andy Borowitz 11:50 A.M. WASHINGTON (The...

JimNastics910May 2
stringman1656May 2May 10

Books and ReadingI recently came across a Best Books list, and thought it would be interesting to see what people thought of it, and if they had read many of them (No,...

mollybaby1,326116May 2Jun 3

The Original SnubTHE MYTH OF THE APPLE OF DISCORD It seems that Zeus was preparing a wedding banquet for Peleus and Thetis and did not want to invite Eris because of...

TattoedMonk1213May 2May 4

Bite Me!!I'm a happy camper tonight! After four very frustrating days trying to download a new operating system on my Mac laptop, I finally broke down and took...

LadyImp24515May 1May 15

"CREATION"..("LAST DANCE")..(104)And Along Came The Words.................................It Wasnt Quite Easy To Swallow.............................................. With The Mad Ons...

namaron103-May 1
Dodgy time to write my first blog

Dodgy time to write my first blog!what with the full moon & all that & not to mention the battling that's going on here......... darn it, I reckon I might need a suit of armour! Anywa...

Cervatilla47432May 1May 2
Sometimes a friend can be just as tasty to a

Sometimes a friend can be just as tasty to a ........I will tell you the secret to surviving an encounter with a lion that I learned from a seasoned safari guide. A American lawyer in Zimbabwe told me....

Kiterunner11301May 1May 1
stringman21712May 1May 10

Leave it to a Beaver...Ahhh, small town living! You know you live in a small town when your fb page is blown up with posts on how a beaver is crossing the bridge and a teena...

LadyImp26413May 1May 1
lonesomeforyou25: "easygoing"(meet us in the quizzes)

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