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At the Dollar Store......Who spends $61.00 at the Dollar store? A lady in front of me with a shopping basket full of junk and a pocket book full of coupons. That's who....

Willy341116713Aug 4Aug 4

Healthy Eating ShockI normally try to eat healthy. It has been feeling good lately to save all my veggie matter to take to the community garden, then it dawned on me to...

UnFayzed26723Aug 4Aug 5

BLOG OUTThere use to be a time on CS blogs that when you had a post on here and then you put another one on your previous blog would disappear on the feed but...

wenever1591Aug 4Aug 4

Bermuda Triangle: Scientists think they've figured it out...Twice this week I've seen stories that scientists think they've figured it out what causes planes and boats to disappear in the region known as the Be...

chatillion18819Aug 4Aug 4

Annoying Neighbours.Have you any funny scary creepy stories to add about annoying/weird neighbours. I had a neighbour once who used to want to do alot of jobs around m...

deedee123xo84194Aug 4Aug 5

#QAnonQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q #QAnon #QAnon #QAnon #QAnon #QAnon...

seaworthy407-Aug 4Aug 5

... SEEDS OF WISDOM ....The night has not yet given way to the dawn, and the sky is still studded with departing stars. The river looks like a thin stream of silver. The s...

owlsway900Aug 3

"WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN""Well..........It Seems That The Mayan Civilizations Prediction...................................................... Was Wrong In Its Prediction .......

namaron191-Aug 3Aug 4

"FOREVER"Just One Question Here........................................................................... For Anybody That Might Want To Answer Is It My Comp...

namaron273-Aug 3Aug 5

I say do the math...Dozens of profiles of young women on dating sites who state they are looking for someone to spend the rest of their life with. Sounds good... doesn't...

chatillion1243Aug 3Aug 3

There's no I in......I saw a recent advertisement for Jim Beam bourbon that states "There's no I in bourbon". For some odd reason, I had to laugh. While alphab...

JimNastics870Aug 3
All beautiful

All beautifulI am black ,short , bold and beautiful but aren't we all beautiful regardless of pigmentation? We were not created by a monster.. Why can't we al...

georgie3930631Aug 3Aug 4

Unprecedented Hate For President TrumpI am 68 years old and I have never in my life seen the level of hate some people have for anybody, than they have for our President, Donald J. Trump....

Willy341182460Aug 3Aug 6
Grandfathers Know Everything

Grandfathers Know EverythingHunter was 4 years old and was staying with his grandfather for a few days. He'd been playing outside with the other kids, when he came into the hous...

Gentlejim1222Aug 3Aug 3

Lazy Days of SummerSummer, the time of year here where everyone spends as much time outdoors soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible, taking advantage of the dry condit...

LadyImp18117Aug 3Aug 5

Awesome...I wrote a blog stating I had noticed 600+ new members joining CS in a period of less than 4 days. I believed they were all scammer profiles because th...

chatillion1967Aug 3Aug 4

Why gossip people?Why gossip people? People gossip about: Check the other person To manipulate the other person To entertain other people To express our anger To...

jarred196-Aug 3
The Virgosign on a prayer for a friend

The Virgosign on a prayer for a friend.My thought today is with a friend who has been suffering in health for many years, and who has been through hell and back an innumerable number of tim...

virgosign1324Aug 3Aug 4
Track161669Aug 3Aug 3

Left-handed, Right-handed, Ambidextrous...I plan to do a poll (this weekend) by the same name to see the response of which hand people favor. I'm guessing of the general public, left-handed ar...

chatillion1254Aug 3Aug 3

what is your opinion?Do you think employees have access to information about other employees’ compensation level* (assume same hierarchical level) or should this knowledge...

only1life33113Aug 2Aug 5
JimNastics1,02867Aug 2Aug 6

Hey buddy... your brake lights are out!I used to be a good Samaritan and let people know when they had faulty brake lights. Replacement bulbs are around $5 and fines are around $90. It woul...

chatillion1223Aug 2Aug 2

"IN THE DOG HOUSE"Im Wondering.......................... There Has To Be Other People .............................That Comes On The Blogs...........Who.....Can Feel Th...

namaron277-Aug 2Aug 3

Something I Don't Enjoy about BloggingI feel comfortable enough on this CS site to blog and find most people enjoyable and interesting although I still feel like a noob with much to discov...

UnFayzed30915Aug 2Aug 4

Austria closes 7 mosques and expels 60 ImamsIt seems like the rest of the European countries are feeling the burden of Islamization. Blame it on Merkel, she was the one who invited them in th...

lindsyjones61942Aug 2Aug 4

Scammers using Google Meet...Usually, every morning I log on and check for new profiles. The settings are photos only and everywhere. On an average day there are 10 new profiles w...

chatillion1993Aug 2Aug 2
Another penny in the jar a research question

Another penny in the jar (a research question)The theory - if you put a penny in a jar every time you make love in the first year of your marriage, and after the first year you take a penny out ev...

Elegsabiff74275Aug 2Aug 4

SIPOCThe case: Moodie is a leading fast food cafe in Lahore since 2005. It promises an extraordinary experience of culinary sensation and offers a consis...

only1life3685Aug 2Aug 2

You will regret if you do not tell your children.................... You will regret if you do not tell your children Everything you try to achieve, whatever someone else is trying to achieve...

jarred1102-Aug 2
The Virgosign on lifes rat race

The Virgosign on life's rat race.One of Aesop's more popular fable is that of the Hare and the Tortoise famous race, in which, the hare being fast and was well ahead of his slow frien...

virgosign850Aug 2

Women !I've gotten in a few fights in my life. But, I've never ever even considered doing this, nor would I. A drunk woman in Texas got in a fight with a...

JimNastics30415Aug 2Aug 4

Humans - the Superior Beings?Losing a child has to be every parent's worst nightmare. The all consuming grief that engulfs the parent, and the awkwardness of friends and family, n...

LadyImp1835Aug 1Aug 2

HE Washer? be a frayed of this...A while back, my old washing machine died. I decided to replace it with an HE (High Efficiency) washing machine. These washers require less soap and l...

chatillion940Aug 1

My Sunset Experience - Spiritual versus ReligiousI stood on the banked shoreline, silently gazing across the sea at the evening sky. The sun was still well above the horizon. The clouds around it wer...

socrates4419412Aug 1Aug 5

When 12 marmots have to be crushed................... When 12 marmots have to be crushed to save one child with cancer, I drive whistling over them.

jarred190-Aug 1

winnerand the winner for having the most blog is FAIRY for creating 15 blogs in the last 7 hours.. i think she deserve a ... she has broken the record....

georgie3932031Aug 1Aug 3

Justice Ginsburg SpeaksTag - Satire ================ Ginsburg: ‘I Am Mentally Fit Enough To Serve Through The End Of President Eisenhower’s Term’ WASHINGTON, D.C.—Dis...

Willy34112344Aug 1Aug 1

When you talk about sexWhen you talk about sex , you always immediately attract attention. ... but in practice people often talk about themselves when they want to make them...

jarred1102-Aug 1

chatillion's watermelon knife...Summer is here and it's watermelon season. If you like watermelon but you have trouble cutting it into pieces, an way to easily do this is to try my c...

chatillion921Aug 1Aug 1
Thankful heart and walk with loveLove is the answer to all questions 15

Thankful heart and walk with love&Love is the answer to all questions-15About me The fifteenth part I am single,It's not because I'm not good enough for anyone. It means that no one is good enough to me. I'm single,...

fairy19892656Aug 1Aug 1
The Virgosign on snorkeling

The Virgosign on snorkeling..Hey people, Fuel went up by 4% and BOV went down by 10% and not paying any dividends this year so far. Makes me feel like Zuckerberg must have felt w...

virgosign850Aug 1

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