True crime is not healthy for my mental health..

I am currently in the process of listening to every episode of a show called The Casual Criminalist. It's a true crime show, where the crimes can be horrific. Each episode is about a new person, and they detail the crimes they did. It's not for the faint of heart, and some of the crimes are just down gruesome.

One episode was about the Dunblane massacre, where a lowlife ended the lives of 16 children, aged between 5 and 6, and their teacher, while injuring 15 other people.

That episode left me shocked to my core. Who on earth decides to end the lives of 16 children aged 5 to 6? The lowlife did us all a favor and ended his miserable existence right there, but still. Something MUST have snapped in order for someone to slaughter 16 innocent children..

Today, my day started out pretty normal. I had breakfast, brushed my teeth and left for work, like I usually do. However, at about 9.30 am, I was suddenly hit with a specific sense.

You know that feeling when nothing you love to do makes you happy? The sense of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness? It was like that. I had a google at what that could mean, and it's some of the symptoms of depression. I'm not saying I suffer from depression - yet - but I will suffer from it if I continue to listen to true crime podcasts 9 hours in a row, because that's what I did on Sunday, while I was playing truck simulator games.

So I have made a decision: No more true crime podcasts for at least 6 months. I will find something else to listen to. Luckily there are millions of songs to consume while I am playing truck sim games.
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True crime is sometimes pretty gory. Something that should be taken in limited doses.
When gruesome comes on, I always look away.....
I haven't the stomach for it to be quiet honest barf
but I'm drawn to such programmes mainly looking for an insight of the mind of whomever.
Not sure why, perhaps I were a shrink of some sort in a previous life nerd

Awareness does not mean you may be on the verge of depression ...
could just be you're more sensitive than you thought, besides even if you were, at least you recognise its possible reasons why and know how best to avoid it. jmo

Since such viewing may not be the best for....
allow me to recommend a more suitable one wink

The Sound of Music traumatized me more than any true crime ever could
Between that and Mary Poppins it became our traditional Christmas punishment christmas sad
And 'Annie' crying laugh

(actually i quite like Mary Poppins)

Embedded image from another site
looking more likely to me you're liking kicking penguins laugh
They're cartoon penguins that doesn't count snooty
Now now Chancer scold

Hasn't Pinocchio thought you to never underestimate the feelings of a cartoon ...
or perhaps it was a little before your time comfort
Who nose liar
I think perhaps they're not healthy because viewers must become desensitised to continue experiencing them, thus the extremes become normalised, at least to a certain extent.

Having to stop listening to them because they're cooking your swede (as we say in Wales) means you're not becoming desensitised to violence and cruelty. That's pretty healthy in my book, along with the self-awareness of your mood change and the cause.
Now what kind of a come back can I give to such a ridiculous comment laugh

You have me stumped, chancer stuck
It sometime seems like true crime is the only thing on TV, now that it's mostly (cheap to make) "reality" TV.

I am a true crime follower...but you do have to take a break now and can be disturbing...

If you like comedies...Tammy, a movie that stars Melissa McCarthy is a good one...

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