Making plans for my 40th birthday (part 3)

Today, we had our monthly cousin-get-together, and the conversation fell on my 40th birthday. Her husband and her are pretty much obsessed with the US, so they have an Uncle Sam poster hanging, as well as other USA stuff. I looked at it and went "Hang on, I want to make it a themed party", so guess what: The theme is going to be USA, so I need to find out what to make for food.

Forget the huge shopping list - I need to make three or four things. Sliders is definitely gonna be there, and so will hot wings. I am also thinking of adding hotdogs to the list as well. The sides are potato salad, regular salad, mini baguettes and cornbread - if I can make it.

Let me know what else I could possibly make. Bear in mind, I have to make food for 30 people..

I also need to find a lot of decoration, and I mean a LOT! We're talking tablecloth, balloons, buntings, confetti, large flags, small flags, hats, solo cups.. It's gonna rule!

Helium for the balloons is also on the list, which I can get at local party stores. Or - I might just do it the old fashioned way - with my own breath!

Last but not least - I need a costume for the party. I have my eye on a few that I would like to get.

The next big party coming up is Halloween, and I already have my costume for that
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I know you have sliders but that's not an American standard for a party. Regular hamburgers is the way to go. Corn bread is a southern standard not necessarily an American standard. Keep the corn bread, potato salad and regular salad. You might want to add corn on the cob.

You probably don't want to buy 30 steaks but here's an idea. Kabobs. Pieces of beef, onions, red and green peppers, one large shrimp all staggered on a large kabob skewer.

Have fun !
I would do a pasta salad or mac or cheese and skip the corn dogs are good but perhaps some different sorts like bratwurst or vegetarian option...I like saukraut on hotdogs with hot mustard...and love corn on the cob...with butter of course...

Sounds fun and don't forget a cowboy hat...

Not sure what's happened to my invite, damn Irish post.
America of all countries doh

Now had you chosen to of gone with an Irish theme, my top three suggestions would be easy...
spuds spuds and more spuds foot in mouth roll eyes
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