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Is it only me that is getting 3 to 4 pop up ads jumping up at once on your screen with this site? For me, that is what is going on and it actually makes it very difficult to use this site. Heck, I hardly even use the site anymore, and that is even difficult to do. lol
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they have changed something indeed and unleashed an advertising blitz. It is intolerable without Adblock!
I'm on a smartphone and get no ads, no matter what that know- it -all Chat tries to tell you.beer
The sun isn't up and again you're running around making childish remarks about me.
You should get a life and not be so concerned about what others do.
No, it's not only you. The "post comment" box disappeared, covered by a pop-up ad before I could click on it laugh
I'm closing about 10 ads per minute now... typing
At least in the first, cools down a notch after 5min.

I posted a blog about this last week, and then removed the blog a day later. There is News Reel Screen video that pops up right at the top of every blog.

However, everyone I mentioned this to, seemed to think it was just happening to me. It must be in my settings or something they said. Yet, I don't get that pop up stuff on other websites I visit. It seems to be exclusive to this site only.

I don't know what is going on, but the pop-up stuff does interrupt a user's experience on this site, and makes it difficult to navigate, having to click on the x to close them every time they come up, and they come up over and over again.

Diova, have you always been this pretty?
You hid it well didn't you.. heart wings
I am getting ad bloc...these pop ups are making this site impossible to navigate...
Thank you, flatterer blushing
Although I don't frequent this site, I'll try that. Thanks loulou.
Did you know I was in gauteng on a date at christmas 2011, did the rumor get to you?
Well... the bragging reached you now at least... hehe.
Eh, I tend to get well along with your tribe laugh

C ya
Gossip is not my favourite pastime, but now I know. Straight from the horse's mouth. Hope you enjoyed your time in Gauteng.

You missed that bullit...laugh rolling on the floor laughing


E-mailed the site...they are looking into it...but worth it to get ad blocker...

Looks like she passed on the outstandingly good offer. But how about you then.
You relly seem like you could need some love.
Wanna marry? Offer stand for 24 minutes. Here still hoping. bouquet
Sun's up here and DITTO to you !
Switch to Firefox and add AdBlock Plus.

I had them when I first came here and was on CS for years before I used someone else's browser and learned for the very first time that CS has ads. I never saw one ad or popup and still don't with my Firefox Browser and Adblock Plus.

Talked to the CS staff and the ads are not as often as they fixed the problem...now at least I can sign in without problems and see the blogs and comments..,laugh


Still looking for an ad blocker...
It is only available for users of Firefox. If you have it, go to tools, then Extensions and find Adblock Plus - free ad blocker and click install. Voila la difference.

You may be right but, then again he could've been the one.

Darn! The one that got away...

Oh, well cool
Thank you all...especially L.L..

She has certainly made a change with the pop up ads. thumbs up applause
Ad Spot | international house of Grip.

Thus, in spite of AD block. .eYe will
Make it ADDictive for you..

Opening move. ) Gryphon
Better think twice. ) Poco.
Eli's coming.) 3 dog noir.

And you better, better hide your heart...heart wings
I am having the same problem. I think if you try and delete them they multiply. That makes it worse I am getting one at the top of the page and the same one at the page at the same time
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