- Chapter I:


“But when to speak about division of society, one can think that all are done in purpose, the division occurring according to the master-plan, all are right on schedule, like the train following the same track to its destination, although changes are made over the lines. The rulers follow the same precepts of the antiquity, into building the empire, to which a leader will be assigned, in reign. The power is already theirs, for millennia, tracing back their genealogic chain, dominion being given from a king to another, from a prince, from a noble or boyar, from a commander of the few in charge to apply laws and regulations over the masses, - the crowds, therefore, being like heaps of ants at their disposal, replaceable, anytime, anywhere, after their purpose being served. So alike, it happens in modern society. It is nothing really modern, after all, except the times and circumstances, as well the inventions and transformations throughout the process of implementation. Technology serve to control the masses, and what has been done across last century, would be too hard to comprehend, even for the bright minds distinguishable among the crowds. Any type of form in which the control is being implemented, follows the same patterns, like in a web in which the spider comes after its prey wasted all the energy, - and applied to the modern society, people are being trapped in a form of control that finally will take over, regardless of rank or title, abilities or powers. Most of the people who are more awaken than others and could intuitively see the signs, through the impact of technology over the entire world, either realize that is already too late to change something and anyway, none of them could really change the way that the world goes on, or… just hopefully allow their minds to drive through, in an emergence of thought that all will be alright and people will be in charge, in the end, repairing the world that has been broken in last decades. But even those taking these paths, are mistaking, - some even more than others, and allow theories after theories to flow around and filling the world with more ideas who will lead to nowhere, anyway; that is because are things who can not be changed and if there is a change possible, at some point, or in one event to act like a wave break, are none to take over, if not.. if there must be, they have no idea how. Exploiting the same ideas, over and over again, into a blind search of a cure, it is like gathering in hand some dust and think will return a stone back again – the same stone already crushed by the hammer. Or to fixate the mind in ideas that there must be a way through, and the people will be in control, returning the world that has been broken to its natural state – as known before – fixing it, said otherwise – it is nothing more than perpetuating the same illusion until the day Reality hits like a car crashing over a wall. The wall, of course, being the final outcome of a society dreaming prosperity and spiritual richness, peace and equilibrium. That will not happen; but instead of this illusion, Reality will crush all dreams of all – even of the kings themselves! – with a tyranny as they have never seen in the entire history of mankind.”

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- Shall be continued…

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