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YOU make the photo caption 4

YOU make the photo caption (4) !You make the photo caption (4) !....... Accidental, or purposeful ? You decide. Indeed, add your own photo caption, if you like, or simply chu...

JimNastics23110Jul 6Jul 23

"IT WAS THERE ALL ALONG"So Many Times Our Eyes Have Crossed Over... What Was There All Along... But Never Did We... Or Could We See ....The Reason We Could Not See... Was Bec...

namaron58129Jul 6Jul 6
Do you like to learn salsa and latino dancing

Do you like to learn salsa and latino dancing?Come to " Mounties" Club in Mount Pritchard NSW AUSTRAlIA! $15 per lesson or $85 per month IT IS ON EVERY MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY BE THERE AT 7 pm...

Balicia1994Jul 6Jul 6
tatami1702Jul 6Jul 6
stringman27415Jul 5Jul 6

Missingwhat do you miss in your life, i mean love ,family, Friend etc ?...

ali1101756Jul 5Jul 6
NYPD Officer Shot Execution Style In Her Car

NYPD Officer Shot Execution Style In Her Car.Miosotis Familia. 48. Twelve year NYPD vetereran, Red Cross Volunteer. Mother of twin boy and girl and a daughter in college....

miclee2119Jul 5Jul 6
Choose your partner wisely

Choose your partner wiselyI have a friend a guy from middle east (22 years old) who knew a local woman 37 years old (a widow with one daughter 5 years old) online for 2 years t...

Davinadia36912Jul 5Aug 21

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("THE PHONY ONES")..(60)Im In A Line at The Store...(And I Hate Going To The Store)...I Finally Get To The Lady At The Register.....She Rings Up Everything...(I Have To Be As...

namaron33718Jul 5Jul 5
I make my money in business

I make my money in business,No woman wants to hear about how I make my money in business, but they are more than happy to start fights and argue if I don't give them any. It's th...

jarred199-Jul 5
Track16991Jul 5Jul 5
I dont trust people who are perfect

I don't trust people who are "perfect"?A person who doesn't make a mistake can not be trusted. The persons who seem to be perfect are the one's who can/will hurt you most. I don't trust peo...

jarred186-Jul 5
Chilling A HA

Chilling...A-HAOne of my favorite band...Morten almost 60 but still looking hot...

Crazyheart3835930Jul 5Jul 7
Wasted relationship

Wasted relationshipThis would be one of my rare personal topics in blog land. I wasn't going to share and let the world judge me and my situation but I thought I need it...

lindsyjones1,63184Jul 5Jul 31

Another DayNice and sunny again here today (yesterday now I guess). Nearly cracked my leg in two when I smashed off a trailer hitch on a car during my voyages. H...

Track16971Jul 5Jul 5
Its not a mental illness its a mental disorder

It's not a mental illness, it's a mental disorder.?So people fake being ill?Rule Rule number one of the internet: anything you read online is potentially false/fake.?...

jarred1103-Jul 5
Karma and a litttle snapping turtle

Karma.....and a litttle snapping turtle.Of course it has profound meanings in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. But in everyday parlance, we hear things like "what goes around---comes around"....

Aaltarboy1655Jul 4Jul 5
Just Had A Fun Night Out

Just Had A Fun Night I'm! Went shopping with friends then had dinner with more a hair cut or some trimming....then went out for a c...

Crazyheart3834432Jul 4Jul 4

"RAMBLIN MAN".."RAMBLE ON"..(116)Who Is This Person?....I Guess This Person Really Means Business....Im Positive This Person Couldnt Resist Sending Me The Message That Was Sent..........

namaron51944Jul 4Jul 4
ali1102076Jul 4Jul 5
Track161051Jul 4Jul 4

Listenup all you Ugly Mean Sons of BItche's,...

nonsmoker46238Jul 4Jul 5
Its All In Our Genes Or What

It´s All In Our Genes, Or What?Morphogenetics/Epigenetics Genes have always been blamed for our illnesses and susceptibilities ( it´s in the family). That is of course true, to s...

daniela77734730Jul 4Jul 5
Happy fourth of July fellow Americans

Happy fourth of July fellow AmericansHave a great day enjoying and celebrating our independence. May we always and forever be free....

lindsyjones21318Jul 4Jul 4
The Americans

The AmericansA Canadian's thoughts on Americans. Originally voiced by Gordon Sinclair, this speech is a heartfelt delivery by the late Byron MacGregor who was a...

Willy34111121Jul 4Jul 4
IN CONGRESS July 4 1776

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776...The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America. YouTube The Declaration of Independence (as read by Max McLean)...

miclee1433Jul 4Jul 4
t am gringo from holland

t am gringo from hollandt am gringo from holland...

jarred196-Jul 4
Track161213Jul 4Jul 4

A truly remarkable man.....I had a short stint, about 2 months, looking after disabled kids and teenagers when I was 17. It was a voluntary job about 30 mins drive from my home....

MimiArt7348204-Jul 4
My cooking

My cooking....Women have been known to fall on their knees, and propose marriage, after tasting some of my dishes. From the simple, to the annoyingly French, what a...

Aaltarboy1342Jul 3Jul 4
ali1101240Jul 3
Are you a Snapchatter sooooooooo did you know about Snapmaps

Are you a Snapchatter? sooooooooo - did you know about Snapmaps?If you are using Snapchat, you know it updates constantly. You may not know it recently added a new feature which activated automatically without...

Elegsabiff34622Jul 3Jul 4
The stupidity of smoking

The stupidity of smokingI'm not a smoker so if you are, you may not want to listen to me, but listening to me may be the smartest thing you ever did. If you smoke, there is...

ooby_dooby49230Jul 3Jul 6
WOMAN of the year

WOMAN of the yearso many all female bloggers here are just simply wonderful.... (yep" even the ones that at times, annoy me) if I had to pick runners up for the wo...

itchywitch81435Jul 3Jul 8
Radio tomorrow

Radio tomorrowI have not been here for a while because I have been working on a charity event. I am really hoping that the messages in the bottles are found the mes...

1r1shmale780Jul 3
Govt Healthcare

Gov't HealthcareThis is what happens when the Liberal left have too much power over one baby named Charle. "Right here is the problem with government run healthcare....

seaworthy74658Jul 3Jul 24
Dating By Numbers

Dating By NumbersKnowing who you are…realistically identifying your number/ranking and that of your prospective dates will greatly help you in finding the right part...

Crazyheart3892579Jul 3Jul 4
are we living in the last days

are we living in the last days? judging from what is going on in the world today, i think so....

stringman47140Jul 3Jul 30
Does the expression DUMB BLONDE have any truth

Does the expression "DUMB BLONDE" have any truth?Apart from the likely characters on this site, has anyone experienced events to substantiate the saying?...

CROWNAFFAIR26916Jul 3Jul 4
There once was a kid

There once was a kid.There once was a kid. He was walking around town when he heard a strange noise coming from the mountain by his house. Curious, he walked all the way t...

jarred199-Jul 3
ali1101543Jul 3Jul 3
Sugar mommas and sugar daddies

Sugar mommas and sugar daddiesI recently had read an interesting article talking about about a boy in the US finding a sugar daddy. Completely changed my concept of the subject. Ap...

AmorVincitOmnia2247Jul 3Jul 10

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