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Spark or CircumstanceWe all speak about this mysterious 'spark' when two people meet for the first time. What is it? Is it real or circumstantial? There is one type...

mollybaby1,043124Sep 30Oct 2
Ok Im up for the game

Ok I'm up for the gameWhat are ? christen's And Non Belevers Should I fear Dyslexic bloggers And the raith of Dog .......

oldblue5438232Sep 30Oct 2

Choose your friends by their characterChoose your friends by their character...

jarred143-Sep 30

It'sRather slow today , no bickering , no problems , my guess everyone is good fingers cross ....

Annleerose1037Sep 30Oct 1
stringman18611Sep 30Oct 2
heres another one

here's another onethe Delano's family like Franklin Delano Roosevelt made their millions during the opium trade with China. I mean Delano grandpa was the one....

Duromojon43-Sep 30
Look with new eyes

Look with new eyesYou know, many years ago, I would be in a situation that made me angry or sad or judgmental towards others,or wondering "why is all this bad stuff hap...

Romancenotdead1396Sep 30Sep 30

1930sWhile Japan was invading its neighbors U.S. was selling all the oil, steel all raw material to Japan...

Duromojon43-Sep 30
Non belevers

Non beleversI am a god fearing christen if I can help to clean up this site I will if you people enjoy this kind of thing go for it I don't like it those are just...

Lotofluv35233Sep 30Oct 3
Non belevers

Non beleversI am a god fearing christen if I can help to clean up this site I will if you people enjoy this kind of thing go for it I don't like it those are just...

Lotofluv1111Sep 30Oct 6
in U S were doomed

in U.S. we're doomedTrump said to the press. Puerto Rico is an island surrounded by water big water. then, what an island is?...

Duromojon80-Sep 30
The 23rd Prophecy

The 23rd Prophecy?During the weeks leading up to the latest doomsday on 23 September 2017, there were many reports of the end of the world, as we know it, occurring on...

daniela77720821Sep 30Oct 1

blogaytos se sympathi kseri pou tha se vri...

giannisgenetos20818Sep 30Oct 1
How Do You Woo Someone

How Do You Woo Someone?I love being wooed by a man, this is the most exciting part for me. This is the stage where I can know what kind of a man he is . The most wonder...

Crazyheart3876283Sep 30Oct 1
The day of ASHURA

The day of ASHURAThe saddest day of History of human .

only1life1345Sep 29Sep 30

undecidedWould you ask her out for date, All my rules in my head say no but my heart says yes...

1r1shmale14611Sep 29Sep 30


Track16620Sep 29
Abandoned Homes and Symbols Left Behind

Abandoned Homes and Symbols Left Behind...Part 2 I Recently explored an old abandoned house that in every early morning, as sunlight began to stream in through an eastern window, the ligh...

Kattte884Sep 29Oct 1
Abandoned Homes and Symbols Left Behind

Abandoned Homes and Symbols Left Behind...Doors and windows need walls as without them they could not exist. What is true of our physical construction is equally true of our emotional ones. Wh...

Kattte590Sep 29

Can I Ignore You Later?Can I Ignore You Later?...

jarred149-Sep 29
Influence or effluence

Influence or effluenceI love the comments on blogs when someone tries to close an argument by saying Something like .... "I know a " doctor " Or I know a "builde...

oldblue5416710Sep 29Sep 29
Lawyers in the courtroom unreal

Lawyers in the courtroom............unreal...............Hear are some excerpts from actual court cases. Lawyer: Did you blow your horn or anything? Witness: After the accident? Lawyer: Before the acc...

britishcolumbian882Sep 29Sep 29
In Depth UFO Breakdown

In Depth UFO Breakdown (In Depth UFO Breakdown)...

NewYorkcitylove49-Sep 29
Len05710Sep 29
Another scammer

Another scammerKaren night 34 new York Keanu knight 33 ingland same person Asking for money and sending port pics for mon...

Lotofluv23310Sep 29Oct 7
Its True Alcohol Kills People

Its True Alcohol Kills PeopleBut how many people are born because of it?....................

Track16803Sep 29Sep 29
NewYorkcitylove58-Sep 29
Did you Know

Did you Know?Japan asked permission to Vichy's France to take over Indochina. Permission was granted. Japan didn't fire a single shot to take over that country tod...

Duromojon41-Sep 29
Are You In A Multi Dimensional Relationship

Are You In A Multi-Dimensional Relationship?Have you ever had a relationship with someone that has been very frustrating, challenging and sad, as if you are feeling stuck and cannot move on?...

daniela77720221Sep 29Sep 30
Hes Exasperating

He's Exasperating!It's a battle of wills between us from the beginning... and I'm losing it We both have crazy work schedule but it's always on his time. Last night...

Crazyheart3819317Sep 29Sep 29
Racial Tension Brewing in America Trump vs NFL

Racial Tension Brewing in America (Trump vs NFL)Racial Tension Brewing in America (Trump vs NFL)...

NewYorkcitylove41-Sep 29

Friendship Is Like A ButterflyFriendship Is Like A Butterfly...

jarred157-Sep 29
Why do a lot of women wear high heels

Why do a lot of women wear high heels?I often wonder the reasons why women wear high heels, because it is a proven fact, that they can cause a lot of feet problems. Heels look bad, are...

Freedomofspeech963072Sep 29Oct 6

According toSinger song writer Paul Simon, There are 50 ways to leave your lover. That's about 49 to complicated for me. Looking more closly at the problem we s...

nonsmoker23240Sep 29Sep 29
Met Someone In The Parking Lot

Met Someone In The Parking LotYesterday during my 59th Birthday I met someone named Coko in the parking lot of the rooming house I stay at in Pittsburgh, PA; we talked some an d I...

TheAgnostic581929Sep 29Oct 9

ShotgunCouple of days I have been reading about ANGER management! While looking at positives for the ones getting in range.....this pic says endless words...

imbackagain49144Sep 29Oct 1

The Four Qualities of Loveby Thich Nhat Hanh (Details on : ) “The...

Swami630Sep 28
mr Toblerone

mr Toblerone,the chocolate made for eastern folks is a lower quality compared to one for the west. Your reason would be that i have a different taste and you care...

bloodyawfull17211Sep 28Sep 29
NewYorkcitylove56-Sep 28

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(129)When People Start A Business..They Come Up With A Name For It...My Problem With These People Is............. Do They Come Up With These Names...And T...

namaron16218Sep 28Sep 30

$Ive had contact with about a dozen women on here,NEVER fails,get asked for money....

mikebeed731Sep 28Sep 28
jarred153-Sep 28
jeddah12: "TOP 10 SONGS TO REV YOUR ENGINE."(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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