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Likes and Viewed meWhat I get irritated about.....MOST.......I'm talking to men about women.....This site has a section.....Likes.....Viewed me.....Favored me.... When...

1jaguar25413Aug 29Aug 31

Soup's On!Monday night at the BBQ for the executive for photo club, I indulged in a half cup of coffee. Oh yeah, not a good thing. I got home about 11pm, totall...

LadyImp19023Aug 29Sep 7

Male Drama MakersAlthough women are traditionally blamed for drama, Monday night proved that men can be just as big, or bigger drama queens. Monday was the BBQ for...

LadyImp22615Aug 29Aug 30

Photo Caption Contest - Bear ChaletIf you like, have some fun adding your own caption(s) for the following photo; My first entry is; After hearing the recent movie critics...

JimNastics21420Aug 29Sep 3

venezuela refugeeI'm willing to take one in the house... about my age, female, I feel like somebody has to have a right to a better life and future. and o...

Len051655Aug 29Aug 31

The saddest thing is..ending up without goodbyesThings started with a like, then here comes the Hi and Hello..and there you go, knowing each other. Communication sounds like...we both knew each othe...

ayoneq22613Aug 29Aug 29
Why the World Would Be Better Off Without Religion

Why the World Would Be Better Off Without ReligionWhy the World Would Be Better Off Without Religion ................

jarred172-Aug 29

I wouldn't touch her with a 3.048 meter pole...Britain taught the world about the Imperial system of Weights and Measures. Then they left us hanging and switched to the Metric System. I read that o...

chatillion1628Aug 28Aug 29
I could lie

I could lieAnd say my absence was due to meeting a very unusually interesting man who entertained me with exotic tactile techniques and road trips to mysterious...

Palmfrond2423Aug 28Aug 29
Why Should the Call to Prayer Be So Durn Loud

Why Should the Call to Prayer Be So Durn Loud,and use the speaker too?? Does it not disturb others who are not Muslims? Such question or I may say such complaint has started to emerge lately, esp...

Kalpataru1916Aug 28Aug 29

Dating web sites....Changes are done!!!Chances are!!! you've probably heard about Tinder, Ok Cupid, Happn, etc etc. Those mobile dating app that become so huge it has changed the way tradit...

single_again4u30834Aug 28Aug 28

Quebec, CanadaGet there once ot twice a year, usually with Family. A little touch of Europe in North America. This time want with Motorcycle group. At my age. Round...

Vierkaesehoch780Aug 28

Don't Give Up. Don't Ever Give UpThis scene has taught one of the greatest life lessons, don't give up! If you want to achieve something in your life, this video shows you how to g...

Willy34111093Aug 28Sep 2

What God did at Pearl Harbor that day is interestingthis was sent to me in E mail I never knew this little bit of history: Tour boats ferry people out to the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii every...

stringman20119Aug 28Aug 29

MD ImmigrantsHey folks, not sure how long we stay immigrants before we become fully fledged CS members but who cares. I just want to mention what a breath of fr...

UnFayzed41023Aug 28Aug 31
Kids taking there lives sucide

Kids taking there lives, sucide.This wasnt common at all in my generation very rare myself as a example by Jr high it was a miserable era bullied sometimes everyday beat up or threat...

Donraymond1859Aug 28Sep 1
Every person is born naked

Every person is born naked.Every person is born naked. And every man is going to die. Every person is equal in that. But in between the big difference. Depending on which li...

jarred156-Aug 28

"WONDERING MAN"..(2)"Its A Continuing Cycle...............................You May Find Yourself Up...........................................On Top Of Your World............

namaron213-Aug 27Aug 29

alic or alicetagalong was an old school hood friend no matter what i did or where i went alic would always be 3 steps behind seems he wanted to be exactly like me...

Onthcrestofawave38125Aug 27Aug 29

Mainstream Media Are Covering Up Phony DOJ Dossier found this clip very informative. if you like your freedom I would listen to this. 37 mins long....

stringman996Aug 27Aug 28

Defying logicBeen and paddled kayak yesterday. Saw a female elk with 2 calves. Totally under impression. But where is the logic?...

Tulefell19938Aug 27Aug 27

Anyone ever heardof Freddie Pargetter? He got arrested at a friend of the family's stag party for the possession of drugs. In an added twist, it was the friend of t...

Harbal24419Aug 27Aug 27

MY UNCLE CARLMy uncle Carl was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He died in 1996. A little about my uncle Carl, my mother called him her protector when they were young...

wenever20023Aug 27Aug 29

Monday MondayAdd your own favorites, if you like.

JimNastics15816Aug 27Aug 28
The 10 rules of being human

The 10 rules of being human.The 10 rules of being human......... 1. At your birth you will receive a body that you can find or hate. However, the only thing you can be certain a...

jarred161-Aug 27

Ever call GENIE to get out of the bottle if you made a wish... What would you wish for or say?I think I would say, to him or lose weight, maybe the stuff carried has prevention from coming out of the bottle, to grant any wishes!!...

moonglow331132Aug 27Aug 28

My Soul MateMy soul mate never phones me at work; but she will always answer when I phone her from work wanting to moan about how my day is going. She never trie...

Harbal29122Aug 27Aug 29

A little land mine next month awaits Democrats' big dream of impeachment‘Sleeper’ case could torpedo Mueller report It might even keep the special counsel from sending a report to Congress, shaking Democrats’ hopes that...

Willy3411621Aug 27Aug 27

Anyone ever heardOf jock palfreeman ??? Was doing a Google search of a photo and his name popped up...

Onthcrestofawave1807Aug 27Aug 27
Are you going to think about it

Are you going to think about it............. Are you seriously concerned about the fact that the person has crooked teeth for you? Are you going to think about it, are you go...

jarred163-Aug 27
Track161062Aug 27Aug 27
respected nation

respected nationi would like say the people of those community who dont respect their selves . they cant respect for other . now days there is an exhibition is going...

atifshz651Aug 27Aug 27

HOW WOULD YOU BEST DesCRIBE A HIGHLY EDUCATED BUT NOT INTELLIGENT?To be honest, I often find those who are highly educated but not particularly intelligent people to be some of the least tolerable people on the plane...

ysabeljhen69562Aug 27Aug 29

RegretsMy you know who lays in a coma tonight and I can't go ... because you know why. If i don't go I'll regret it and if I do, I'll regret that too....

itchywitch60836Aug 26Sep 8

"FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET"Boy Oh Boy.........................Can A Blog Disappear So Fast.............................................I Was Just Writing A Long Response Too Cla...

namaron213-Aug 26Sep 3

jobsHi. i am look a job where i csn live an work... like care taker job ...old care worker job...sales jobs...etc anywhere els i dont mind but...

dibash20191222Aug 26Aug 26
Travel companion

Travel companionShould I invite someone to tour Portugal in my motorhome with me. Is it better to stay alone.....

freeallhours39532Aug 26Aug 28
Camels become the dairy cow in the future

Camels become the dairy cow in the future......... I already see it all for me: camels standing in the Dutch meadows ...

jarred165-Aug 26

Wipe that mole off your face...Sometimes it's not so easy considering the same word has different meanings. If a guy has a birth defect (as in a dark round often raised mark on h...

chatillion19211Aug 26Aug 27
Dont trust Turkish women

Dont trust Turkish womenDont trust turkish women 3th world scum even the ones with a nother nationality that lives in turkey . P.S i’m not from the east part of turkey ( 4 th...

Charmes124-Aug 26
Take The Train To Nowhere

Take The Train To NowhereTake The Train To Nowhere.......... ..........

jarred152-Aug 26

Looking for help with Outlook.comMy Outlook mailbox recently gave itself an upgrade and seems to have lost my email address in the process. Now when I try to sign in it comes up with...

Elegsabiff332-Aug 26Aug 26

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