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$364 Million. You did know that was coming... yes?
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CNN changed the headline report to be nearly $355 million.
Judge Engoron handed down a judgment in a 92-page decision today.
This ruling is one of the largest corporate sanctions in New York history.
As expected, Trump has vowed to appeal.
I read that it's predicted appeal after appeal and to declare bankruptcy.
Both Eric and Don Jr must also pay more than $4 million apiece, including interest.

CFO Allen Weisselberg was ordered to pay a $1 million penalty.

Ivanka Trump, who like her 2 brothers had amnesia when testifying on the case, said she couldn't recall many of the interactions/transactions she oversaw while being executive vice-president of the Trump Organization.
Noted, Ivanka got through this unscathed.
"I read that it's predicted appeal after appeal and to declare bankruptcy."

Where did you ever get an idea like that???
I am moving to Russia if 45 ever has to pay that bullshit penalty for doing nothing wrong. wow The democratic party, sadly, is directed by a bunch of corrupt self serving marxist hypocrites. Clean the Swamp 47 please! tongue
A patently absurd decision by a patently corrupt judge, brought by a patently unhinged NY attorney general who's entire crazy campaign was 'get Trump'

These crazy Marxist Democrats really will try and burn everything down in their quest to hurt one man they're obsessed with hating

Should be overturned on appeal (with significant damages awarded to appeal)

If not, then you're going to see businesses leaving NY in droves
Without stating the obvious Chancer is it really conceivable that ALL these fraud charges were invented and that ALL of the justice system is corrupt and Trump is a clean as a whistle and all because they don't want him re-elected .That really is a stretch too far don't you think.dunno

As they say there is no smoke without fire.
Democrats will do ANYTHING in their quest to destroy Trump. You know this. All the same, I encourage people to look at each case individually. Pretty much every case brought against Trump has been a result of 'novel legal theories'. What this means is that Trump is being prosecuted for things in a manner never used before. I think legal conspiracy theories would be more apt. It's really the equivalent of what became the norm under Soviet rule in the USSR - 'show me the man and I'll find you the crime' mentality. The thing is, Trump's support only grows with each new abuse of power against him. Funny how that works

And as for there being no smoke without fire, as a simple statement of fact that's true. But what's relevant in times like these is: who is the arsonist?

'An evil enemy will burn his nation to the ground just to rule over the ashes' (Sun Tzu)

Something to dwell on wave
..and look what they did to Omar Sharif in Pakistan now, en even more clear cut case of the same:
14 years to him for basically nothing, and this also ordered from ..yea guess the country... lol
GS, you naive.

And every european who don't understand how deep the corruption goes say;
NO WAAYYY... caaan't be
Well, can be!

After I saw Lois Lerner almost 20years ago.. I learned nothing is impossible.
Than came the 'fabelous' Steel Dossier, named after a certain Brit
and ...the rest is histoare.


I can admit I have no clue what Trump and his family is being prosecuted over, but whatever it may be
what his political opponent did, was WAAAAYYYY worse (Biden).
But Joseph...oh he is still running, ofcourse!
Do you really need to hear much more?
Omar Sharif died in 2015 Now who's naivelaugh
Imran Khan ofcourse.
So what do you say GS, they're all equally bad still?
Most people make assumptions about my ideology Grand whereas I try to sit on the fence and try see both sides of a coin. All this blaming the West ,just what countries have people included in this grand sweep.

I'm not a lover of a man who controls a country claiming to be a people person when he's one of, if not the richest man in the World. Where does one acquire such wealth ?

I see America falling to pieces from allowing O.A.P's to rule the roost and dividing a Nation.

Is N.A.T.O the E.U or the U.S. really to blame for our World falling apart.?

Politics religion and greed have a lot to answer for and there are so many corrupt people in Government it's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff ,so I'll just potter along with my thoughts and get hauled over the coals by those who think they have the answer to all of the ongoing issues we are ALL facing.handshake
You've got it bad, don't you and that's not a question.

Nothing wrong, you say. The courts feel different about corporate tax evasion. Did you ever hear of it? I say Allen Weisselberg wasn't in finance. He must have been Trump's chef and that's why he went to prison. It's called cooking the books. He like Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka all had amnesia while testifying. As a rule, when the prosecution asks a question to a defendant, they usually have the information/answer prior to asking.

I love it when you talk about swamp as these fellows come to mind:

Embedded image from another site
We're not gonna go through them one by one now chat, but you know deep down much of these cases was suspicious in more than just one way. We don't have to go in to it, but some of us know that it's not enough now to just shout "criminal" no more when much of these cases are poitically motivated. A clue: they been using all possible tools to bring a certain tall New Yorker down since about 2016.
I think I feel most sorry for Flynn, cos he was old school. A proud man and all that.
So I take that as a yes.
Do you know what a FISA court is?
I'll answer that with a question: who blew up the pipeline?
Well if that was the only thing wrong with the World today I'd say "Huston we don't have a problem"grin

Foreign intelligence involved in a court issue? Pass on that one as I'm not really interested in Trump's charges though I certainly am not of the opinion that all these charges were Trumped up that's for sure.

I still maintain both Biden and Trump should be disqualified from being President. Get to my age Grand and you'll figure out why as I' m older than both of them.grin
Yea, but you come across as younger! lips
(oh the charmer...haha)

Best would be if a president had to be between 38 and 48 when entering office for the first time. Not 102.

wave sleep bouquet
Love you too charmer. Where's Luke when i need him.crying

Well at least we have agreed on something re age limits. That's a first.grin
The Swamp is made from Elected Officials. What collateral waste exists is short lived. George Washington, not party affiliated, tried to set the example for those to come to serve and then let others have a chance. Term limits for everyone in Congress is the key to eradicating a lot of ongoing corruption in the Washington D.C. Swamp today.
Today the rapist, twice impeached, etc. is selling cologne and tennis shoes. He will have enough money to pay his bill when the morons line up to buy his worthless, over-price shit.
More money will be donated to him by the elites who will want a High return on their investment if he should ever enter the WH again. very mad
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