Sneaker Con...

Sneaker Con can be taken 2 different ways. The Sneaker Conference, held in Philadelphia or a Conman appearing at Sneaker Con unveiling golden sneakers for $399.
I read the first 1,000 pairs already sold out.
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All things con-sidered, they will appreciate in value as collectors items...
Yea, there are some who like him you see.
Can you think of a reason?
I like the gold shoes. Not 399 worth tho!wow Nike is trying to dump all the Yessy shoes since West is in dutch now. It goes to show, if you can convince fools that something material is a must have, you can foist anything on people with no financial sense. And anything sold as collectible..wont be worth diddly after the first million are sold.
Yet another failed business venture for Trump, wonder how many people won't get pad in relation to the sneakers?
I don't know how accurate this is because very occasionally the source I got this from makes errors, but apparently, the gold Trump sneakers haven't been made yet and the sales address is a unit on some obscure industrial estate.

I guess the pair Trump had at the Sneaker Con was a sample pair and possibly the same pair he autographed and auctioned off for $9,000.

Apparently on the website for said sneakers, Trump claims they're sold out at $400 a pop.

It might not be a case of not getting paid, so much as not getting what they've paid for. dunno
Apparently the shoes are not produced or sold by Trump, he has licensed his name to the shoe manufacturing company. he will get a percentage of the 1000 shoes sold at $399 less the manufacturing cost. so maybe around £191,000 at 50% is hardly worth all the hot air.

Embedded image from another site
I've seen a few different stories surrounding the release of Trump's “Never Surrender High Top” sneakers.

So far, it's only one he used to unveil at Sneaker Con, autographed and sold for $9,000.
Several pairs were listed in eBay in the 6 figure range, but it's reported they haven't materialized.
The gold high-top $399 sneakers listed as pre-order have sold out.

Each pair numbered.
"Trump Sneakers & Fragrances are intended for individual enjoyment and as a collectible and not for investment purposes."

(Don't people get collectables for investments?)

Also available for pre-order are T- Red Wave at $199 and POTUS 45 at $199
Victory47 cologne and Victory47 perfume also pre-order at $99 each.

5% discount for buying 2 or more, however there is (was) a limit of 3 pairs.

Lots of conditions and hoopla, for example:
BONUS 2: Official Trump Sneaker Launch party. DATE TBD.
(No Guarantee President Trump Will Attend)


Fine print:
“Trump” and the associated design are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CIC Ventures LLC. Trump Sneakers are not designed, manufactured, distributed or sold by Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their respective affiliates or principals. 45Footwear, LLC uses the Trump name, image and likeness under a license agreement which may be terminated or revoked according to its terms. is not political and has nothing to do with any political campaign.

Confirming, the only 'T' sneakers in existence was the pair he showed at the Sneaker Conference, that auctioned off for $9,000.
Trump has the right to sell and if people want to buy the over inflated price of shoes, so be it. It just makes him look like a cheap salesman that is ready to cash in on anything, reminds me of his attempts at the Trump Steaks or Trump Vodka that were scrapped due to lack of sales.
It is hard to believe the 'sold out' story but I am sure that the same people supporting his campaign will be buying his brand of anything...
All I know is it's no surprise the right sneaker is manufactured in Russia whilst the left sneaker is manufactured in North Korea
Is the Raymond Arroyo commentary worth mentioning?
"Raymond Arroyo said the $399 shoes are a way for Trump to connect with Black voters because they love sneakers"

I'm just waiting for him to start selling gold prayer mats with his face woven into the pile.

After all, according to Arroyo, nobody knows culture like Donald Trump.
Would that help Trump connect (more) with Christian Nationalists?
Keep Trump Out Of Jail Make Americans Pay Again should be his slogan as it would be more honest than taking campaign funds to pay his lawyers...
I was thinking more of the Muslim American citizens being drawn by Trump's cultural sensitivity.

Besides, if Trump wins, this might be the last time they get to vote. He didn't manage to strip Muslim Americans of their citizenship the last time, but now he knows he needs to scrap the constitution and the Separation of Powers to get his own way.
They may be sold old...but the delivery date is not until July. Want to bet they are never delivered?
Agreed. While I doubt any laws are broken, these listings are speculative with the anticipation 'if they materialize, you can get them at the price listed' and if not, the deals all get recalled/cancelled due to product unavailability.

"As of Monday morning, more than 30 pairs were listed on eBay for thousands of dollars. At least 50 pairs appear to have already been sold on eBay, though there’s no way to know if all the sales are authentic."

They might get ripped off your feet if you are not Speedy Gonzales. I can confidently say I will not be making a purchase of over inflated goods selling selling for ridiculous amounts of money.

What carat gold are they sprayed with?

I do think it is funny.

Collectors items that will end up in a plexiglass cube on display in a sports bar!
If Trump goes to prison, they will skyrocket in value 10X what they are now!
Nothing like memorabilia with a controversial history wine
'Spect that bloke who paid $9k for the autographed pair can barely contain himself waiting for a verdict. laugh
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