You're missing a great game...

I was coming back from running errands when someone in my condo remarked "You're missing a great game" and I take it he was referencing the Super Bowl football event.
I don't know what number in the series, who played, or where it was being played.
On Saturday, I did read that Usher was doing the half-time show and today there was a list of what celebrities attended.
It must have been a great game... to some.
Surely, It was a costly experience to those who attended.
Some team won, some team lost, millions were wagered yesterday...
Super Bowl.
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I love a test match of 5 days with lunch and tea then to ask the scorer ?

Even when there was a war ,They would stop the war only to play Cricketpeace

Long ago when the Test Match came to the Island ,some times people could take a week free from work

Seems like a dream now.
You sure missed a great game.
The only annoyance was Taylor Swift. frustrated
Would a blind man have enjoyed the game?
Not sure why anyone would be pissed off because Taylor Swift was at the gam cheering on her boyfriend & team Leave the woman alone
I'm not sure why Taylor Swift appears in the news several times daily.
I know she tours often and had a number one album, but I haven't seen or heard any of her videos.
Is she so talented that I should research her?
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