What is the final disposition of Trump’s $350 Million fine?

No one was harmed in this case. He did nothing illegal. He made money for other people. So who gets Trumps Money and what can they do with it, besides give it back to soon-to-be 47/Trump?

God save America and they World from the insanity of these 46 years and Make America Great Again!

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The opposition is worried there is nothing stopping Trump.
Trump isn't just a candidate, he had become a whole movement.
He is the attitude towards the future of the country.
I would say, the politically lost Americans better pray he is the next president or the worst is yet to come and fast too.
Hi Gal wave
This is just my own opinion....both sides are so hateful of each other, that neither will allow someone who wants to unite Americans to have a fair chance of not only running..but, winning...

The far left and the far right...have hijacked each party...

And, the average American’s voices are not heard.
I agree
I agree, too; but find it most important that the Left be destroyed. The Democrats have shown a willingness to misuse government in a classic Soviet style.
He will appeal. And maybe get a JURY this time rather than one hating Judge. Welcome to the One World Order and the return of the feudal system. The rich live in their palaces on top of the hill, look down on the village huts they own and rent to the workers who work in the businesses the rich own and buy from the rich. Hey Tennessee Ford, sing it again. " Lord don-cha call me cause I cant go..I own my soul to the company store."
Thats all good. Once those illegal gangs destroy all the stores and drive out the people, the rich can take over. And employ the gangs to control the masses. At least those that the spike protein hasn't killed off. mumbling
I think you missed that his lawyer requested a judge not a jury, that was his/her decision. so feck all to do with any One World Order or feudal system.
He did nothing illegal.

If no laws were broken then this is indeed a sham case. scold
"Judge" Engerling,who pronounced Trump guilty even before the "Trial"!
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Trump has been found guilty of fraud, it is that simple. Defrauding banks is a serious crime, carried out by criminals. Fraud is illegal in most countries, including the USA.
rolling on the floor laughing
Banks testified they weren't defrauded,were paid back on time and made money!
The Fraud is only in Engerling's an James' minds!
rolling on the floor laughing love it! rolling on the floor laughing
NY government officials were not prepared for the consequences of such an absurd judgement. WhatsHerFace governor of NY is very scared other businesses and banks operating there will leave NY soon.
There are no juries in US appellate courts.

If you don't know how your own judicial system works, how can you decide what is right, or wrong within it?

My two questions are: where is Trump going to get the money from to appeal and on what grounds is he going to appeal?

If he goes to a five judge panel and rehashes the arguments Judge Engoron has already rejected, they will likely be considered to have no merit again. Team Trump hasn't brought any particularly astute material to the table as yet as far as I can see. dunno

Bear in mind, Judge Engoron bypassed his original summary judgement ruling to liquidate the Trump Organisation by handing that power to the independent monitor Barbara Jones, should she see fit to do so in the future. That might have been their ace card for appeal and it no longer exists. dunno

If Team Trump opts for attacking the judge as you have, the appellate court will likely see that for what it is.

Have you any idea how he's going to stump up the $455M+interest to be held in order to appeal, never mind pay lawyers? He has stated he has $400M cash, there's $27M left in his campaign funds that he's been questionably using to pay lawyers, he has lost his business licence, he has an independent monitor overseeing the Trump Organisation who would have to approve liquidating assets and withdrawing funds, he has the first of his criminal trials starting in about five weeks with it's own resource needs...and as far as I know, he has yet to stump up the $83.3M+interest to appeal the second defamation suit half way through his 30 day window to appeal.

If the RNC is foolish enough to install Lara Trump as it's leader so Trump can milk it for his legal costs, there'll be no campaign funds left for other Republicans. How is that going to work with the election less than nine months away? dunno

I'm not sure expecting people like yourself to pay his costs, or selling gold coloured trainers at $399 a pop at the Sneaker Conference (where the jeers drowned out the cheers) are going to make much of a dent in the $500M+ he needs to appeal.

Given Trump posted the full $5+ to appeal the first E. Jean Carroll defamation verdict, what's the chances of a company backing a 10% bond given Trump is an adjudicated financial fraud with a history of not paying what he owes? I'm guessing Barbara Jones would have to guarantee the excess $450M+, but is she likely to do that if there aren't likely successful grounds for appeal? Doesn't she have a duty to manage Trump Organisation assets effectively and appropriately? dunno

It seems to me that there's a lot of talk about Trump appealing everything, but little about how.
What is the final disposition of Trump’s $350 Million fine?

Most fine revenue goes into a general fund at the state or municipal level. I think. flex
Finally, right or wrong, someone with a related answer to my specific question. handshake thank you! wine
What does the word 'disposition' mean to you?
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Geschwister Soros!mumbling
who gets to spend 47's money. I await with bated breath and bandaids to hear your insistence of a legal proceedings final findings.
I asked what the word 'disposition' meant to you, the actual word.

The definition of the word 'disposition'.
The banks had their own assessors who AGREED with Trump. These deranged disgusting Democrat Stalinist are trying to bankrupt Trump in this deranged civil lawsuit in New York, for the NON-FRAUD of a businessman paying back sophisticated Wall Street banks on time, in full, as agreed, with interest.very mad
Agreed with Trump about what?

I'm pretty sure one lender testified that they more, or less halved Trump's claimed asset total and it still wasn't enough to reflect the level of fraudulent over-inflation.
If you want to kick a puppy and I agree with you that the puppy deserves a good kicking, does that make it legal to abuse the animal?

Or does it make me complicit in animal abuse if I support and encourage your actions?
If the banks had no problem with the fraudulent claims Trump made, why are they refusing to offer more loans?

No bank in the US will give Trump a loan entirely due to his fraudulent background.

The bank's statements just confirmed that all payments had been made NOT that Trump was a model customer.

Trump still owes huge sums in loans, the banks are not so stupid as to upset Trump and end up out of pocket.
I assume you are asking where does the money from a court fine end up?

so to answer your badly worded question, court fines end up typically in the US treasury, ultimately ending up being paid out in SS and other payments.

Trump's $550 will benefit those who get a state pension for example.
how about you giving some credible examples,instead of your endless assertions?
as if the Banks didn't do their own assessments before giving the loans?laugh
is your name Kamala?confused
You can't refute the argument, then.

I'm glad you got the point. handshake
I refer you the comment that was a reply to you anyway:

So, your answer, at least in one instance, appears to be 'piss poorly'.

Perhaps there needs to be a review of how lenders make their own assessments. Clearly, assuming every customer lies and halving the claimed assets is a very risky practise.

Oh yeah, you didn't explain what the banks agreed with Trump about. dunno
hmmm just so you know better, in the USA a Federal social security benefit is not a pension plan. It is a ponzi scheme intended to be a supplement to a pension. Also, most States have their own retirement plans and these employees do not pay into social security but do pay towards medicare part A (hospitalization) payable at retirement for most workers.. State Pensions basically provide lifetime annuities paid by employee and employer contributions during the employees' work history and then invested. They are also known as a guaranteed defined benefit plans with a non guaranteed health care benefit. gift wave
doubt whether you or I know any details of the Contracts,so you better come off your all-knowing Horse!laugh comfort
You're right, I'm just going by a snippet that was said under oath.
Which assertions?
First off, it's not Trump's money. That's the point of a Disgorgement Order.

Trump engorged himself and his business empire through fraud; the law allows for disgorgement.

The thing is, Trump's claims of being a multi-billionaire are largely based upon his assets. If he sells a property he'll have to pay capital gains tax, transfer costs, any mortgage on the property, etc.

Anything brand based might be difficult to shift, like his 7.79 million shares in his media outlet, given there are already companies backing away from any association with the Trump name.

The $5M+ held on bond will go to E. Jean Carroll assuming Trump's appeal flops.

The remaining $500M+ might not get paid in full even if Barbara Jones puts the Trump Organisation into liquidation, but as there'll be taxes going back into the state and federal coffers, maybe that will make up for it in a round-about way.

I don't suppose E. Jean Carroll will see much of the $83M+ except, assuming Trump can't, or won't stump up the amount plus interest to appeal, she can start the process of collecting the award in 17 days time. There may be some advantage for her in the timing and amount given Trump stated to the court that he has $400M cash.

Not that getting the money was the point: the size of the defamation award was to shut Trump up, which it did.
James and Engeron have gone Ape in the Banana-Empire State of New York!

This newsletter has discussed James’s motives before. An elected Democrat, she ran for office on a pledge to destroy Trump’s business empire. Now, making full use of an idiosyncratic New York state law and a compliant judge, she has made a giant step toward her goal. Just as a reminder, here are some of the things James promised in her campaign:

“This illegitimate president,” James said, “he’s not my president. He’s an illegitimate president. His days are numbered. His days are numbered. … We’ve got to be ready to mobilize, and we’ve got to get ready to agitate and irritate until victory is won or, more importantly, until Trump is defeated. … We will all rise up and resist this man … and ultimately we’ll bring him down. … I’m going to give the same level of respect that gave President Obama, and that is absolutely no respect at all. … Donald Trump has got to go. Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Donald Trump has got to go! … The days of Trump are numbered.” On at least one occasion, a crowd yelled to James, “Lock him up!” Starting a call-and-response, James responded, “What?” “Lock him up!” the crowd yelled. “What?” “Lock him up!” And on it went.

So that is what Letitia James was trying to do. Last week, it was Engoron’s turn to impose punishment. Yes, there will be appeals, and if there is any common sense at all in the New York system of justice, the $450 million penalty will be drastically reduced. But the bottom line remains, as this newsletter said, this was a “politicized, grossly unfair” lawsuit against Trump.

Read the rest of the Article!
It's notable that you're contending the amount of the Disgorgement Order, but not disputing the adjudicated persistent fraud. laugh

Have you got any calculations for that, Conrad, or is it just a gut reaction to the enormity of the award?

Only I don't think, "Golly, that's a whopper!" is grounds for appeal, neither is, "S'not fair!"

I'm not sure openly campaigning on the promise to put a loathsome fraud in his rightful place is grounds to appeal adjudicated fraud, either.

If James had brought charges frivolously, that would be different, but given the evidence was so compelling one charge was adjudicated by summary judgement and the other seven successfully tried, your attempt at claiming victimisation is moot.
I got my dates wrong.

Carroll can start collecting the $83M+ on the 25th February.

If Trump hasn't placed the award in escrow, or found a company to post it on bond within the next three days, then he isn't appealing the verdict.
'lock him up'......I wonder where they got that from?
"The $5M+ held on bond will go to E. Jean Carroll assuming Trump's appeal flops.

I got my dates wrong.

Carroll can start collecting the $83M+ on the 25th February.

If Trump hasn't placed the award in escrow, or found a company to post it on bond within the next three days, then he isn't appealing the verdict."

It's not that simple.

Check out the rights in the constitution and the Statute of Limitations

If the Changing Room Affair fails then the subsequent one is negated.
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