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AlthoughAlthough it’s in the 30’s in my house, it’s the mid 40’s outside with the sun shining. I still have gas so I’ve brewed coffee on the stove and washed...

Palmfrond25115Apr 23May 11
too hard

too hardwhy is it so hard to get a woman in here maybe something wrong with me!!??...

babaluli42414Apr 23Apr 28

This Tinder date asked for his money................. This Tinder date asked for his money back after the girl he saw lost interest The money amounted £8.30, for one drink the...

jarred1112-Apr 23

i file it under nebulousbloodyawfull•9 hrs ago•village, MSlavonia Croatia Picture this: long time ago I was a cook in monks convent in Vienna. Every day I cooked and serve...

bloodyawfull29218Apr 22Apr 23

Day 4I have just endured day 4 of my company’s liquidation. Everyone is cranky. My associate in my department is now angry with me. A customer was there an...

Palmfrond2279Apr 22Apr 23
tatami13210Apr 22Apr 26

Thought I would save a lot of timeAnd leave you all to fight over being at the front...

Onthcrestofawave25712Apr 22Apr 23

Stupid people doing stupid thingsStupid people doing stupid things........................

jarred185-Apr 22
WiZiD Zoo

WiZiD ZooWiZiD Zoo Copyright ©Grant Leigh 2018. All aspects, names and terms, owned through Creation Right. Author’s note WiZiD Zoo is perhaps the final...

Wrinklylove106-Apr 21

Jobs I wouldn't do for love or moneyMust take a special mind set and a special type of person Debt collector Undertaker Insurance salesperson Used car salesperson Ticket warden L...

Onthcrestofawave28816Apr 21Apr 22

PlagiarismI have always been a writer, a lover of words, and putting thoughts and emotions into sentences the reader can laugh at and cry with. As a youngster,...

LadyImp19811Apr 21Apr 21

My NEW American Automotive Corp - IndustryI believe I can get initial funding / investment from a Prince. I will have to squeeze out information to know how much the factory will cost. I hav...

LincolnsCousin1070Apr 21
LincolnsCousin1341Apr 21Apr 29

Hot date tonight ?Be careful of those.....smouldering desires you may get burnt and be fuming later....

JimNastics2539Apr 21Apr 22

Date StalkerI was on a date last night. This guy had been asking me for a date for weeks and I just wanted to find out if there's something there, so I went with...

BlueScrubs72247Apr 21Apr 23

Quote of the day....Financially supporting someone just for sex..... Isn't worth it...... unless it is. mollybabe...

AlanStagg1391Apr 21Apr 21

When Your Online Date Doesn't Look Like Their PictureWhen Your Online Date Doesn't Look Like Their Picture...................

jarred1104-Apr 21
One more blog for men

One more blog....for menIf a woman you are in a relationship mentions something she is not particularly okay with, chisel that in stone and listen to her. That might very w...

Johnny_Sparton64378Apr 21Apr 26
mental masturbastion

mental masturbastionWhen is it when a man is to know for sure if a woman has interest in him...rather than just thinking she might?...

Johnny_Sparton90982Apr 21May 21

Days of the week.So many little/big "birds" out today maybe there should be a classification for the days of the week! Ok here's an idea! Melons out Monday Tits...

UsernameTaken1231307Apr 20Apr 20
So how come its so easy to manipulate a civilized and humane society

So how come its so easy to manipulate a civilized and humane society?(We may be humane but our controllers aren't) I for one believe we as a people want to live in peace, but the governments, well their Masters of this...

knowledgeantruth25316Apr 20Apr 22

PowerMy cat purrs and climbs aboard. I ask him “do you like the rustic atmosphere?” My electric was disconnected 3 days ago for nonpayment lol-not. I’m...

Palmfrond1755Apr 20Apr 21

For NamI know we are not friends at the moment (but that's us).... same old you and I Nevertheless, miss seeing reading you here ... hope you've or w...

itchywitch84120Apr 20Apr 26
My c*ck is the most biggest

My c*ck is the most biggestI am having a most big c*ck. I had already thought that I had, but I wasn’t sure, not being the expert on c*ck and anything. Then a few people t...

ribabezvode31214Apr 20Apr 20
A cockatiels life and family closed for comments

A cockatiels life and family - closed for commentsWow - I have never heard of a cockatiel living for 25 years before...

LeeCharming123-Apr 20Apr 20

Looking for a Job in FloridaSally Mulligan of Coral Springs, Florida decided to take one of the jobs that most Americans are not willing to do. Sally applied for a job in...

Gentlejim1948Apr 20Apr 22

Why Is 'Not Looking' Considered Hopeless?Why is it, that when you state you are not looking for someone else in your life, that people (in my case, men) either don't read it, don't think you'...

LadyImp64451Apr 20Apr 25

15 Pages of SHOCKING Comey's FBI memos released from before he was fired by TrumpAssociated Press MARY CLARE JALONICK, ERIC TUCKER and CHAD DAY WASHINGTON (AP) — In a series of startlingly candid conversations, President Donald...

JimNastics1512Apr 20Apr 20

I’ve got Great Tits!I’ve got great tits. I had already thought that I had, but I wasn’t sure, not being an expert on tits or anything. Then a few people told me tha...

mollybaby1,662145Apr 20Apr 22

David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic TricksDavid Blaine performs several simple card tricks with Jimmy and members of The Roots before freaking everyone out with an illusion no one expects....

Willy34111181Apr 20Apr 20
Wow I came back for a peek

Wow, I came back for a peek...And to my great surprise... The site returned to.its old style I loved from years ago! I was so excited I had to write blog number 364!/...

Calliopesgirl29811Apr 20Jul 11

Does scamming pay well? One man told he collected $10.000 a dayOne man unable to scam grandparent any longer told how he made $10.000 a day...

britishcolumbian1518Apr 19Apr 20

Folk law , urban legend and superstitionIn this "modern age" does anyone still believe in witches,curses, and other old wives tales Vampires, goblins and things that go bump in the night...

Onthcrestofawave26320Apr 19Apr 21

Medicare/Medicaid scam, NEVER give out your ..Social Security NumberMedicare/Medicaid scam There are several types of healthcare scams that target the elderly, but most are tied to phantom billing or identity theft. S...

britishcolumbian900Apr 19

20th juneHope everyone is getting themselves in training and toned for "World naked bike ride day"...

Onthcrestofawave20018Apr 19Apr 20

This is what Batman did to me....Look at the flippin state of my hair! I´ll never get a girlfriend like this!...

Bnaughty41738Apr 19Apr 20
stringman31414Apr 19Apr 24
Got a stinking rejection recently

Got a stinking rejection recently?Perhaps not but it can be that you never stuck your hand out, so what do you expect ? To be a men is to hunt, and to be a women ? Do these soft bea...

Kiterunner12123Apr 19Apr 20

The grandparents scam......................As of September, the Attorney General’s office reported 32 victims in the state had lost more than $184,000 to the grandparent scam. After he reali...

britishcolumbian1486Apr 19Apr 19
nonsmoker38635Apr 19Apr 21
Two windows

Two windowsOne night I had a dream that I saw myself sitting in small house having only two windows. Within the house were many people. Half were looking out one...

Akeldama4022916Apr 19Apr 21

IT'S OUR LIFEYou know there is something I have kind of noticed here on the blogs, it seems everyone has pretty much control of there life, they seem to be strong...

wenever28027Apr 19Apr 21
Moon323232: "what you think about my profile"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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