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KABOOM !!!....skiYesterday a huge bombshell was dropped on Dirty Don Trump's repeated claims of "NO COLLUSION !" You may also recall that Trump claims that he has no...

JimNastics27818Jul 27Jul 28

a REEL good blog...My brother, me and his friends often went fishing on weekends. We live about 6 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and could take the bus there. Typically...

chatillion1313Jul 27Jul 27
Rose Apple trees and cats

Rose Apple trees and cats.Noting someone else has a problem with cats watching her Rose Apple tree I can only comment the problem is the tree. Such trees are notorious for att...

Ken_1920311Jul 27Jul 31

The longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st century...NASA reports the longest lunar eclipse of the century will happen FRIDAY 7-27-2018 transforming the moon into a reddish-orange ball for more than 100...

chatillion3371Jul 26Jul 26

The Inverse VampireIt's been raining here a lot recently. In fact, this is the rainiest spring & summer in New Jersey (USA) that I remember. This week alone I was rai...

JimNastics1498Jul 26Jul 27

"CREATION"..("MIGRATORY")..(114)"And He Continued................................... With His Way..................................................................Knowing That If Eve...

namaron100-Jul 26

Bad relationships? I've had a few... dozen !!I'm still a newbie on CS, but I'm feeling comfortable enough to reveal my innermost life secrets. Things that happened in my life that makes me... me....

chatillion1985Jul 26Jul 28
Track161251Jul 26Jul 27

5 reason you Shouldn´t Give your Email Out like candy.1. It’s the Command Center for Your Online Life If a thief gets control of your email account, you are vulnerable to attack elsewhere. Many password...

OlliBejoy1805Jul 26Jul 27
stringman1724Jul 26Jul 27

Uilleann Pipes...Points if you know anything about them. Double points if you know how to pronounce them. Triple points if you can name people associated with them....

chatillion1475Jul 26Jul 26
Willy34111302Jul 26Jul 26

Field of Vision - The ModeratorsField of Vision - The Moderators............. .................

jarred1109-Jul 26
How To Easily Lucid Dream Tonight Best Guide Of 2018 Beginners Best Practices Common Problems

How To Easily Lucid Dream Tonight! (Best Guide Of 2018) Beginners, Best Practices, Common Problems(Best Guide Of 2018) Beginners, Best Practices, Common Problems By practice...make it a habit...don't try it too hard...relaxed. The first scientifi...

iotaoo1074Jul 26Jul 26

"Relating again"Forget relationships and learn how to relate. Once you are in a relationship you start taking each other for granted – that’s what destroys all love...

owlsway1967Jul 26Aug 16

Taking care of yourselfOn the solitary living squirrel we can see how agile and flashy you can be fast on your own. And if you are as smart as you are, prepare yourself for...

jarred198-Jul 26

The End Is Near...As a kid, I remember people holding signs on the street corners that read Repent - The end Is Near. It's 60 years later and I see less of those signs....

chatillion1414Jul 26Jul 26

ScammersI get messages from scammers all the time. Usually I ignore and delete them. But lately I've been telling them off. I tell them point blank that t...

texasgirl858533121Jul 26Aug 17
Girls if a man write this to you what will you do

Girls if a man write this to you what will you doThe only thing I can promise you is kissing you, teasing you so you smile, care about you when you are sad , give you a massage, talk your ear off, ma...

phjep53543Jul 26Jul 27
The Virgosign on Mars

The Virgosign on MarsHey people, The Martians are coming! Space scientists have found liquid water in some substrata lake on Mars. I was always under the impression that...

virgosign1091Jul 26Jul 26

only leader can answer???????Conflict rose at Sunrise pvt (Ltd) between the two departments when Research and development (R & D) department designed the most advanced product an...

only1life57917Jul 26Jul 29

Schmokin Hot...Years ago, I came across a dating site that had video chat rooms. I think the way the interface worked was someone would open a room and they would b...

chatillion1552Jul 25Jul 26

Coming up with ideasI moved from one city 100 miles south to another city about two months ago. I actually moved to the town of my birth on the gulf of Mexico coast line...

UnFayzed1696Jul 25Jul 26

The most amazing thing........The most amazing thing to me is all the likes I get from deleted profiles....

Willy34111837Jul 25Jul 26
Booted off the site

Booted off the site..I wonder why some blogs.that are created by real persons are deleted from here and blogs like ..... Hi, Ilooked for the same. See my pic on my pa...

georgie3924212Jul 25Jul 25

"WONDERING MAN"Alright Now................Enough Of The Ramblin Man For Now...................................................It Is Time To Switch Over To..............

namaron229-Jul 25Jul 26

Here's why you're wasting your life awayHere's why you're wasting your life away .......... ..........................

jarred1101-Jul 25

Ivanka Trump's next business venture ?You may have heard by now, that Ivanka Trump will be closing up her Chinese child sweat shop. Sad, so sad.

JimNastics31819Jul 25Jul 27

What do you do with a rat?What do you do with a rat? How do you get rid of it, but better still, how do you prevent a rat from coming too close? How do you recognize a ra...

jarred1106-Jul 25

Evolution, God, Whatever...Have you ever wondered why there is a male and female version of the species? Why not simultaneous hermaphrodites? Take worms, for example. Each w...

mollybaby67963Jul 25Jul 27
hot hot hot

hot hot hotJust been in bath for the second time today, dare after 30 seconds, hoping for rain so I can cool down...

phjep1321Jul 25Jul 25

Men or women...Belief in the deadly "love at first sight"...Women many times more than men. Source of much disappointment/hurt---?education?...

Vierkaesehoch1465Jul 25Aug 16
The Virgosign on Truth

The Virgosign on Truth.Hey people. Since the earliest i can remember, i was always reading. Marvel Comics, illustrated books, Readers Digest and Arthur Mee's Children's Enc...

virgosign1471Jul 25Aug 2
Viewed 19174 times

Viewed 19174 timesLiked 13 times. Favorited once. My parents were right...

postneoludite2296Jul 25Jul 25

How Does Your Garden Grow?As temperatures soar here, I find myself diligently watering the front and back gardens morning and night. The one downfall of having all those huge s...

LadyImp31220Jul 24Aug 9
Online is a curious place

Online is a curious placeAfter all, it seems that some can be rude and still comment on the other person’s blogs As if, it’s all water under the bridge. Meanwhile, in realit...

Palmfrond32715Jul 24Jul 26

Ghosting...There are several definitions to the word ghosting but a recent one involves the disappearance of a casual date where you sever all forms of communica...

chatillion47342Jul 24Jul 26
WiZiD Zoo Part 5

WiZiD Zoo (Part 5)As I continued to drive that particular day a feeling rose from somewhere deep within my chest, a feeling not felt for many, many years. It blended de...

Wrinklylove940Jul 24

The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowdThe one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ev...

jarred195-Jul 24

Drummers who are also lead singersDrummers aren't usually known for being lead singers in their respective bands. However there are some notable exceptions. Here is just a few. Feel...

Willy34111889Jul 24Jul 25

Absolute Tragedy in GreeceWildfires causing havoc with 74 confirmed deaths, and nearly 200 injured. My sincere condolences to everyone affected and especially good wishes to m...

Lukeon32417Jul 24Aug 16

Men or women....Self protection....Wonder if some scummy violent home invaiding repeat criminal perp should worry more about one sex or the other when breaking into a home, occupied by...

Vierkaesehoch1916Jul 24Aug 10
Newboytoy: "ESP"(meet us in the quizzes)

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