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Track16840Jun 23

PanopticonI am reading Snowden files. "I don't want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression or...

usha12361837Jun 22Jun 25
praison34913Jun 22Jun 23
No more Crime in my Life

No more Crime in my LifeI have cancelled my armed response... Removed my alarm system. De-registered from the neighborhood watch. Locked away my fire-arms....

Lukeon29111Jun 22Jun 23
Hot Thai Commercial 13

Hot Thai Commercial 13Hot Thai Commercial 13...

jarred1104-Jun 22
Man this brings back happy memories

Man this brings back happy memories!Man this brings back happy memories!

jarred1119-Jun 21
Track161394Jun 21Jun 22
I passed I passed I passed I passed I passed

I passed I passed I passed I passed I passedWell, I'm a little pleased about that. For those who don't know, I've been doing a 120 hour TEFL course online for the past...

Elegsabiff55547Jun 21Jun 23
How To Get Rid Of Lawyers

How To Get Rid Of Lawyers...?I thought lawyers are smart...but this one simply can't take a hint! he just keep going on and on...geez, there's no chemistry! and I'm trying...

Crazyheart3886267Jun 21Jul 18
I Cant Keep My Hands Off of You

I Can't Keep My Hands Off of YouI Can't Keep My Hands Off of You

jarred199-Jun 21
summer riots

summer riots. hopefully this will not happen....

stringman1353Jun 21Jun 22
A Gringo Like Me

A Gringo Like MeThere's just one kind of man that you can trust, that's a dead man, or a gringo like me.

jarred1125-Jun 21
Doing good for my God and my fellow man

Doing good, for my God and my fellow manI was raised with the Ten Commandments. I honor and love it. I was also raised to believe that doing good is socially and Godly beneficial for al...

lindsyjones2,66476Jun 21Oct 16
Monkeys dont have that power

Monkeys don't have that power.?I wish Monkeys were able to tied some human to the tree , then observe their behaviour and decide whether they act like Monkeys or not. Unfortunately...

jarred190-Jun 21
Female homo exuals

Female homo.exualsSeemingly quite different from the puffs in a number of ways. Yet similarities do seem to exist. First, from a public health point of view, the ladies...

Aaltarboy23114Jun 21Jun 22
stringman123-Jun 21
Violence against women and child abuse

Violence against women and child abuseNO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILD ABUSE i tried addressing the nation from the valley but was never heard i made it to the peak of mount...

vincentlove2225Jun 21Jun 21
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

You Took The Words Right Out Of My MouthYou Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth...

jarred188-Jun 21

ConversationsHim: where you goin’, babe? Her: I want to clear my head, I’m going for a walk, won’t be long Him: a walk? It’s after midnight! Why on earth do yo...

Elegsabiff25214Jun 20Jun 22
For Petes Sake Anyone awake here

For Pete's Sake! Anyone awake here?Oh My this place starts to stink 50 characters...should be enough now...

Crazyheart3857463Jun 20Jun 21
stringman1150Jun 20

THANKS C.S. I NO LONGER NEED MY READING GLASSES !Is it just me ? I turned on my laptop this evening and a new format, BIGGER print ! Easier to read and run through the Blogs. Thanks C.S. G...

goldengloss1725Jun 20Jun 20
Have Trouble Getting To Sleep

Have Trouble Getting To Sleep?I've noticed that folks sometimes put up a blog, mainly cuz it's late night where they are and they can't get to sleep. This should help! Search -...

miclee22926Jun 20Jun 21
alone in a house full of cats

alone in a house full of cats.?Most women want a guy who is a 6'4" muscular athlete with model good looks and $100,000 a year income with no flaws or baggage and who accepts without...

jarred1126-Jun 20
Muldoons Dog

Muldoon"s DogMuldoon lived alone in the Irish countryside with only a pet dog for company. One day the dog died, and Muldoon went to the parish priest and asked,...

Gentlejim1584Jun 20Jun 20
My Delicious Shame s

My Delicious Shame (s)My delicious Shame (s) I have far more underwear than any man should. My "boys" will never feel cold or insecure. I'm nocturnal and probably sho...

TokyoRogue22413Jun 20Jun 20
LDR The Netherlands to Philippines

LDR The Netherlands to Philippines.LDR The Netherlands to Philippines....

jarred1111-Jun 20
Female homo exuals

Female homo.exualsBefore I blog, again waxing scientific, oh ye valued CS posters, thought I'd reverse the process, and see what you all have to write to enlighten us a...

Aaltarboy34923Jun 20Jun 20
Men Can Be Handy To Have Around

Men Can Be Handy To Have Around...Living a carefree single life can be glorious but boy oh boy , there are times when I really wish I have a man around anytime I need one I'm tryin...

Crazyheart3836435Jun 20Jun 21
Feedback for the Blog page

Feedback for the Blog pageHello, As you can see, we launched the new Blog page. We listened to your feedback and addressed most of your issues. Some of your feedback relate...

Moderator71343Jun 20Jun 24

dodged a bulletNothing better to blog about other than the latest attempt to set me up with a woman. She has 3 children...that come from all the same father. The...

Johnny_Sparton40829Jun 20Jun 20
What A Woman Wants

What A Woman WantsA woman doesn't want a fairy tale romance or a diehard romantic lover . She is never waiting for a tall dark handsome man or some prince charming on...

Unknown4467Jun 19Jun 20
Just Before I Say Goodnight

Just Before I Say Goodnight...For All The Lovers In This Wonderful Dating Site... [youtu...

Crazyheart383305Jun 19Jun 20
some of the messages

some of the messagesI receive are hilarious....won.t go into too much detail so as to alert the ones who are fakes...suffice it to show this symbol...

sweetiefireball3116Jun 19Jun 19
stringman2053Jun 19Aug 1
I You He She We

I, You, He, She, WeI, You, He, She, We...

jarred1132-Jun 19

Summer Is HereSummer is finally here in my neck of the woods. 2 short months of summer before going back the other way again but I'll take it. Think I will have...

Track161705Jun 19Jun 20
Crazyheart3855811Jun 19Jun 20
Attack on Finsbury Park Mosque in London

Attack on Finsbury Park Mosque in London This is getting to be a chaotic...

lindsyjones57526Jun 19Jun 23
10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men

10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men10 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men. Top Ten reasons: 1. Money 2. Money 3. Money 4. Money 5. Money 6. Money 7. Money 8. Mo...

jarred1320-Jun 19

GolferA recent study found that the average golfer walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found golfers drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a...

Gentlejim3424Jun 19Jun 19
Male homo exuals

Male homo.exuals.Let's face it, all the recent noise about marriage rights, pride, etc. are claimed to be about so called rights. But land area and population-wise, th...

Aaltarboy71949Jun 19Jun 20

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