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Reflections Of My life

Reflections Of My lifeI have done a lot of thinking of late. Thinking about what might have been, what could have been, what has been and what has not been. For some things...

Catfoot78221 hrs ago19 mins ago
You might be a repukeagain if

You might be a repukeagain if......You see now, there are some people that you just cannot reach. Blame it on genetics, to many drugs, or just a major brain disfuction. After Bush, I ju...

liveasyluvhard3002 hrs ago
tatami3834 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Fitting picture quote

Fitting picture quoteNobody wins in the game of life....

Bearwoman3505 hrs ago
Any members

Any members ........among our selective & distinguished concurrency? Let´s intoduce ourselves, I´ll go first Hi, my name is Crunia I do also believe The Earth...

Crunia114106 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Stargazer11144-7 hrs ago

"TYPICAL LIBERAL RESPONSE"So...Our Esteemed Member.......................... Of Connecting Singles...From Switzerland.................Has Made An About Face.............This Is...

namaron241-7 hrs ago4 hrs ago
The spice of life

The spice of lifeSo, I met this friend who has the same curiosity as I. We both had the day off and he invited me on an investigative adventure. I felt like a over...

Palmfrond83108 hrs ago43 mins ago
Track161908 hrs ago
Trying my hand AT BLOGGING

Trying my hand AT BLOGGINGI think it's about time I wrote a blog and what should I talk about? Cliques? seems very appropriate....

LeeCharming50-11 hrs ago
Track1641211 hrs ago11 hrs ago
stringman47412 hrs ago9 hrs ago
Dedovix148512 hrs ago8 hrs ago

Just A Few Minutes Walk From The HouseI ate a lot of Lobster's out of this harbor before people started giving a fk about things....

Track1679713 hrs ago7 hrs ago
Resurrection of Babel

Resurrection of BabelBabel meaning an idiom of confused noises came from the Biblical Old Testament when people tried to build a tower reaching out to skies, God scattered...

psiberite34116 hrs ago16 hrs ago
To my lady Ash

To my lady Ash .....Missing you these days. Hope everything is ok........

Crunia37018 hrs ago

Bullying........Complex topic. Quite important. I suffered a bit as a young boy till I began to fight back, where practical. Our twins got some, being a bit diffe...

Vierkaesehoch82318 hrs ago14 hrs ago
Its always tea time

It´s always tea time...then I thought, ok maybe these people just need a little bit of sugar Here you are, a result of my patience & creativity.... No limits, you...

Crunia2503418 hrs ago1 hrs ago
I Found It Strange

I Found It Strange..When I was in "virtual relationship" my work consumed most of my time and energy. CS site was even blocked by our server. Now, when I am "virtually si...

Kalpataru96521 hrs ago17 hrs ago
America the Great haha NOT

America the Great.........haha.........NOTAmerica was pretty great once.... .....the Indians roaming the plains..(now in settlements, addicted to drugs and alcohol...)....the glamour of Hollyw...

Jazz531,49110222 hrs ago3 hrs ago

EvangelistsThey came to my house with two books. I thought they were giving it for free. Then they said the books cost 200 Rupees. They asked please help them to...

psiberite54324 hrs ago16 hrs ago

EpiphaniesMy body is corpse of rotten flowers –my soul an angst ridden Sisyphus—Where’s warmth of a woman gone? When can I smell sweet Jasmine on your hair? Whe...

psiberite58424 hrs ago16 hrs ago
Drama Drama Drama

Drama Drama DramaI love a little drama, but it has to be entertaining. Been away from this place for a few months and within a short time of giving my opinion on a...

Gypsytramp1,283102Feb 216 hrs ago

EgoDon't know why people think having a strong or healthy or big ego is a good thing. Not having much of an ego to them is like not existing. To me an eg...

ekself49258Feb 2110 hrs ago
Billy Graham

Billy GrahamI guess most of you know by now that the Rev. Billy Graham passed away this morning, Wed., Feb. 21, at his home in North Carolina, USA. Mr Graham was...

Gentlejim793Feb 21Feb 21
Track16802Feb 21Feb 21
Dialogue The Forgive Me Session

Dialogue: The Forgive Me SessionMister: "Missy, I bring you these flowers to say I'm sorry for messing up. Will you forgive me?" Missy: "Mister, we met on the internet, dated tw...

robrt7871137Feb 2124 hrs ago
The Jewish ELBOW

The Jewish ELBOWA Jewish grandmother is giving directions to her grown grandson who is coming to visit with his wife. "You come to the front door of the apartment. I...

Gentlejim14021Feb 2115 hrs ago
Do you believe in destiny

Do you believe in "destiny"?I do. Not all time I like what "destiny" gives me but´s a choice to learn how to live with anything we have and can´t change. I posted a song...

Crunia34334Feb 2118 hrs ago
Sill In The Monkey Mountain

Sill In The Monkey MountainAfter climbing a great hill ,one only finds that there many more hills to climb N.M. Working 10 hours a day not much time for blog city.. Gre...

FLYJAMES8511Feb 21Feb 21
Levels of crazy

Levels of crazy...From crazy in a funny charming way... To crazy I should be heavily sedated and under 24 hour suicide watch... Who decides your level on the craz...

plavitrol64753Feb 2014 hrs ago

"MADELEINE McCANN"How Srange That It Is...........................................I Mean...Youre On Vacation In A Foreign Country.........Would You Leave Your..........

namaron11810Feb 20Feb 20
Track161117Feb 20Feb 20
A blog for talking about synesthesia

A blog for talking about synesthesia :-)This is from Wikipedia: "Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involunt...

Innocentia00122742101Feb 20Feb 21
Track16887Feb 20Feb 21
Thinking about names

Thinking about namesJust think about this , not for a minute Sleep on it These awful names I think they really tells you a lot about the person Think about th...

Annleerose1,29887Feb 20Feb 21

this siteI,ve been on this site since aug 2016. I am single and am over 65 . After contacting a lot of ladies .I now have been talking to a lady she,s over 6...

flyme142236Feb 20Feb 21
f you want true loyalty and companionship

f you want true loyalty and companionship,If you want true loyalty and companionship, then go to your local animal shelter and get a dog.?...

jarred128-Feb 20
Living beings vis a vis God

Living beings vis a vis GodNa tha kuch to khuda tha, kuch na hota to khuda hota Duboyaa mujh ko hone ne, no hota main to kya hotaMirza Ghalib Literal meaning: When there...

iotaoo1015Feb 20Feb 21
Hello Young Guys

Hello Young Guy’sTake a present picture of your own.. observe it, talk with it.. then guess and draw your appearance of 10, 20, 30 years later and finally draw a face...

shamsul531Feb 19Feb 19

"A DAY OF RECKONING""When They Came?...................They Came Mostly Through Turkey......................Who...At The Time..Was....And Still Is...........................

namaron430Feb 19
Track16360Feb 19

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