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Downwind from a steakhouse...I usually leave my office between 7:30 and 8pm (read: diner time) and have to travel a few main roads to get to the highway. This puts me past a mall...

chatillion2312 hrs ago2 hrs ago

Rodney Carringtonthis guy is hilarious...

Onthcrestofawave4973 hrs ago2 hrs ago

ProfilesWhy is it that people do not seem to read profiles here, I am continually contacted by people who it is obvious have not read my profile, if they had...

playnicelywithme4423 hrs ago13 mins ago

nothing to do with anything.The zipper rounded 2 corners before resting, brass hardware swinging. The suitcase was then erected, telescopic handle raised. The jacket made a rust...

Palmfrond6017 hrs ago3 hrs ago

"IM MUCH BETTER OFF ALONE"Take The Time................................................... To Take The Time....................And Just Look At The Whole Show And Its Quite Th...

namaron35-7 hrs ago

Sex, Lies & VideotapeWell, actually there's no videotape, thank goodness. Stormy Daniels has a new book due to c*m out soon. No. Really. However, I assure...

JimNastics134178 hrs ago4 hrs ago

This poor kidThis poor kid doesn't realize he's just burned any chance he had of being on the Supreme Court.

Willy3411219279 hrs ago6 hrs ago

Points to ponder #666I was wrong What is written can be unwritten...

Onthcrestofawave4132910 hrs ago2 mins ago

true love........ true love...

jarred127-11 hrs ago

America is for AmericansAmerica is for Americans...

jarred141-13 hrs ago

Back Burners“Back burners are people we are interested in (romantically/sexually), who we are not currently involved with, and with whom we keep in contact in the...

daniela7772222015 hrs ago27 mins ago

All Up in Smoke.Crowds celebrated outside the Constitutional Court as Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo handed down a judgment decriminalizing the use and cultivatio...

Lukeon1882217 hrs ago11 hrs ago

On this date in history: Jimi Hendrix...On September 18, 1970 Jimi Hendrix died in London England. Life was short for Jimi who left this world at the age of 27, but the music he created insp...

chatillion39118 hrs ago10 hrs ago

The crazy world of Arthur Sixpence...Oh look, it's my first blog... There comes a point in a chaps life when he accepts the inevitable... Two weeks back and the realization that I've g...

Arthur_Sixpence2112019 hrs ago9 hrs ago

Cartoon TimeFor your viewing need for a set up...self explanatory...feel free and post your favorite cartoons...satirical or just because......

loulou7730035Sep 1715 mins ago
stringman752Sep 1710 hrs ago

Is it my computeror is my previous blog gotten all tangled up again?...

itchywitch48137Sep 17Sep 17

Creationism or Evolution?The debate seems set to continue with no resolution in sight. Or at least that was the case until very recently. Now it seems there's a new theory i...

Harbal1588Sep 174 hrs ago

"...the single worst development in Donald Trump's life.."Some people just don't realize the extreme significance of the recent court findings. Every single one of Trump's team that has been charged so far h...

JimNastics1076Sep 1711 hrs ago

Christian Subject MatterDuring these serious and troubled times, people of all faiths should remember these four great religious truths: 1. Muslims do not recognize Jews...

Gentlejim1145Sep 174 hrs ago

The Swill Pit unknown to the good of the world but wallowed in by the Left WingHow do you prepare to defend yourself for s*xual abuse allegations that supposedly happened 36 years ago? If you are a good honorable person you can't...

Willy341122027Sep 1712 hrs ago
Kitten Rescue

Kitten RescueAfter coming home yesterday morning, opting not to sit in the pouring rain at the market, I edited some photos and puttered around the house as the ra...

LadyImp9611Sep 1717 hrs ago

Relocatinghow many people will relocate for a man or woman we have become a mobile race ready to leave our areas for love or sex....... what do you...

giliberti11819Sep 1722 hrs ago

A gentle passing.....We are fascinated by the hereafter, and by the processes surrounding the leaving of this short life. As much as I try to follow science, I also keep a...

Vierkaesehoch875Sep 1724 hrs ago
The magic of passion and perseverance

The magic of passion and perseveranceComing back after 17 yrs...

tatami962Sep 16Sep 17

Things that annoy me #42,067...I'm shopping for a condo and called the realtor from one of the listings I'm interested in. She apologized as the property was sold and neglected to n...

chatillion1505Sep 16Sep 17

Want To Lose Weight And Diabetes?2 months ago i went in to see the Dr. and had a workup. She said my LDL is high, my blood glucose is high, i'm overweight and my blood pressure is hi...

My_Lover26525Sep 16Sep 17
stringman830Sep 16
Dont Let Them Drown You

Don't Let Them Drown YouDon't let them drown you in their expectations and suffocate you with the way you ought to be BE LOUD Speak your truth. Your st...

hpylady_1576Sep 16Sep 17

Won't youTreat me like disease, like The rats and the fleas. Oh ha-haha-ha...

InstincThis61-Sep 16

Do Love have boundaries?If I fall in Love with someone here I am ready to travel to see her.... Hope I can find one Soon..... Thanks....

IndianUSHunter20821Sep 161 hrs ago
Getting Used to Retirement

Getting Used to RetirementWell, that was a waste of time and gas this morning. I was up at 5:15am, made my lunch, heated up some soup, filled my thermos, made breakfast and had...

LadyImp11811Sep 16Sep 17

Attention People In Dating Sites! " Please " Stop Putting Some One Else s Picture In Your Profile"It Does Not Work ! And It Will Never Will Even If Is a Younger Picture of Yours! But Make Sure In your First Date < That You Look Similar To That...

falicia25613Sep 16Sep 17

MoneyMoney For many people, making money online would be an absolute dream come true. If they could find a way to make...

Linobrown1428Sep 1618 hrs ago

this is a story about four peoplethis is a story about four people...

jarred151-Sep 16

Why do liberals hate Donald Trump? I'll tell you why.Why do liberals hate Donald Trump? I'll tell you why. They hate him because he is a deal maker. They hate his family. They hate him because he...

Willy341140637Sep 1620 hrs ago

How an atheist cured himselfDavid, now Dr David Woods tells us his incredible journey from atheism to Christianity. He was a true psychotic that only his words could describe. I...

seaworthy94059Sep 161 hrs ago
hpylady_1175Sep 16Sep 16
Crying at Night

Crying at NightIt was 11 o'clock PM, suddenly I was awaken by a loud crying of a small kid, this is a second time I heard this terrible sound in short time days at...

July01223324Sep 166 hrs ago

Ysabeijhen and Lindsay are your families affected by this typhoon that is going on today?Are things happening anywhere close to where your families are? I hope and pray they are okay........... Jenny...

britishcolumbian1084Sep 15Sep 16

Chicken Wings and Blue Cheese Dressing...The other day I went to the grocery store for some spicy chicken wings. I found a bag of 20 pieces under the heated lamps with other hot foods. As I t...

chatillion571Sep 15Sep 16

European womanAre there any Europeans on here that would love to go to the US for a relationship....

captainfrankie26010Sep 1514 hrs ago

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