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This Really HappenedThis really happened, keep his face in the public spotlight for the rest of his miserable life.

Track165336 hrs ago5 hrs ago
stringman2407 hrs ago
No country for old menWRONG Thailand Pattaya is the place

No country for old men???WRONG!!Thailand,Pattaya.. is the place.No country for old men???WRONG!!Thailand,Pattaya.. is the place. https:...

jarred143-12 hrs ago
The Muslim Invasion Of Europe 2017

The Muslim Invasion Of Europe 2017The Muslim Invasion Of Europe 2017...

jarred140-15 hrs ago
Tell me what you boast of and Ill tell you your weaknesses

Tell me what you boast of, and I'll tell you your weaknesses...True or false? (Must go now be back in an hour, feel free to comment please)...

Cachuchi3043915 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Want some Sunshine

Want some SunshineSunshine , it seemed more valuble in our winter days. I can easy to get it from my small balcony if he shows his face. But go out for the Sunsine is a...

July012100819 hrs ago12 hrs ago
Gender Equality

Gender EqualityCan I tell you ladies a little secret? You had it all along and did not even know it. Have you noticed how few men will still offer their seats to a l...

Catfoot2734020 hrs ago5 mins ago
Loving Her serial ch 2

Loving Her - serial ch.2"Please pardon me for a moment, my love," Parker tells Estelle, as he jumps up from the couch where he sat with her and runs to interrupt the message,...

robrt7871501122 hrs ago11 hrs ago
Track1650223 hrs ago21 hrs ago
my meditation

my meditationThe meditation of the vacuum Sweeping in rhythmic motion I close my eyes and push forward Pull back, rocking on heals My body begins to warm, blo...

freehand10920Dec 1019 hrs ago
Age a state of mind or statement of uselessness

Age a state of mind or statement of uselessness?Isn't it unique the many varied profiles of women who are 65 or older who have one foot on a banana peel and the other on the threshold to a nursing h...

Akeldama40470Dec 10

Great Day HereIts pissing rain, though its very warm. Flirting with a record high for this date in my province. I also woke up with a ripping foot ache thats left m...

Track16495Dec 1055 mins ago
Santa Is Almost Due And I Have A Problem

Santa Is Almost Due And I Have A ProblemBut first tell me, what you want in your stocking? You better get your order in if you have not done so yet. Oh yes, Santa told me that an exceptional...

Catfoot362103Dec 10Dec 10
Scammer I stand corrected

Scammer (I stand corrected )So, I take a peek at who had viewed me while I was sleeping last night. There was one member in particular who's profile stood out and as luck would...

Stuckinarizona20626Dec 10Dec 10
Ask me anything

Ask me anythingI'm here to help you in anything you want help with, I've been told by many that I'm good with giving advice and I'm a good person to have a conversat...

Alanique_Ali1,040140Dec 1016 hrs ago

Curses!May all your teeth fall out except the one that aches! May your liposuction oversuck! May your in-laws be many and vocal! May your daughter's...

scoobler29240Dec 1012 hrs ago
Do Europeans still feel at HOME in Europe

Do Europeans still feel at HOME in Europe???Do Europeans still feel at HOME in Europe???...

jarred137-Dec 10
How The Past Affects The Present

How The Past Affects The PresentThe essence of transference, one of Freud’s greatest concepts. It shows how we are prisoners of the past and how the energy of old emotions stays w...

daniela77720336Dec 1012 mins ago
Christmas time AGAIN

Christmas time AGAIN?Hope everyone has a good week ahead....

Lukeon11313Dec 1011 hrs ago
Dutch professor speaks out about the current failure of European countries

Dutch professor speaks out about the current failure of European countriesDutch professor speaks out about the current failure of European countries...

jarred142-Dec 10
Too late

Too late ?? Dances with Wolves - Love Theme - Soundtrack by John Barry ... To the lady I loved and lost ,this pie...

langtime26928Dec 10Dec 10

I Don't Make Macaroni And CheeseI make cheese with macaroni Please correct the following in the form below: [Blog Detail] must contain at least 50 characters, you entered 45...

Track16693Dec 107 hrs ago
Loving Her serial ch 1

Loving Her - serial ch.1South central California, in the foothills near the coast skirted with leafy vineyards and wild flowers with a cool breeze that makes them sway and da...

robrt78716114Dec 1012 hrs ago
freehand10810Dec 9Dec 10

the........the hurry.......the speed......the wet road...... the bend............ ....the car gone mad........ . ...I saw concrete...... I feared the pai...

bloodyawfull30822Dec 9Dec 10
Please Stop Embarrassing Us Theresa

Please Stop Embarrassing Us, Theresa!Please Stop Embarrassing Us, Theresa!...

jarred145-Dec 9
Beware of Lie Detector Robots

Beware of Lie Detector Robots!A father buys a lie detector robot that slaps people when they lie. He decides to test it out at dinner one night. The father asks his son what...

Gentlejim11412Dec 920 hrs ago

Monday's reminder :DThe annual CS Christmas Party is coming up and there will be a peaceful, blessed celebration planned. In our adjoining suite the CS office party i...

ashlander34832Dec 93 mins ago
Black Pete Christmas Negroes and Krampus

Black Pete, Christmas, Negroes and Krampus.Black Pete, Christmas, Negroes and Krampus....

jarred149-Dec 9

Concerning in Cuba?I have heard bits and pieces on the news lately, but nothing really in great detail that I can recall. A buddy of mine came over last night and he me...

Johnny_Sparton16929Dec 9Dec 9
stringman10011Dec 9Dec 9

FRIENDS ARE NICE BUT NOT NECCASARYMy family is going through a difficult time right now, my mother which is 89 years old and just lost her husband back in May has found out that my bro...

wenever23530Dec 9Dec 10
Youll Never Know

You'll Never KnowYou'll Never Know...

jarred134-Dec 9

TrumpI heard on the news this evening that Trump's disapproval rating is the lowest of any U.S. President in history, it is 63%, according to the " Pew Re...

studecar1466Dec 8Dec 9
i had a nice chat

i had a nice chatwith a customer today. i always approach people even if they're not seriously looking at recliners. so, a man plopped down in the Hamilton glider/re...

freehand15010Dec 8Dec 9
Track16692Dec 8Dec 9
Method behing the madness

Method behing the madness....Can't look anywhere but to see the fake news, biased, alt left media dissing our President, this time for Jerusalem. But speaking of deals, what if he...

Vierkaesehoch973Dec 8Dec 9
Try Not To Look So Pretty

Try Not To Look So PrettyTry Not To Look So Pretty...

jarred143-Dec 8
No strings

No stringsI recently got involved with a “swinger” who doesn’t want to have sex with me because I can get pregnant. Lol. He still likes to pet but that sexually...

Palmfrond30734Dec 8Dec 8
oh my goodness

oh my goodnesswhat have i missed? i went 3 weeks without internet and though i survived it, i felt myself touching on insanity until i could pay the bill. in ca...

freehand16112Dec 8Dec 8
Christmas tree

Christmas tree.I decided I needed to bake more Christmas cakes so off I went , yes with a shopping list. Now half way round the supermarket I discovered they'd sold...

emmy113113Dec 8Dec 8

Photo .My profile photo for now is a photo of some pies I made , they are called Aloo pies , the aloo is also potato . I was so happy the way they came out a...

Annleerose1165Dec 8Dec 8
"Do You Talk a Lot?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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