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My brother goes for dialysis about 3 times a week. When he travels which happens several times a year, he must find a dialysis center in the location where he visits. He's been on a list for kidney transplant a few years now. I usually talk to him every other week and it's been a month so I left a message. His return call said a hospital 70 miles away contacted him at 2am. They found a donor and surgery was scheduled at 6am.

Four days in the hospital, extreme pain, but he's got a working kidney and no longer needs dialysis. He's home recuperating and doing well.

I usually visit him once a year before the winter/holiday season. This year I'll make plans sooner. Next month... gotta get busy!
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Yay good news for sure.
My dad had a cadaver kidney transplant 12 years ago and he's still doing well. He's disciplined with looking after it in every possible way, though. For the first year he was cautious about having visitors because it's not a good time to pick up a cold, or covid.

Your brother will be particularly vulnerable while his medications are being stabilised.
What wonderful news!!!
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