When trust is lost...and the illness associated with it

To lose one's trust is pretty tough ..in my opinion.

What I mean by that is....I don't trust somebody unless they give me a reason not to trust them.

So, my default mindset toward trust with most people is usually of neutral natural. I don't completely trust them, but I don't completely distrust them.

Normal life interactions usually are construed under these circumstances...meaning, we live day to day life and function quite well with this neutral level of trust. We don't need to assess somebody on a deep level to determine their trustworthiness in order to interact with them on a casual level.

Of course, if somebody sticks a gun in your face and robs you, yes...you should not trust them....and of course, you want to avoid them. Thankfully, I have never had this happen to me ever...and thankfully this does not happen very often.

And of course, before you invite somebody into your house, you should have done a little deeper level assessment of how trustworthy they are. Naturally, if this person is going to be living in your household for even a longer time, you should even be that much more certain of their credibility/trustworthiness.

So, we are starting to explore the nature of trust here.

Now, I was in a relationship where she lost my trust. This loss of trust is the sole reason why I called off our 13 year relationship. 13 years is a long time and a lot of people were effected...not only us as individuals...but her family, my family...and our friends...and many others....because of a loss of trust.

But the day I called off our relationship...I told her "I no longer trust you, and that is not fair for you or fair for me."

What did I mean by that? What I meant by that is that she could have taken 2 minutes longer to go get the mail and suspicion could have arose. Of course this is an extreme example, but none the less, a legitimate example.

This blog has nothing to do about me and my past relationship. That was just an example. This is about trust, the loss of it, and the illness associated with it.

Loss of trust = the illness of suspicion.

What about when a population loses trust in its Gov?

Nietzsche says, when a country loses the trust of its people, that country no longer exist.

The illness of suspicion will breed conspiracy...then maybe wrongful beliefs...then...how ill can things get..

In other words, is there anything a country can do to reclaim trust...or anything anyone can do to reclaim it?
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Hey Johnny, trust no one until they have proven their trust to you;; then time that passes of a person proving trust to you helps build trust, it's better to have a person that's not trying to prove anything to anyone but just being their natural self..
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