I think I am at a crossroads in my life. Been there before and had to navigate my way through, seems like I will have to do the same again.

I got a reality check last week. Kidney specialist told me in no uncertain terms that I need to quit cigarettes and stop taking anti inflamatories for my hip and leg pain. I think the reality of it is hitting home, my kidneys are not good and it could cause problems for me later on. I don't need to make big changes aside from quitting smoking, but I do need to make those changes.

Like the man said. You can have fame, fortune, women, everything in the world but if you don't have your health, you got nothing. Its time to start treating my body better and get rid of the cigarettes and the anti inflamatories. Kidney dialysis is not something I think I would adapt to very well uh oh
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I got a reality check last week.

No guesswork then. Can you do it?
I'll give it my best try, I don't like the idea of having further problems. My doc never wrote my death certificate or anything like that but he gave me a reality check and a rude one too.
Set a goal and stay focused.

My brother was on dialysis 3 times a week for many years. It's expensive, painful and though it kept him going, the whole process drained him of energy.

I was probably 14 or 15 when I started busking poolside on the Miami Beach hotels. I remember one guy gave me a dollar and said health is more important than money.

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Track I quit two packs a day smoking.
I tried before but I really did not want to stop.
The time that I did succeed was when I decided this was it, no more.
I had made up my mind.
I did not use the patch, nothing.
This was in '84
I prayed for you and believe that you will succeed in your decision to quit..
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Smoking got to go, no question. Funny thing is the doctor said I could smoke all the pot I want, just stay away from cigarettes. Also had to give up taking Advil as that is hard on the kidneys, not been good because of my back condition thats fking my sciatic nerve.
I've been through sciatic nerve issues in the past year. Stretching, heat therapy and movement (like walking) works. Sitting and taking pain medicine doesn't work. For me, it didn't

Stay focused...
There are different sciatic conditions that end up with the same result. In my particular condition, it is recommended that you sit and lean forward when it flares up, it opens the spine taking the pressure of the nerve. In your case though, its a different cause and like you said, doing activity is what helps you. I had to do a bit of sorting out and talk to my doctor a bit to figure out what was best for me. My cousin got a sciatic condition and her routine is like yours, walk, keep moving. There is a name on my particular condition but I can't remember what it is, basically a lower disc in my back is pushed forward pinching off the nerve. Could be genetic or might have been done when I was young brutalizing my body.

I am supposed to be lined up for therapy which generally has a good success rate, but have not even heard a date for it yet.
Heat aggravates my condition. Every time I tried it, I end up in twice as much pain. When I shower, I keep the water cooler, can't do baths at all.
Hi Track.

Have a pal going through dialysis . She has stage 5 kidney failure and has the treatment 3 times a week for 4 hours at a time here in the U.K. The worst for her is trying to get the cannula in her arms which can be painful and having to stay in situ for the duration .

Look after yourself and do whatever is necessary to keep yourself as fit as you can.

I can't say I really want to be doing dialysis but if that is the future, so be it. Your friend must be getting tired of all the hospital trips, I know I would be. One way to look at it though, years ago this would not even be a option so better the way it is now than the way it was then.
Track, I see your profile went blank. See you when you return from CS vacation!

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Some doctors blame smoking for an ingrown toenail. roll eyes

Have you tried cannabis oil for the pain? Not automatically right but check it out, some swear by it and a friend with sciatica that was affecting her ability to sleep at all, or only in exhausted dozes, has taken on a new lease of life.

Sometimes a crossroad can change everything, losing meds with side-effects and ok, cutting out bad habits, can bring the sun out again.
You've time on your side. This is a warning for you. At least it's not too late for you to make some changes.

Take time out you need, then get your a** back on here.
You can do this. In 1997 I quit smoking with the help of a nutritional supplement. I don't think it's still available as it included trichromaline (sp?) which later the FDA clamped down on. My point is that, for me, the key was to get help on a nutritional basis. I made the mistake of starting smoking again during a very stressful 1st home buying process. So I repeated the process and this time did not give in to the temptation under stress. I seriously credit the nutritional supplement. Maybe do some research and find what works for you. Again, you can do this. I'm rooting for you.
Hi Track....

You are probably one of the most honest people on here...Never judging anyone...except yourself...With that wicked sense of humor you have.

I look forward to seeing you back again...You can do anything you put your mind to doing....thumbs up
You may have found my redeeming qualities laugh

Having some issue getting away from the anti inflammatorys. I am having a lot of nerve pain and anti inflammatorys work so much better than anything else. Some days I take them even though I shouldn't because I weigh up the length of my life vs the quality of my life and a longer life in severe pain vs a shorter life with some quality of life, its a no win choice. I really do not want to end up on opioids because I got past history with that and I don't think it would be a good idea for me to have a big bottle of opioids every month with my addictive personality. I never gave it up only to end up back into it again, got too much to lose.

I got a appointment with the doc again in Feb. I'm gonna lay the cards out on the tables and hope he can prescribe me something that will be ok without having to go on codeine or something.
Good to see you back Track....
Im with Suzie for cannabis oil, I use the roll on stuff and its brilliant
Quitting smoking is not even concidered a "price" one has to pay in exchange of improving their health.
Just do it.
Your body needs your brain to find a greater purpose in life.
And usually this purpose is being out there and doing stuff for others who are worse than you.
Think about it!
Well something got to change, doing things as is got me to where I am now. At least the doctor told me I can still do a few things I like doing so its not all bad. Smoking got to go though :)
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