Nobody told us this would happen today...!

Usually, Friday is the quietest day at work. Not much happens, and we're pretty much done by 3.15 pm.

Not today.. Why not? Because a trade exhibition was on, which resulted in a LOT of orders. So many that the logistics manager called and said that we didn't have to pack those orders today - they could wait until Monday, which made me a very happy employee!

Usually, I am out of the door at 4 pm on Fridays, but today I had to stay for a further 20 minutes. I don't mind it, I just wish they would have told us that we would be swamped with orders from the exhibit. If we would have been notified about that, we would have started packing up orders way sooner than we originally did. The coworker I was closing with was stressing because he had a reservation at a restaurant, and us being swamped meant, that he would be in danger of missing his dinner date, so when we were all done, and the carrier had been sent on his way, I told him to just head home, and that I would be closing up by myself. I know I'm not supposed to be there alone, but I felt like I had it all under control. All I had to do was go a round to make sure everything was closed up, and that everything was on charge for Monday morning, and activate the alarm.

This marks the end of another work week - one that has flown by. It seems like it was Monday yesterday, which is how I like my weeks - quick. I also got my payslip today, which made me even more happy!
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