TSA agents stealing money from passengers...

This should make you queasy as you put all your belongings in bins along the conveyor so TSA can be sure you aren't traveling with weapons, explosives or drugs as everything passes through scanners and x-ray machines while they search your... everything.
So you get your things back, put your shoes on and find $600 is missing from your wallet.
Who 'ya gonna call?

Footage newly released by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office appears to show two TSA agents at Miami International Airport stealing money from passengers as they pass through an airport security checkpoint.

It appears surveillance footage works both ways.


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When was the last time you posted a full title to your thread so people didn't have to 'click bait' just to decide if it was worth reading?
I don't think anyone is intentionally wearing out your index finger.

I'm pretty sure there is a limit to how many characters you can fit into the bog title, having had a lengthier one end abruptly once, many moons ago.

I don't know how many characters you can use as I've not seen a limit stated and the programme doesn't seem to stop you waffling on when you've exceeded the limit that will appear once posted.

I try and keep my blog titles short so as not to fall foul of this glitch.

Perhaps you could take this issue up with the site owners, or run a few trials and let us know how many times we have to poke keys so as not to offend. hmmm
Sadly you are mistaken.
Blogs, unlike forum threads allow the reader to see the title and opening sentence. That's enough information for the reader to decide if it's something of interest.

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And, what is right or wrong with either ? wave
interesting. why haven't things like this made news in the past?

information available indicate that over 500 tsa agents have been fired for theft since about 2002.

apparently tsa has a failure rate as well. not a negligible one either.
In Manila, there was a scam where security were putting live bullets into hand luggage, then "finding" the prohibited item and demanding huge cash payments or threat of prison, A surveillance camera eventually caught the scammers and they were imprisoned.

Not before a large number of people got scammed.
I heard the 'bullet scam' story too. Someone I worked with married a woman from Philippines and they traveled there for vacation and to see her family. They were warned about it.
Although it didn't happen to him, the way he described it was someone accidentally bumping you and dropping the bullet into your coat pocket. They were arresting the people and extorting huge cash payments in order to leave the country or face jail time and wait for a court date.
Obviously the setup involved a group (probably security agents, police, judges) all working together.
How weird the writer above never knew baggage handlers were always known to steal from baggage. It down't matter if we are talking about a Greyhond bus, an Amtrak train or a commercial flight. Baggage handlers often steal. When TSA was created after 9/11 many existing baggage handlers were involuntarily told tomorrow you will be a Federal TSA employee. Those upset at the idea quit. Some did, many did not as the new employment generated higher salary and better benefits. Tor 2 years there was massive effort to purge TSA of known thieves. However the new agency had allowed a private firm to process the HR paperwork and in 2003 this firm filed for bankruptcy and the US Marshals seized that companies assets including warehouses which included all of the TSA HR records the company had been storing, so nothing and no one moved around in TSA for six months till a court unravelled the mess. Then in 2005 a Federal Labor Relations Judge ruled firing a TSA employee because of a criminal conviction before their hiring was illegal if not supported by legislation to specifically do so. The result, there exist many TSA baggage handlers with histories implying a pre-dispostion to theft and various forms of corruption. That said, why would anyone stupidly leave large sums of cash in a checked in luggage bag they know will be opened by unknown persons, possibly multiple times?
How weird the writer above never knew baggage handlers were always known to steal from baggage.

Me?? Yes, of course. That's why people have their luggage shrink wrapped so it's tamper evident.

My blog is about the TSA thieves who pocked things from carry-on in the plastic bins as they pass along the scanners. Pretty quick and daring they are. It would surprise me if you're carrying a wad of cash in your wallet that it would be one if the FIRST thing to check and IMMEDIATELY call security and demand all the agents on that line be checked.

(makes note to self to put identifying mark on the bills in the event an agent takes the cash)
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