- Chapter I:


“… Future?!..
I may have forgotten the word, - or just did it on purpose. Because there is no future, for these little ones I watch. Other way around, said, their future, looks sealed, already. Sealed by a society who is about to taste from the seeds of their own doing. Not these seeds which already grown up, spreading lawlessness. But the very seeds of evil taking to extreme, madness taken to a new level, as never known before to human kind. Will they be cured, after?!.. Or, once with this world being under trials of cleansing, how many among them, will be truly, cured?! How many would learn, from their own deeds, what kind of world they have built?! Would be too late, to fix it. Will be too late, for everyone. Yet, that is the price, to be paid. Violence is repaid with more violence. Brute force is repaid with heavy battles. It is the same like striking with a hammer into a granite wall. The wall ask the human: can you break me? And the human takes the hammer and tries. Harder, and harder, and harder. Then, gives up. Its hands, are all full of wounds, got blinded in one eye, and its body, falls, tired. In that moment, has an idea. To built a driller. And goes down in the valley, to gather materials, to make it. When finally succeeds, goes with the driller back to the wall, and see that it can be broken, but yet! – not enough, barely if scattered some fragments. Then, has another idea, to make a bigger driller, and a crane. When this idea is put in practice, still achievements, but the wall, is still there, although a missing part or a big big chunk taken away. So then?! New ideas. Inventing dynamite, to conquer the wall. And the wall collapses in the large valley, but fills it. The mountain is still there, never went anywhere. Only the poor men, carrying stones, for their slavery… And these men of modern era as they have called it, gather in circles and try to make a new world, one fit upon their own desires and lusts, a world where they are to be declared rulers, or even worshipped as gods; what insanity, indeed! The wall, is still there! – while their bones, crashed in splinters, over the whole valley, and the death is plowing over and over again, while the new men, men of renown, throw away the seeds, to rise the same dreams of their ancient servants of evil; merely if someone truly knows, what these means, - barely if someone, truly, to realize, what they have done!.. Heavy price, indeed, for such stupidity, for such insanity!..
So I watch, with my last strength, for these little ones I know; they deserve to have the chance of knowing the truth, from the mouth of someone who reached to understand a little bit more of what’s with this world, without being preached around, without the tyranny of teaching, without promises of medals or honors, without claims upon what is truly Science, Knowledge, Wisdom, and even more, without taking sides. They deserve to know the truth, for they will need it, in their trials…”

[ … ]
- Shall be continued…

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