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Over the years, we've all heard phrases like "if it's written for us to be together..." or "if it's written up there that the two of them should be together..." However, what many people probably don't know is that this matter is more complicated than that. And I say this because there are at least three situations in which God wants or "has written" for two people to be together (at least three situations that I know of, but there's the possibility and probability of more). Let's take and explain them one by one.

It might be written for two people to be together for 1 week, 2, 3... 1 month... 2, 3... 1 year... 2... 5 or as long as God wishes... during which time the two are meant to experience something... to learn something about themselves (what they like and don't like in a partner... what they want or don't want from a potential partner... etc.) or to feel for the first time what it's like to be in love or to go through a particular situation together... because God needed both of them to go through that situation... and it was best if they did it together as a couple, not separately as two strangers... or I don't know what other experiences that limited-term relationship might have brought them.

God might bring two people together to conceive a child... but not because they are soulmates, but because God needs that child to be born... and only from the union of those two... that child could come into existence.

God might bring two people together because they are meant to be together forever; they are soulmates and they need to meet and unite because they were created for each other.

So, when you say, "if it is written to be/together," consider all the possibilities... not just the last one (No. 3... soulmates), because things are not as simple as we sometimes wish... Thank you for your attention.
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