Gaze Upon the Clear Sky

Gaze upon the clear sky above,
Where stars twinkle with gentle love,
Like a canvas, it's painted bright,
Carefully etched in the night.

Observe the vibrant nature's art,
Unaware of your weary heart,
It doesn't know of your missteps,
Or how you've wandered, ill-equipped.

You've strayed from your intended way,
To know God, you seek day by day,
But your path is preordained,
Even when you feel restrained.

For a time will come, you'll see,
To know God, you'll be set free,
But until that destined hour,
Embrace life's uncharted bower.
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You should pop over to poetry, show off your work. Nice words again.
yes i did that to, thank you so much sad flower bouquet teddybear
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