How close am I to getting my own apartment?

My current living situation is this: In a house with 8 other people.. Well, 6, now that 2 have moved out, but usually, we're 9 people in this house. For the past three years or so, I have been wanting my own place, so I signed up for a few housing companies, to register my interest in a 1- or 2 bedroom apartment. I would like a place that's not too far from where I work.

On the housing companies websites, you can see your place in the queue, when the last bill was paid and when the next bill is due. Payment is yearly, and the amount is 165 dkk, or about $24. I can sign up for pretty much any apartment complex in their catalogue, but I have picked six complexes, that I would like an apartment in.

So, how far away am I from getting an apartment? Let's break it down, shall we? Four of the complexes are where I have lived before, so I know the areas well. One of them is my childhood complex. I am number 970 on the list, down three places since yesterday. Not a bad start.

The next complex is where my mother moved to, after her and my father divorced. This particular complex is split into 2 different "divisions", so to speak. In the first division, I am number 628 in line for a 1 bedroom apartment, and 1096 for a 2 bedroom apartment. In the second division, I am number 529 in line for a 1 bedroom apartment, and 925 for a 2 bedroom apartment.

Up next, this is where my mother and now-deceased stepfather moved, after they wanted a garden. There are two types of apartments there: Row of flats and apartment buildings. The row of flats has a garden, while the apartment buildings doesn't. I am number 1137 at both places.

The next complex is where my mother, brother and aunt live. Fantastic apartments, close to pretty much everything. I am number 542 in line for a 1 bedroom apartment, while I am number 828 in line for a 2 bedroom apartment.

The final complex is one I haven't lived in, but I once had a friend who lived there. I am number 539 in line for an apartment there.

So to answer the question I called my blog: How long until I'm getting my own apartment? Quite a while. The first complex I mentioned, the average waiting time - average - is about 30 years, since it's extremely popular with families, because of a primary school that was located on the other side of the bike path. That school burned to the ground back in 2019, so maybe people are moving out and are finding a place closer to a school. Before the school burned down, three primary schools existed within a fifteen minute drive.

I did the math - if I continue to move down three places on the list every day, in 323 days I will be offered an apartment there. IF that happens - and it's a VERY big if - I will say yes immediately! It's where I grew up, and my other aunt and uncle live in that complex, so it would definitely be a great thing if it happened. There's a Lidl close by, so grocery shopping would literally be a 10 minute walk away.

But - I am not expecting anything to happen for at least a few years. The thing about waiting lists, is that everything can change from one day to the next. Tomorrow, I could be number 2500.. We'll see when I get offered a place to live in either of the complexes I have listed above. I will keep you posted!
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I'm puzzled, why do you want to move somewhere where your family has already lived?

Life is an adventure, there is far more excitement in trying something new that you have no experience with, than taking the easy risk-free option.

An added bonus is, that moving to an unknown area, opens lots of opportunities to meet new people, who knows where that can lead.
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