I love my job, but some people test my patience.

Today's been one of those days where I have been wanting to take one of the logistics drivers and kick him out and say "don't come back", but alas - I could not do that, because the drivers are hired by another company. Kind of like FedEx or UPS. In this case, it's a British-owned logistics company, based in Amsterdam. That's all I want to reveal about that.

Anyway.. One of the logistics drivers had a deadline at 1 pm. All the things he needed for his delivery was there, so he was ready to leave at 1 pm.

However - this guy just didn't care. Didn't care that he was late.. When the clock struck 1:10 pm, I told him he was late, and that he had to leave as fast as possible. He looked at me and mumbled something, before turning back to his conversation he had with another driver.

He left at 1:17 pm. Almost 20 minutes late. Was it our fault? No. He had all he needed to have. It was his fault for not leaving on time.

And no, he's not gonna read this blog. Neither is my supervisor or my coworkers, because they don't even know that this website exists. None of the people at my place of employment knows about this site, so they won't be reading this blog.

Anyway.. I told my supervisor that the driver was 17 minutes late leaving, and he went straight to the phone and called the destination where the driver was headed. Hopefully this will stop soon. If anything, it will stop once we hit week 33, which is mid-August. That's when the summer holiday is over and we're back to normal operation.

I love what I do, but sometimes the logistics drivers can be a pain in my backside. If it was up to me, that driver wouldn't have a job at the logistics company. If a driver is late, there is a very real chance that other people will be late, making us look extremely bad.

In hindsight, I should probably have been a little more stern with the driver, saying "You don't have time to talk. You're late - leave now", but that might come across as rude, so I didn't go that far. If it happens again, I WILL be more stern with him, but in a respectful way.

If he's back tomorrow, I will explain to him why it's important that he's on time, every time.
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People can be annoying...and if someone has a laissez-faire attitude regarding punctuality and professionalism...even more annoying...however I would not confront the driver...leave this problem to your boss (higher-up) to deal with...after all you are going to be the one having to work with these people...your boss not so much...jmo...

That's also what I am going to do. My supervisor also told me that I should leave it with him, so that's what I'm gonna do
Smart move...wine

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"If anything, it will stop once we hit week 33, which is mid-August. That's when the summer holiday is over and we're back to normal operation."

In case you've never noticed, in summer, there's less traffic on the streets as schools are closed and people are on holiday, the guy probably made up for the time because of that, so that's why he wasn't in a hurry. I don't think you'll see him doing that mid august, when the schools as far away as in Switzerland start again.

Maybe none of your co-workers know of this site, but as I wrote, you never know who knows who in the real world. I'll let you in on a secret: I know someone who knows you, but I'm not going to say who it is, and neither will they say that they know me.

As Lou said, you should leave such complaints too your supervisors, or do less complaining all together, because as I wrote before, you may find yourself without a job again. Sometimes it's good to see, and not see, hear and not hear.
Omg you should of been a copper
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