"Today's my last day here"

We have had a new temp guy at work for the past week. A very nice guy named Mahmoud. He latched on to me the first day he was there, so I decided to train him, and give him the amount of knowledge suitable to be a good worker.

The first few days were worrying. Slow to pick items, not really knowing what to do.. That sort of thing. It was fine, because he was a new guy who had never used a PDA in his life. I did expect him to pick up the pace, though. After a few days of non-stop PDA usage, he got faster. To the point where he would pick an item before I even had a chance to look at the PDA. That was exactly what I wanted! A fast learner who shows initiative.

I then showed him the autostore, which he picked up on very quickly. One day into his autostore training, and he was already picking orders from there, with minimal input from me. Everything was going well - so well, in fact, that I would easily recommend him for a permanent position.

Then, this morning, he told me that his last day would be today. I asked him why that was the case, to which he replied "The money isn't reflecting the amount of work", which I get. My current hourly salary is 144 kroner, or $21,51. It's not the highest amount ever, but it's a pretty good amount.

Does it reflect the amount of work? No. Not by a long shot. But the money isn't why I am doing it. I am doing it because I love it.

Before he left for the day, he told me that I was an excellent teacher and that I would be a fantastic manager, to which I replied that managerial duties aren't really my thing. I prefer to be a regular employee. If I have no other choice - as in "you're fired if you don't take this manager position", I would consider it. But until that day comes - if it ever comes - I am perfectly happy with being a regular employee.

So now we're on the lookout for new temp workers. Hopefully we get someone who wants to stay for several years
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If you wanted you could be a bit more ambitious...but hey!!...your choice...I hope they appreciate you as...if you are doing this training all the time...I could see it becoming annoying...

Glad you enjoy your work!!

@ Danny Philipsen: Not wanting to be a "party pooper", but, how come when you write about your female friends you use initials, when it's your other coworkers eg. as in the girl you asked out on a date, or in the blog that's been deleted, you never mention names, but you give this guy a name or mentioned his name?

A word of advice to you: I don't know if the company you work with makes you sign a secrecy contract, but mentioning the names of workmates online or certain information about a company, can end with that person being fired or even being sued, depending on what you write.

None of us using the internet: dating sites, Twitter, Insta., etc., know really for sure who's behind the profiles with or without photos, neither do we know, who knows who in the real world, so you should be careful what you write, and about who you write (I remember that a few years ago you wrote a blog saying you'll keep your private life just that...... private). These days, employers often check the internet, especially social medias to learn more about people, before inviting then to interviews.

I also find it strange that you decided to " train that guy." Normally in Europe, on the day a new employee starts working, they are given a mentor for the first 3 or 4 work days. They don't get to start working without a formal introduction to the job, no matter how many years of experience they have, as all companies don't work the same.

Just saying be careful what you write. BTW, when will you post pics from your trip to the USA. I've been wanting to see them since you have written such lengthy blogs before the trip.... even about the one that got cancelled.
I think you are a very good writer. You can tell you have been educated.
you should always better yourself if and when can...
by doing so who knows, someday, you may even thank yourself.

In an ever changing world nothing stays still forever, the more you know the more beneficial/valuable you are to your employer... JMO conversing
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