What's up with all the scammers and money hungry women?

Last year, I decided to start online dating again. Giving it a second chance, if you will. I made a Facebook Dating profile, added some pictures and a text that I thought was pretty decent. It included my age, which city I lived in, my employment status and some light humor. Like being a pro IKEA furniture assembler and that I loved to have fun with puns, bad jokes and singing/dancing. I also added a basic requirement for a match: between the age of 28 and 40, and a non-smoker.

At first, the text was in English, because I figured that more foreigners use Facebook Dating than Danes do. I was right.

This, dear reader, is where things go pretty bad.

My first three likes were from Chinese women. I have always been fascinated by how things are in China, so I wrote them, saying "Hello, how are things at your end?". Within ten minutes, I got a reply, which, now that I know, was a GIANT red flag.

"I am not using this software much. Let's chat on WhatsApp". I thought to myself "I have time to kill. Let's see what happens", so I asked for their contact details. The first message was polite. The usual "How are you? I am doing good". After a bit, the conversation started to drift towards investing, crypto currency and "fake money", as I call it. "The market is good today. You should invest. Go on, do it". I then had to explain that I was not interested in it, and I never will be. After that, I was blocked.

Another person straight up asked me, if my family was rich. When I said no, I was blocked.

It's not just Chinese women who are like this. I have had my share of American women asking me for gift cards to Target, Walmart and other places in the US. When I said no, they changed their tone. "F off, creep," was one reply I got. Another one simply replied "drop dead", while a third wished death over me and my family because I said no to sending $1000 to them.

I also had someone impersonate the adult film actress Kenna James. They were out of the business and were looking for love. I played along for an hour or two, until I told them that I was on to them. That they weren't who they said they were, and if they really WERE who they said they were, they would have no problem proving it to me. That's where I got the "I don't have to prove myself to you. If you don't believe me, get lost", followed by a block.

I have also had a woman offer me dirty videos for money,which I have turned down. It's not what I'm looking for, and it never will be what I am looking for.

This is where I ask you this question:

Why do you think so many women are out for money and not love? Why do some women obsess over money and not a real connection?

Why are so many women scamming people? Is it because they know that desperate and lonely people willingly empty their savings and send them the money?
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After I summed up your whole experience and your story I came to a terrible conclusion.


I just can't explain why I can't live my life without these damn monstrous demons from hell.
Do you think there might be something wrong with me??
moping blues
Dear Phil.

90% of the scammers are MALES with stolen women pictures.

Look at the program "catfish" on youtube and you will understand how they operate.

That is why if a man can't met me in public they should not waste my time,
Be aggressive with them Phil and tell them No Fun No money honey, you don't have to be nice all the time..
Women love being bossed around and lied to secretly by a dominant male, that's the law of nature.. grin
The gender of the profile isn't necessarily the gender of the person who created it, nor are they necessarily in the location they state.

These profiles are specifcally created as a scam. As obnoxious as it is to prey on the lonely and naive, these scammers are often poor.

Is it really any different from being scammed by any business, like large food, or pharmaceutical corporations? Most business rely on extorting our vulnerabilities.

It's a matter of being discerning...and not taking it personally.
Right on the money Jax, just like the law of nature follows the easiest path of resistance;; lies are the easy path for humans to follow in order to get their way..
For many people scamming in whatever shape, or form, is a means of survival.

We criminalise those who will do anything to put food in their children's mouths, yet revere those who are obscenely wealthy and are equally expoitative.

Which one is taking the easiest path? hmmm
"We criminalize those who will do anything to put food in their children's mouths, yet revere those who are obscenely wealthy and are equally exploitive."

Good point. People attack the weak and disadvantage who are unable to fight back.
The wealthy have unlimited amount of funds that they can tie up any proceedings in court for years. They get in job positions where they are able to make laws to benefit themselves. They have influences and can afford to buy supreme court judges to get what they want.

In this life, you either swim or drawn.
Scammers don't work alone..They work for organisations making big money
responding to a 'like you' is just a mistake to start with. If they cannot be bothered with a message, I cannot be bothered responding. Should they also send a 'Hi how are you? I like your profile' message, same treatment. There should be some clue in their profile as to why they might like you. If not, buzz off.
Supposing there is (very rarely) a detailed message with an immediate request to whatsapp or wechat or skype, forget it. If you can however have an interchange here, you might progress to another app, but there has to be voice, and soon visual contact, else forget it.
To date, 3+ years, I have made one or two contacts in Wechat/Whatsapp/Skype - probably genuine, but have never seen or heard them, so forget it.
"responding to a 'like you' is just a mistake to start with. If they cannot be bothered with a message, I cannot be bothered responding."

The whole notion of "Like" is a mistake. Sort of like ringing doorbells and running away. If they don't respond to your profile, they probably haven't read it. And if they haven't read it, what in the world would they have to say to you? I report all "Likes" as scams, and their despicable fake profiles all get deleted. My thanks to the Moderator.
To many likes on this site KB, not worth responding to any of them.. thumbs up
The poor scammers need to get their priorities right, food before internet/telecom access..
The rich scammers try to play people because they think the less fortunate can't think for themselves, much like politicians play the general public..
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