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When I Need You -When I Need You .......... .......... I will always be with you I follow you across the globe

jarred180-Jun 22

Undatables CS...Getting a date is not easy for some people, let alone finding someone to have a relationship with. When you add a disability into the equation, the...

Onthcrestofawave37633Jun 21Jun 22
jarred167-Jun 21

THE PERFECT DAYThe perfect day for a woman: 08.15 To be awakened with cuddling and kissing. 08.30 weigh 2 kilograms less than yesterday. 08.45 Breakfast in bed wi...

jarred174-Jun 20

Men and women.....Abusive talk.....and Preferences....One sometimes hears the CS ladies tell of how so many men do this, often after rejection---real or imagined (hallucinated?). Perhaps there's a differe...

Vierkaesehoch17515Jun 20Jun 20

MARRIAGE HAS MADE THE WHOLE WORLD IMMORALHave you ever asked the following? “What is the point of marriage?” HUH? Having interviewed hundreds if not thousands of...

MooMooo32924Jun 20Jun 26
For those that remember me

For those that remember meHiya weirdos, Just wanted to let you all know me and the lovely Jenny finally got married like written in my farewell blog a few years ago. It was a...

teddybeerke8847524Jun 20Jun 23

WHAT MEN KNOW WOMENWHAT MEN KNOW WOMEN 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10. They have tits..................

jarred157-Jun 20

SometimesMy late wife was a woman with an outlook on life that showed amazing insight. One time when I was looking to purchase a good used van for work after...

YourMaster201816415Jun 19Jun 20

4 white liesSmokes Trying To Quit spiritual but not religious no children but love my grandchildren drinks socially translation trying to q...

Onthcrestofawave2389Jun 17Jun 17

LifeNever thought I would this age, almost 34 single,and not married no kids, sometimes I am optimistic and other times I am not so optimistic, I am torn...

kandacyhope145-Jun 16Jun 16
dreams Are they true or some silly imagination

dreams ........Are they true or some silly imagination???normally this is not my character...really believe me.....past few months i have changed a lot emotionally there is this guy i am in touch...

dimplesimple13811Jun 15Jun 16
I Find It Funny

I Find It FunnyI have been on this site for a good while now. I have been somewhat dismayed by the fact that the majority of women who see my photo never take the ti...

YourMaster201835019Jun 14Jun 21
what to do with this men

what to do with this men ??????????i got of my friend came to me crying.......i told her instead of crying much better is finding a solution for whatever that she cr...

dimplesimple20510Jun 14Jun 15

Honesty, Trust, Deception & relationshipsTrust is a very important part of any relationship. I mean, if you can't fully trust your significant other, how confident can you really be in that...

JimNastics1352Jun 12Jun 13

Breaking news - sex is good for wrinkliesI mean really good. THIS is why we all carry on bugging the youngsters on CS by hanging around, for reasons like this - (First you should maybe lo...

Elegsabiff863112Jun 12Jun 14
Coming On Too Strong

Coming On Too Strong...How do you express your love for someone? When I was deeply in love and married, I wasn't bad in expressing my love. I didn't/don't say the words...

TheOne121056870Jun 12Jun 14

Younger or older?In my opinion i would like to choose someone older than me. I think the most of older men are mature and they are ready for a family. I dont want to...

RoseMaiNguyen1,04263Jun 12Jul 2

A divorced women deserves a good man?Can a women find out a true love.. If she was divorced and she has a kid..? Is it still possible for her to find a good man?...

RoseMaiNguyen78551Jun 11Jun 17

OLE TO Billy J By Paul David PowersOLE TO Billy J By Paul David Powers All of my Life Knew How to Screw Forward and Backward-Pregnancy Too Oh what a f*ck- with a Baby Within Don’...

PaulDavidPowers902Jun 11Jun 11

Men and different cultures....What a range of styles. From liberal liberated matriarchal Scandinavia. To parts of the Islamic world. How'd that all happen in the same human family?...

Vierkaesehoch1589Jun 10Jun 11

How it got out of my love ...How it got out of my love ... Many boys touch a lover (or the other way around) by giving a gift. I lost mine. When my birthday came, I bought her...

jarred177-Jun 10

Men and women....... No, don't....Many of us men have been there. I recall as a much younger man, being in bed with a younger Indian girl, Sunita, daughter of a ranking military famil...

Vierkaesehoch1,32492Jun 9Jun 13

Women and the men folk.....The Hymen...Ah, yes, the hymen. Now how different is THAT little perforated (usually) piece of dense connective tissue betwen the sexes? I won't bore CS bloggers...

Vierkaesehoch2399Jun 8Jun 11

Men and women.....Who knew?...... Very few sex specific behavioral and emotional traits many find annoying. NOT. Wide range of controlling styles. Here's one. You two...

Vierkaesehoch1228Jun 6Jun 6
First Email

First Email..........i think if only we all can be honest to each will solve lot of problems but ...i think that unlikely to happen....but...a...

dimplesimple680Jun 5

Women and men.....Exploring differences. Nice place to begin is the obsession (sic) with "honesty" mentioned in so many profiles Among the ladies, vs. menfolk. Do your...

Vierkaesehoch19415Jun 5Jun 5
The difficulty with finding someone online

The difficulty with finding someone onlineIs it really that difficult? How many long-term relationships have formed due to this site? I have been here a few years now and I know of maybe 2...

Johnny_Sparton1,505145Jun 4Jun 12

BadboysBadboys are addictive to some types of women, just as alcohol is addictive to alcoholics............

jarred174-Jun 4

CS folks who use this and well crafted site to arrange free travel. These folks will often have a touch of sociopathy, and as such will rationalize so abusing others,...

Vierkaesehoch27116Jun 4Jun 5

I cant reach youIf you see this post please write me. MB212 As soon as i saw you i have wanted to know you but my region is banned :( @MB212...

Juantolga35022Jun 4Jun 5
win or lose just one

win or lose............just onei was going through not so good time in my life at that time......this happened...there was this girl who had some brains for whatever work she di...

dimplesimple1443Jun 3Jun 3

you can cryyou can cry........... do not be ashamed of your tears.......................

jarred166-Jun 3
Love yourself and me

Love yourself and meI had my descriptions- Paewtato, About myself there are faith of loving my family's Loving people around and I always Treat Everyone Equally as usual...

paewtato1232May 31May 31

HumbleSeriously, why describe yourself as humble? Does it have a slang meaning I'm missing (like wicked sick = WOW amazing) because it is not a sexy wo...

Elegsabiff1,038117May 31Jun 29
Men men Amen complicated to........WO men.......... Looks like they are ......... ........all 24/7......... are they living in dreams?...

dimplesimple1657May 30May 30
Would you

Would you?Would you tell a woman that you know has a boyfriend and you have heard her complain about him in the past..."If you are ever looking for a new man, I...

Johnny_Sparton1,703200May 30Jun 7
free e mails keep writing

free e mails......keep writingmost of the guys believe in never give up attitude........very good....but if only this trait...they can follow in other good aspects...

dimplesimple1354May 29May 29

Men would not lie so muchMen would not lie so much if women did not ask them so many questions...............

jarred172-May 29

Do you miss someone? CallDo you miss someone? Call Do you want to have a chat? Invite Do you want to be understood? Explain Do you have questions? Ask them Do not you like...

jarred168-May 27

Many men would like to be married, only not twenty-four hours a day.Many men would like to be married, only not twenty-four hours a day....

jarred175-May 26
I have heard this said is it true

I have heard this it true?Women claim to like sex just as much as men. If that were the case, how come I hear it repeatedly...many the point it is just about the...

Johnny_Sparton85594May 26May 30
asz68: "nice honest man"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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