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Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman

Ever Been Beaten Up By A Woman?Well, I have. I picked her up… No! She picked me up in a pub one night. We were playing pool. We were the usual six and four wives. I was newly divor...

Catfoot1,03996Feb 5Feb 6

It's still fairer than the western way though.?n Thailand, it is well known that young women with old men often say to their friends "Don't worry he'll be dead soon". They will have the house and...

jarred1135-Feb 3
Bad Experiences With Men

Bad Experiences With MenMy jaw wants to unhook when I listen to what some women have to say about their close encounters of the third kind with men. It crossed my mind that s...

Catfoot1,154101Feb 2Feb 3
Who gives more in a love relationship

Who gives more in a love relationship?Love is such a precious feeling, so unique, that throughout history it is enough to count the innumerable feats that have been made in the name of thi...

Amed3249023Feb 1Aug 4

Divorced?This act of treason had always been the biggest imaginable taboo in my family and I have the dubious honor to be the first in the family to have attai...

Catfoot1,201117Feb 1Feb 4

Is this a new scam or what???Got a very interesting and unusual mail in my inbox today.... it came from a young man writing to me on behalf of his father who apparently has falle...

itchywitch71042Jan 29Jan 31

The first and last dateJust wanted to tell of a recent date I had. It was under unusual circumstances. To quote a friend “why are you talking to an Italian? You should be l...

Palmfrond1760Jan 29

"Ask For Angela"This is an initiative in the UK for women who feel unsafe on a date in a public place like a pub or nightclub - they can go to anyone working there an...

Elegsabiff35224Jan 29Jan 29

I love a women's faceI love a women's face especially when i'm shooting my load over it?...

jarred1159-Jan 29

online?? are you kiddingonline?? are you kidding just in my normal daily life girls hit on me all the time?...

jarred1138-Jan 29

Settling For Second Bests?Are you struggling to find the right partner? I hear many people here saying that one should lower their expectations so we won´t get disappointed...

daniela77788776Jan 28Jan 31

The Female Who's Never Been Married Stage of Life List:The Female Who's Never Been Married Stage of Life List: 18 - 23 "Woot! Lets party!!!" 23 - 28 "I'm looking to settle down" 28 - 35 "I'm searching...

jarred1130-Jan 26
Are you selling yourselves

Are you selling yourselves?Few days ago I wrote a blog on CS profiles ..whether to believe it or no .... One particular comment was very interesting would like to share it w...

Lamhe63047Jan 26Jan 27

Emotionally Unavailable PeopleFrom my observations in the last 4 years I´ve been on this site – and also in real life – I´ve met so many people who are “single” (either divorced, w...

daniela7771,540128Jan 26Feb 4
Looking for friends

Looking for friendsIt is like no one would like to be friends and get to know someone then see where it goes Ted...

Rci29502243Jan 26Jan 26

Define normalI was divorced and back in the dating pool before I met my first nutter. They're not all on the dating websites, you know, they move among us in real...

Elegsabiff1,06583Jan 25Jan 28
Do the stars foretell

Do the stars foretell?Reading horoscope predictions daily is out of habit and I never take it seriously ,few days back in my horoscope I read that I should be carefu...

Lamhe26426Jan 23Jan 23
Cs profiles

Cs profilesShould you believe everything that's written in the profiles ...or take it with a pinch of salt?...

Lamhe99268Jan 21Jan 25

anybody interested to be my friend.l am a scientist and inventer and a millionaire would anybody interested to be my friend....

jarred1193-Jan 21
A Very Pleasant Evening

A Very Pleasant EveningI went dancing with my sister and her husband last night. I don’t really like dancing but we do this once every six weeks or so and as it was my turn...

Catfoot69161Jan 21Jan 22

EthnicityI've been reading so many profiles that say their ethnicity is caucasian or asian etc. I enjoy facts and one fact is that the above mentioned describe...

Handiman61429Jan 20Mar 20

When i searched your profileWhen i searched your profile, I only ended up hanging out with some chicago prostitute - go figure, what's been going on with you?...

jarred1153-Jan 18

The ChaseCourting, to use Cat’s phraseology, is usually a game of cat and mouse; the predator and the prey. Not in a bad sense, but one usually does the chas...

mollybaby2,524303Jan 16Jan 19
A Stupid Argument To End It All

A Stupid Argument To End It AllI’ll never understand women. Yorkie and I had a date on tonight. The plan was a mini pub crawl until about nine and then to go and eat something. Ever...

Catfoot2,190267Jan 15Jan 18

Can't believe I missed Kiss A Ginger DayActually I don't know if they celebrate it here, there aren't many gingers in the south of Spain, I may be the only one in my small town. But if they...

Elegsabiff86183Jan 13Jan 14
No more broken toys

No more broken toysHave anyone got into a relationship with someone an they just seem to not be able to do anything for you bu,t when you first met they talk about what...

Lisa22936611Jan 13Jun 15
weekend comes

weekend comesHi my CS Friends I wish you all a nice weekend...

nighty701725Jan 12Jan 13
No Pot

No PotNo pot to piss in or window to throw it out of and every female here looking for a bailout emotional or financial. Very sad indeed for most fools loo...

Akeldama4029310Jan 12Jan 13
The Mating Game

The Mating GameThe world is filled with single people looking for somebody to share their lives (or maybe just the evening) with. At least some will show an interest...

Catfoot1,075100Jan 12Jan 14
is it time to be honest on this site

is it time to be honest on this siteI realise that I will be shot down for this but from the blogs I have seen a lot of people blame the site for not finding the partner of their dreams....

moose5232211Jan 11Jan 11
True Love

True LoveTrue love comes from the heart. Distance doesn't matter. If the love is true... Love will bring you together....

Unknown73851Jan 10Feb 5
It Does Not Happen That Way

It Does Not Happen That WayI’m still surprised at how many people join Connecting Singles believing that the love of their lives is going to drop into their laps over-night. Tha...

Catfoot69048Jan 10Jan 11

"Love" at first sight....well, in my experience, it's quite rare, but does happen. Perhaps more so among previous generations, which had more patience/groundedness, and fewer...

Vierkaesehoch30112Jan 6Jan 7
I Found The Perfect Partner For You

I Found The Perfect Partner For YouHey! Yes you… the fella who moved from 69 to 88; I thought I found a perfect partner for you… and then I realized you’re not Italian. But you have tha...

Catfoot97871Jan 6Jan 11
what are women looking for in a man

what are women looking for in a man??concerning 3 blogs i have seen on here since yesterday about what are women looking for i a man.. it has prompted me to create this blog. now...

georgie3976554Jan 5Jan 28

WHAT ARE WOMEN EXACTLY LOOKING FOR IN A MAN??????????i have been on this site for quite a long time and all i can say is IM A GOOD HEARTED GOD FEARING CHRISTIAN I AM A HUGE ANIMAL LOVER[ big dogs e...

Kindheartedguy691,29382Jan 5Jul 9

WHY IS MY PROFILE BEING OVER LOOKEDi have been on connecting singles for quite a long time and im kind of getting tired of the fact that the women on this site totally ignore me for on...

Kindheartedguy6950619Jan 4Jan 30

I only seesawI only seesaw if there is a ' R ' in the day, but also on Mraandag, Drinsdag, Wroensdag and Zrondag...

jarred1120-Jan 4
How to spot a liar and cheater straight from the start in order to avoid future unnecessary hardship

How to spot a liar and cheater straight from the start in order to avoid future,unnecessary hardshipThree (3) behaviours that expose a liar and cheater. 1. Non committal language. He/She offers you the moon with stars but, fails to carry thro...

Stargazer1111,29666Jan 4Feb 5
Em l ai

Em là aiAnh à , ch?c anh không d?c du?c nh?ng dòng tâm s? này c?a em . ..Nhung ma em không th? chia s? v?i ngu?i khác vì h? cung b?n r?n .. thôi thì e vi?t...

poprice2969Jan 3Jan 4

WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE MY TURN FOR LOVEi have been on connecting singles for a long while and all ive been getting is scammers[women asking for money] im tired of it . im 48 years old soon...

Kindheartedguy6936119Jan 3Jan 5
If you dont know what you want please dont come in my life and playing game

If you dont know what you want, please dont come in my life and playing game...!If you dont know what you really want, please dont come in my life and playing game...! Life is hard enough already without games....

thuyanhgj123595Jan 1Jan 1
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