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TrustWhat does it take online to meet somebody that has integrity and can be honest with themselves and others?? I find that I keep running into untrustwo...

Cwizzy6529412Jun 2017Jun 2017
Our love was unique until

Our love was unique until.......6 years ago I met beautiful women at a party given by some friends. When I saw her, I thought she was just the perfect woman for me and I was sure ab...

Jerrykagose26615Jun 2017Jul 7
Malta and Zen

Malta, and ZenIt was 20 years ago. I was a successful consultant in my field, editor in a magazine, had managed to become assistant professor in the college I gradu...

SonkeiGiri79121Jun 2017Jun 2017

relationshipsAre they really that difficult to form? I have been on this dating site for over 2 years...think I am pushing 3, but who is counting. Before a rela...

Johnny_Sparton1,333101Jun 2017Jul 19

ProShackles and chains can be a lot of fun in the right hands...

Track161832Jun 2017Jun 2017
What now

What now ???As I'm not having any luck on CS finding the perfect woman , or it seems any woman for that matter I thought I would try other oprions . A friend s...

oldblue5462629Jun 2017Jun 2017
When Hauggh met Sallhhg

When Hauggh met Sallhhg(A caveman love story) (fun only) It was full moon and Sallhhg knew there had to be more to life than the village and picking a good hunter to coo...

Elegsabiff68849Jun 2017Aug 4

o*gasmI don't agree sleeping around is a great way to meet your soulmate. Where are you now.? I want to make you happy with a lot of shitload of o*gasm bet...

Jerrykagose42828Jun 2017Jun 2017
Men Women Sex and Love

Men, Women, Sex and Love...Men, Women, Sex and Love. Been on CS a while... mainly here for the poetry. This is my first Blog. Just trying to canvass a few opinions. Dear fellow...

lovecanbereal40330Jun 2017Jun 2017
I Miss You Charlie

I Miss You, Charlie!I hope you're having a super nice stress-free day there......

Crazyheart383504Jun 2017Jun 2017
Ok I was wrong

Ok, I was wrong...I was wrong to suggest chat rooms n I didn't take the Chat Room idea it to CS Admin. After a lil bit of thought, am going suggest a CS messenger...

1_SPCTR2045Jun 2017Jun 2017
What makes a great relationship

What makes a great relationship?I've been around the block a few times and I've learned quite a bit about what makes a relationship good/bad, horrible/great. I don't know if many peo...

Godlyman301988Jun 2017Jun 2017
Crazyheart3834715Jun 2017Jun 2017
Slow Day Huh

Slow Day Huh !This should get things moving......

nonsmoker2449Jun 2017Jun 2017
I came to say hello

I came to say hello!Hi every one hope you are doing good? Yes we doing very well. And we enjoy the sunny weather!...

Zeurich19410Jun 2017Jun 2017
The benefit of being a man

The benefit of being a manThe benefit of being a man is that physical attractiveness is 90% body. If you got a great symmetrical muscular physique- you'll always be deemed attr...

jarred1110-May 2017
1930 Girls were raised to be gentle and respectful

1930 Girls were raised to be "gentle" and respectful1930 Girls were raised to be "gentle" and respectful...

jarred1108-May 2017
but God save that poor cat for real

but God save that poor cat, for real.I feel bad for all the animals here.. but God save that poor cat, for real. Btw, all those photos are damn creepy and super weird. The pearl one may g...

jarred1120-May 2017
Honestly want to hear what you men and ladies would do under this circumstance

Honestly want to hear what you men and ladies would do under this circumstance......I have just returned back from a trip home - Solomon Islands to attend my mom's funeral a week ago. Before leaving Indonesia, I needed a visa to ente...

titsy36724May 2017May 2017
Wait For Me

Wait For MeWait For Me...

jarred1104-May 2017
To All of You

To All of You"To All of You" To all of you American girls It's sad to imagine a world without you American girls I'd like to be part o...

jarred1109-May 2017
Good Catches

Good CatchesI, and I'm sure some of you do too, view other members and think, 'Yeah, they would be a good catch' Don't get me wrong, not necessarily for mysel...

mollybaby98176May 2017May 2017

ClownsHas anyone noticed nearly all female members looking for someone to make them laugh.Begs the question are they looking for clowns/...

steelworks23515May 2017May 2017
Give me your love

Give me your loveGive me your love...

jarred1120-May 2017
is there anyone out there

is there anyone out thereis there any ladies out there that just want to get together to know one another and see where it promises or commitments at first.if it happe...

wheelz7029224May 2017May 2017
s*xual Stage Which are you at

s*xual Stage - Which are you at?Apparently, there are 5 Stages of Sexuality which you could be in at any period in your life. Maybe it may be worth our while looking at them and s...

mollybaby1,605129May 2017Aug 14
a world without men MGTOW special

a world without men MGTOW speciala world without men MGTOW special...

jarred1140-May 2017
Surveyor reporting for duty

Surveyor reporting for dutyI had a Spanish structural survey (finally!) on the Spanish property I want to buy and loved this wording - reúne las exigencias de carácter relativo...

Elegsabiff26234May 2017May 2017
whoever guesses how old I am

whoever guesses how old I am,whoever guesses how old I am,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, without looking at my profile will have five years of good luck?...

jarred1128-May 2017

DramaIf I could create a program to sort thru profiles and weed out some of the most undesirable ones, I guess it would simply filter for the word "drama"....

chame1eon_again41130May 2017May 2017
o*al Sex is Good for a Womans Health

o*al Sex is Good for a Woman’s Health!o*al Sex is Good for a Woman’s Health!...

jarred1201-May 2017
since when do women find mans butt important

since when do women find man's butt important ?since when do women find man's butt important ?I never thought about that. women checking out man's butt?...

jarred1118-May 2017
Virtual lovers

Virtual loversWhat's about? A new way to love a person can be the virtual love, I know that sometimes it can sucks because you can't kiss, you can't do "anything of...

DestinyLover1594May 2017May 2017
Happy day

Happy dayto all who celebrated with their mom.s or foster mom.s...sometimes friends are like a mom figure....what connects people isn.t always ties of blood......

sweetiefireball1641May 2017May 2017
WHATS The Point

WHATS The Pointi thought i would get lots of interest on here after 5 months 1 message couple nice comments don t think i can improve my profile maybe most women...

martysmart572315May 2017May 2017
Profile Pictures Science of Attraction

Profile Pictures - Science of AttractionProfile Pictures - Science of Attraction...

jarred1122-May 2017
What makes a woman into a gold digger

What makes a woman into a gold digger?What makes a woman into a gold digger?...

jarred1148-May 2017
A computer can never measure or capture chemistry between people

A computer can never measure or capture chemistry between people.A computer can never measure or capture chemistry between people. Love is an i...

jarred1170-May 2017
i want to know

i want to knowis this site only for seniors. and when a younger asked her for conversation why they don't answer....

RockyMalik22911May 2017May 2017
Would you for money

Would you, for money?I'm not talking Robert Redford in a tux, offering a million bucks for a night, or Angelina Jolie saying she'd give you the same for a weekend away....

Elegsabiff1,090114May 2017May 2017

PassionPassion is usually some heavying petting followed by great sex. That's my understanding of it anyhow lol...

Track162345May 2017May 2017
What s going

What.s going....seems like a lot of things these days.....the only thing that is for sure is that changes are constant and are happening frequently....what about in y...

sweetiefireball19910May 2017May 2017
MetaMaus: "Rosie is dead..."(meet us in the forums)

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