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I Think This Is My Year

I Think This Is My YearSo I had another date last was a boring date in an Irish pub but the seafoods and drinks were all worth dressing down We were the last cu...

Crazyheart3873573Oct 2017Oct 2017
The Online Disinhibition Effect

The Online Disinhibition EffectFrom It's well known that people say and do things in cyberspace that they wouldn't ordina...

Swami38944Oct 2017Oct 2017
I saw the blog about

I saw the blog about...Casual sex And also believe people should practice safe sex... So how long into a relationship would you feel safe having unprotected sex with s...

oldblue542796Oct 2017Oct 2017


DIRKFLEET2116Oct 2017Oct 2017
Sex robots

Sex robotsWhen do you think state of the art sex robots will be on the market? Will they also be able to do cooking, cleaning and Ironing? Will they also bat...

Freedomofspeech91,121119Oct 2017Oct 2017
Party on Internet

Party on InternetThe main problem of the internet and with sites like CS is that those do not offer the possibility to have a party between us. At a party are invited...

Swami1,01167Oct 2017Oct 2017
dont go to dating sites If your not serious

don't go to dating sites If your not seriousDating sites are for honesty and pen pal communications not profiling or spyware or porn etc.I find that many people are searching for their soul mate...

josephevans32113Oct 2017Oct 28
I miss you

I miss youI miss you so much, your playful touch your kiss, your giggling about nothing over lunch. I miss how our eyes would meet And how you would laugh...

1r1shmale1591Oct 2017Oct 2017
I cant believe it

I can't believe itHey guys my son dady text me saying he is sorry for all that happened I should forgive him.... Guys he left me long time ago .guys he put my stuff o...

shane45681720Oct 2017
How it feels

How it feels?Gentle women and men I am wondering about my s*xual been I never enjoy sex the way I hear other persons speak of it... Men tends to love it more ... I...

shane45681755Oct 2017Oct 2017
Is sex the same for a man and a woman

Is sex the same for a man and a woman?I read this question today as part of a post. Today Psychologists already know the answer. I read some time ago an article which referes to this matt...

Swami2427Oct 2017Oct 2017

I’m glad we are friendsI’m glad we are friends...

jarred1505-Oct 2017

First Love Never DiesFirst Love Never Dies...

jarred1381-Oct 2017
blocking people out of our lives

blocking people out of our livesWould it not be great and wonderful if we can block people out of our lives, out of our memories our hearts and minds with a flip of a switch or pus...

Akeldama4043133Oct 2017Oct 2017
Problems we dont talk about

Problems we don't talk aboutWhat would put you off meeting someone in person ?...

oldblue543588Oct 2017Oct 2017

Sacrifice"Unless you can enjoy yourself you cannot help anyone to enjoy. Unless you are really contented with yourself, you cannot serve others; you cannot hel...

Swami26823Oct 2017Oct 2017
A thought for all to ponder

A thought for all to ponderA man and a woman from two distant lands set out to find the truth of themselves As they set out upon their journey they went from city to city count...

Akeldama4028615Oct 2017Oct 2017
Love is a spiritual phenomenon lust is physical Ego is psychological love is spiritual

Love is a spiritual phenomenon; lust is physical. Ego is psychological; love is spiritual.“People think that they can love only when they find a worthy partner—nonsense! You will never find one. People think they will love only when they fi...

Swami25411Oct 2017Oct 2017
Being Unfaithful OSHO Talks Part 3

"Being Unfaithful" - OSHO Talks - Part 3The story is told of Mulla Nasruddin, who got married and spent a pleasant honeymoon with his bride. But one day he came to the office with a rather g...

Swami19011Oct 2017Oct 2017
Being Unfaithful OSHO Talks Part 2

"Being Unfaithful" - OSHO Talks - Part 2In dreams you are free and private. The magistrate is not there, the policeman is not there, the wife is not there, nobody is there. You are again fre...

Swami1180Oct 2017
Being Unfaithful OSHO Talks Part 1

"Being Unfaithful" - OSHO Talks - Part 1Question – Osho, I know for sure that my wife is utterly faithful to me, but still doubt goes on lingering somewhere inside me. What should I do to ge...

Swami1493Oct 2017Oct 2017

Your Profile Has Been Viewed32,324 times. Someone seems to like me..................................

Track1633918Oct 2017Oct 2017
i want to dating with a girl

i want to dating with a girlhey i'm dhameera ,this is my hey i want to dating with good women , i don't care about age or other things i want to girl...

roshan952538Oct 2017Oct 2017

making the first moveSo I know this shy guy, 40 or so, a fellow writer, who has been fantasizing about meeting a woman who will pick him up and make him happy. Now a w...

Elegsabiff37838Oct 2017Oct 2017

Do I or Don't I?Quick Scenerio.......Fifteen years ago I left my X, he had done something that I do believe now I have been running away from. Over the years I have...

Cwizzy6553024Oct 2017Oct 28
looking for new friends

looking for new friendsI'm back been away for awhile.ladies I'm back to looking for some new friends to see where it goes from there.anybody from the homestead area here...

boomboom20151180Oct 2017
What are we in search of

What are we in search of ?Since my boyhood I always have wondered what it means to be happy, to be fulfilled? As I grow older and now in my early 30s, after witnessing so many...

Looking4friends11664Oct 2017Oct 29

Spark or CircumstanceWe all speak about this mysterious 'spark' when two people meet for the first time. What is it? Is it real or circumstantial? There is one type...

mollybaby1,376124Sep 2017Oct 2017

Choose your friends by their characterChoose your friends by their character...

jarred1101-Sep 2017
How Do You Woo Someone

How Do You Woo Someone?I love being wooed by a man, this is the most exciting part for me. This is the stage where I can know what kind of a man he is . The most wonder...

Crazyheart381,232110Sep 2017Oct 28

Are You In A Multi-Dimensional Relationship?Have you ever had a relationship with someone that has been very frustrating, challenging and sad, as if you are feeling stuck and cannot move on?...

daniela77733621Sep 2017Sep 2017
Hes Exasperating

He's Exasperating!It's a battle of wills between us from the beginning... and I'm losing it We both have crazy work schedule but it's always on his time. Last night...

Crazyheart3826517Sep 2017Sep 2017
According to

According toSinger song writer Paul Simon, There are 50 ways to leave your lover. That's about 49 to complicated for me. Looking more closly at the problem we s...

nonsmoker36040Sep 2017Sep 2017
Met Someone In The Parking Lot

Met Someone In The Parking LotYesterday during my 59th Birthday I met someone named Coko in the parking lot of the rooming house I stay at in Pittsburgh, PA; we talked some an d I...

TheAgnostic582519Sep 2017Oct 2017

True FriendshipTrue Friendship...

jarred1588-Sep 2017
Would You Give Up Your CS Profile For Someone

Would You Give Up Your CS Profile For Someone ?I know most of us bloggers are here for ages, we've met and dated but still here on blogs. I know some are not here for dating but for blogs and foru...

Crazyheart3858056Sep 2017Sep 2017
jarred191-Sep 2017
Dating for the undatables

Dating for the undatablesGathered here and there are a bunch of diverse intelligent and not so intelligent beings, some are good looking most are not, some are just an outline...

Mapmaker83772Sep 2017Sep 2017

A Heart Without Love DiesA Heart Without Love Dies...

jarred1119-Sep 2017
jarred1125-Sep 2017
Relationship Closure How Did You Get It

Relationship Closure : How Did You Get It?It's easy to break up a relationship and moving on sounds easy but not when you didn't get any closure. After the divorce, I myself pushed for a...

Crazyheart3865647Sep 2017Sep 2017
His hers

His & hersEarlier today whilst getting the hair done, picked up a magazine, flicked through the pages till something of interest caught my eye, then I began rea...

itchywitch52326Sep 2017Sep 2017

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