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Advice to Change Girls into Women Part 2

Advice to Change Girls into Women Part 2ITEM 1. Unless you are 30 or older, do not talk about being hurt. 1 or 2 times is nothing. My heart was broken two times by drop dead gorgeous Rus...

LincolnsCousin1962Apr 11Apr 11
Advice to Change Girls into Women from a MAN with Feelings MEN Use my wording in profile 1st msg

Advice to Change Girls into Women from a MAN with Feelings. MEN: Use my wording in profile 1st msgI am 70 years old. I quit looking in the 1980s & last (and best ever) sex was in 1984. I was surprised that she picked me up. So it took her 20 mi...

LincolnsCousin24912Apr 11Apr 11

Tribute To Connecting SinglesAmid the corridors of the internet There's a website called Connecting Singles It's portrayed as a dating site, and yet Some folks are there merely...

socrates4472642Apr 10May 3
End of Seasons

End of SeasonsStill feel a bit green to blogging but I need to write rather than pay a therapist also spelled "TheRapist". If I need advise, a blog is a great plac...

UnFayzed28913Apr 10Apr 13
Sleep Disorder

Sleep DisorderThis is often why I blog - my sleep pattern has gone whacko. On a 40 hr work week schedule I have to try to force sleep when I can, after retirement...

UnFayzed32017Apr 10Apr 12

"Wanna Come Up & See My Etchings?"Well, here I am starting over on a new site, although definitely not new to blogging. I must admit starting over with an introduction had me a bit sty...

LadyImp45717Apr 9Apr 10

Everybody hurts sometimesEverybody hurts sometimes...................

jarred1156-Apr 9

CountdownOnly 2 more sleeps..... Got my hair coloured and highlighted. Bye bye annoying grays! #justwannalookprettyforarty...

MiMiArt184-Apr 9

- And I love her- And I love her.............

jarred1142-Apr 8

MaybeI think I have maybe changed my mind about not looking for someone anymore. That causes a lot of problems so will have to think a bit more before I de...

ekself62861Apr 7Apr 8

NO COMMENTS, Just listen to it and enjoy,NO COMMENTS, Just listen to it and enjoy...................

jarred1142-Apr 7
Riddle me this

Riddle me thisIf my mother is also my sister and my father my half brother do you think the gene pool will become too small if I marry my fist cousin

ribabezvode2061Apr 6Apr 6

It won't be long now......Art and I would be reunited on the 11th April. He made the arduous trip to Malaysia to meet his MiMi for the first time last year February. That was a...

MiMiArt358-Apr 6Apr 6
5ECX5M1200Apr 5
Its Not Me Its You

Its Not Me Its YouThere are very specific reasons why we will never connect, and distance aint one of them, Baby...

My_Lover3058Apr 4Apr 5

The Potential Males on this SiteI have never found so many men with the color "black" for eyes. So many "mixed race" men and when you ask them what "mix" they are reply something stu...

StellaSato41741115Apr 4Apr 5
Crazyheart3848531Apr 3Apr 22

Said yes, and I’m taking the plunge, squeeeeeI’ll be honest with you, I never expected to marry again but he kept asking and the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is actually the...

Elegsabiff1,33595Mar 31Apr 2

Love Me When I'm OldLove Me When I'm Old..................

jarred1126-Mar 31
Things I dont understand here Part I

Things I don’t understand here. Part I.Prelude: The other day I had an exchange here with a younger man from another country: Him: How are you doing? Me (thinking “what exactly do pe...

Tulefell70641Mar 31Apr 3
Two in bed are worth one prescription

Two in bed, are worth one prescription.....A friend of mine was telling me that she was cheated on but it all ended well . Now this begs to demand why and how , you must be asking. She to...

Kiterunner12152Mar 30Mar 30
Who am I

Who am I ?My English is not most perfect so I copy this from internet to show for you to read and comment Whenever two people meet, there are really six peop...

ribabezvode2453Mar 29Mar 29
A unique way that scammers and fakes hide their true self

A unique way that scammers and fakes hide their true selfIf at anytime the pervs here like to save or collect pics of women here, there is something to observe when or if you intend to save and upload them t...

Akeldama401820Mar 28
itchywitch344-Mar 26Mar 26
Is it a fallacious request or a way to help a friend

Is it a fallacious request or a way to help a friend ?I had a friend who was married to this lady who was a few years younger then he was. He told me that his wife might look like a angle but once you ge...

Kiterunner133510Mar 26Apr 18
Feeding the heart

Feeding the heart...Have you ever craved for a particular meal , thinking to yourself mmmm.... “Would be great this evening to go to that Indian Restaurant and eat to you...

Kiterunner12579Mar 24Mar 25

Have You EverBeen with someone that looks really good on paper but turn out to be a lemon?...

Track1638722Mar 24Mar 25
At least we still have CS until further notice

At least we still have CS until further notice!!H.R.1865 - Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 This new proposal on US law agenda of those looking for love in all...

Akeldama402698Mar 23Mar 26
Psychological warfare

Psychological warfare!Now, being on here for around a week, I had lots of traffic in my inbox. It is very long time ago that I participated on a dating site. First: compare...

Protegaia1,14237Mar 23Apr 27
No more fights

No more fightsSo, this is an update to my first blog.. I have ended it with my then boyfriend. I was taught by the example of my parents that loving someone is p...

Unknown64621Mar 22Mar 23

Love Is A DecisionI wrote and posted the following piece on Poetry Corner on Jan 7, 2016: Love Is A Decision (Author: socrates44) Love is not based on a feeling...

socrates4443532Mar 21Mar 25
A shocking reveal from a female regarding dating sites

A shocking reveal from a female regarding dating sites.I was talking with a female friend of mine over the weekend. We were talking about me and my activity on a dating site. She revealed to me, if she...

Johnny_Sparton1,663106Mar 19Mar 29
To Love Or Not To Love

To Love Or Not To LoveSo many times I heard people saying that they will never love again as it only brings pain but are they not doing themselves short for nothing? There...

Catfoot1,20985Mar 19Mar 20
Statement of a professor on internet dating viewed on Sat TV

Statement of a professor on internet dating ( viewed on Sat - TV )Internet has expand our world bounderies. Dating sites arise by hundreds and thousands and yes people are finding and have found a suitable partner du...

bookofdays31011Mar 18Mar 27

GAS GRASS OR a** NOBODY RIDES FOR FREELet's face reality boys of CS. If you have nothing on your plate that is better than what the girls of CS have your chances of winning their heart and...

Akeldama402964Mar 17Mar 18
Bridge collapse in Miami

Bridge collapse in MiamiIn case anyone is interested a recent accident in Miami when a new walking bridge was recently installed at a Florida University had collapsed on seve...

Akeldama4024411Mar 16Mar 16
I wanna wake up next to you

I wanna wake up next to youWhat do you think is the best part of a loving relationship? Is it the sharing, the intimacy, the sex, the security it gives you, the feeling of being...

Bunyi88834214Mar 16Mar 17
Looking at faces making choices

Looking at faces – making choicesIt’s weird isn’t it? Looking at all these faces and wondering which one’s you should contact and which ones you won’t. How is it, we can make such...

Bunyi88841431Mar 15Apr 5

100%It seems everyone is looking for that special one, that soul mate, that life partner but isn’t that one and only so hard to find? What each is looking...

Bunyi88827013Mar 15Mar 16
What is a friend

What is a friend?We take for granted our need for friends but really what is a friend? Well, on one level a friend is the opposite of an enemy, so anyone on your side...

Bunyi88832611Mar 14Apr 6
Expectations Part 1

Expectations. Part 1The following blog titled "When you are e...

Stargazer1113,817232Mar 12Mar 21
Very sad indeed

Very sad indeedReviewing various female profiles and their perception of self and the quality of men they seek It's rather sad when they preach about how loving cari...

Akeldama4048425Mar 12Apr 10
kmyost: "favorite books"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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