Men are from Mars- Women are from Venus. Book of day, John Gray. Please explain and example

September 5 " By releasing resentment and mistrust, she will automatically begin getting more of what she wants and also enjoy expressing her true and loving self."
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This idea would apply to all. As long as people hold resentments of the past of what could or would be or been, there is an element of mistrust with self judgment. Greater are regrets of things we should or could have experienced than the things we already have experienced. Many profiles of people here love to point out the things they don't want in a relationship than the lofty unrealistic things they do want in a relationship. Perhaps, what the author is saying unless or until people stop projecting their past failures and assumptions and mistrust of the world around them, opportunities will open.

Know thyself comes to mind. You get what you give. If you want love, health, healing, and knowledge of self, one has to be willing to give it.

In theory this may sound good but, in practical application many fail or there would not be so much wrong in the world today.

Real freedom is letting go of all that binds us in our thoughts and actions. Letting go of hate, fear, prejudice, anger, resentment. How can the world heal if it still harbors these things?

If people want love and compassion they must start offering it. Not selectively according to ego but, equally to all.

Nevertheless, this response will be challenged. professor
MY wife required me to read it back in the day. rolling on the floor laughing
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