On "Meet me" and "Likes"

The top menu line of CS contains a few menu items. Drop down menus are the looking glass for searches, the people button and of course the Profile and Inbox menus. In between you find your 'matches' which you might hope are CS limits to local members within your search preferences, but search preferences are largely ignored. You will see all members, young and old: women if you are a straight man, all men if you are a straight woman. You can tune who you see by adding an age range or a specific location in the menu at the right. The ordering is according to the last log-on date and time.

And then there is the "meet-me" button, which shows 'new members' in your local area. You can 'swipe' either 'yes', 'may be' or 'no'. Candidly to all members you answered 'yes' CS sends a 'like'. As a rookie, I wasn't aware of this. Nowadays I don't use the 'Meet me' button any longer. A peculiar side effect of using the "meet me" button, is that when responding 'yes' without a full profile view, the recipient of the 'like' doesn't notice the sender among his 'profile views'. This is a tell-tale of people having used the "meet me" button. (Technically you might also switch 'hiding my views' and then send a like. This suggests a twisted mindset.)

If you don't really like to receive messages from certain regions or continents or from people (far) outside your target age range, you can specify this by editing your block settings. Your default block settings are lifted for all members you 'like'. A member who 'likes' you, thereby also lifts his/her block settings for messaging (if there were any). If 'likes' are mutual, messaging is possible by default.
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Thanks for the tutorial., would never have figured it out.
Have you only just found out? wow
There are things you know and others you suspect. I prefer double checking to make sure my suspicions are justified. And even then I may not write about it.

Something tells me that long ago you probably have found an efficient way to limit the number of messages in your Mail inbox. But again: unless you confirm that, I cannot turn it into a statement.
To limit the number of messages....?
Apart from age, gender, country and marital status, I cannot think of anything else? dunno
Jefke don't you feel "hurt" when you delete Likes, when it says; Nobody like you?crying
What do you call a person who sends "LIKES?" when my profile says "I don't respond to likes."

Send a message if anyone wants a response. banana
No one reads profiles..........wave
"What do you call a person who sends "LIKES?" when my profile says "I don't respond to likes."

A lying, scamming, ill-mannered, toxic POS who obviously does not read profiles. That's how I spot them and report.
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