Profiling 2.0

You have been on CS longer than a few weeks and you discovered forums, blogs, videos, music and more.
Once you add a comment to any of those ongoing discussions, something changes in your profile. You now have a counter button under the heading 'posts' revealing that you have become a 'contributing' CS member.
The more active you are, the higher counters go or the more extra buttons show up: 'blogs', 'quizzes', 'polls', 'music' (too many to list). Contributing CS members have some commitment to this site. This has various repercussions. Such as:
- They are genuine (I never found any scammer among contributing members. Scammers don't invest in a site, nor in their membership or profile.)
- They will show up more frequently in any search: categories such as blogs, videos or music have a contributor list. Moreover that list can be sorted (default is last login).
- Other than reading, listening to or watching your contributions, CS members may also be more tempted to visit your profile. You will get more profile views and just perhaps less one-liners among your messages.

- The lazy new member scans through photos in her/his target selection,
- The more elaborate member actually reads the profile texts, but profile texts can be elementary or they paint a too rosy picture.
- Profiling 2.0 starts when you consider the member's contributions on this site. Is she/he the kind of person you consider a suitable dating partner? Or do you dislike her/his opinions, music taste and are you convinced it will never work?

Both are OK. You are more than one step ahead to successfully contact a person you rhyme with. In the opposite case, you will less likely squander time dating somebody whose attitude turns you down.
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Good observation and welcome to the blog world wave
I'm cahtterbox, one of "the worst" laugh
Lindsy and me break all records rolling on the floor laughing
Still, nobody ever said to me "I saw your profile and read through some of your blog comments and blabla... and let's marry! (ok I had one offer today but it was from a bloke... jk mic purple heart ).

Let me brag abit though, cos I love that lol: when I was last here some ten years ago, one had seen me on blogs and she came jogging over. She didn't mail me, but she joined in the blogs for a short while.
She was from Belarus but genuine and all, like you say about those who bother to join here.
However, I blew it in less than a week haha.

Welcome onboard. Here you can get to now folk in a way you otherwise would not online.
That much is true.

Breaking records?rolling on the floor laughing laugh heart wings ok..keeping a tab isn't fun, is it?

Ok love everything I do here. Chat, blog, write poems, creating friendships (few enemies, hahaha, part of the package) but most of all enjoy my brain worked out on some engaging posts.

Yea, your brain needs about 100 situps a day peace sheep elephant cswelcome
Ok Ozzie...i love everything about you.
Let's get married, shall we,? heart wings lips
Salut Jef..bienvenue à notre site. wave
Ok. But lindsy has to come too. professor

rollers rose in teeth rollers
ok, I'll be the bride's matron of honor?teddybear lips bouquet
Hmmmn I feel like we're going to have a soiree tonight?elephant danceline party teddybear
Me gusta la guitarra clásica.
A mi también.smitten

Mais je suis Française.
Kumusta mi amiga, ses sui Filipine. Yo hablo Español. Mi abvuelita es puro Español.
Ola Jef, tambien.
Vous êtes prof de français en Espagne?
Non, j'étais prof d'anglais et francais en Allemagne
Et aussi quelque temps en Espagne.

Maintenant c'est fini! sigh

But, as they say...Once a teacher, always a teacher. smile cool
My body requires at least 100 a day wave teddybear
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