If You Know This..

Then you are a trully "unique traveler"

You see, two days before flying to Indonesia, my Saudi friend rang and asked me what I wanted from his City. He even asked me to make a shopping list.

Every time he asked me that, I always said nothing. I didn't want anything. He didn't need to bring anything. But he always insisted. And sometimes we ended up "arguing" laugh
Then he would say something that would make me say ok.

This time I finally told him to bring me something I had when I was in Mecca. Amongst other things he brought me, here was the thing I asked him:

Anybody knows what that is? wink
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Like I said on my earlier blog (erased now), I have three big events (21, 22 and 26 February 2019), which involves the vvip of our city, I must arrange. All preparation is so far ready.

And today I am ready to chair the first one..

Bismillah.. angel2
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I Often Wonder..

Why do you so badly feel the need to convince others how intelligent you are and even have the need to degrade others in doing that here on CS Blog?
Because no one in real life can be convinced? dunno

Please enlighten me as I am not that intelligent to figure it out.. help
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This Is The Second Time..

I found a man who changed his Ethnicity and Religion in just a blink of eyes.. from Native American to Pacific Islander..from Christian to Muslim??

I can understand when he changed his country even from USA to Australia or somewhere else. It's a matter of a flight ticket booking.

But Ethnicity and Religion..?? shock

I learn new things on CS everyday..
sigh moping
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Silhouette of A Woman..

I think some of you remembered my blog about a photo I showed to a man which then made him start talking about breasts.. my breasts! grin

A good advice I got was that I better not to show a breast-like photo if I didn't want him to talk about my breast. Sure that makes sense.

But then it has me wonder.
What if I show a silhouette of my real breasts? my bum cheeks? my camel toes?

What would be the wildest thing a man would think of or say or do if he saw a walking woman with all her sexy silhouettes before his eyes?

uh oh hole
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Don't you think you'll miss your plane? confused

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My Ugliest Thorn of Rose..

All I know is that every rose has thorns. If you are not careful when trying to touch the roses, then you will get hurt by the thorns. Ofcourse, not all thorns can deeply hurt you. Only can the sharpest one. rose

So just like those roses, I too have thorns. I hate my sharpest thorn as it is the ugliest one of all. I always.. I mean ALWAYS.. try my best to hide that thorn of mine deep deep down in a secret bunker inside me. I don’t want to hurt anybody. But sometimes, I am forced to let it out and hurt someone who “challenges” the sharpness of my thorn with their own thorns.

Please don’t touch it, or you will have your pride hurt badly. uh oh
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In the Last Minutes

Changing mind, have you ever?

Several hours ago my sisters and I discussed about a quite important matter as it involved big money and time. They asked me to join them to go abroad for 10 days or so on a religous purpose in Januari 2019.

We had argues as I had a different travel plan with my office colleague..

You see, our office was recently visited by two representatives of an Embassy of a country that has developed smart city projects. Then E (my office colleague) and I took them to lunch. We talked about lots of interesting things.. interesting enough to make E and I thought of going there.

After considering certain things, E and I agreed to make a travel plan and to start preparing. I liked the plan as I had a dear friend (B) living in that country I wanted to meet. I told B all about this visit plan. Then somehow meeting B became my priority.

I told my sisters about that when we discussed about the religious journey.. Yes, like I said, we had argues.

Unexpectedly, B and I had a fight when my sisters and I were still discussing the journey... a stupid fight but enough to make me finally made a decision and said: "Hey sis, guess what? I agree with you both. So lets go and make our religious journey worthwhile!"

All I need now is to find a perfect moment and proper way to inform E about the change.

I wonder if any of you have made a plan but then changed it in the last minutes. hmmm
But because of something stupid? Naahh I guess you never.. laugh
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Please Stop It..

When D Trump ordered his foreign affairs minister (or whatever you call that person) to announce something officially or to make an official statement, then the minister showed up on TV reading the announcement, do you think Trump typed the statement? Do you think the minister typed it?

Ofcourse NOT.. his staff did that. Trump dictated it to his staff. Once it's announced, no one would even care who typed or wrote it down.. It's Trump's words, not the typist's words.. that's all that matters. No?

You see, it's the same thing as a Holy Book, whatever that is. Ofcourse it was WRITTEN by men! God dictated his words to His Messengers through His Angels.

The believers BELIEVE that. Some, yes, shove their beliefs down others' throat, but some don't.
And YOU, the non believers, BELIEVE that's not true..all was just fiction...it's primitive beliefs made by primitive humans.. blah blah..
Although some non believers don't shove such belief down others' throat, remember some do, like some of YOU.

Then what is the difference between YOU and them?? confused

So please stop it!
Or should I too say, please give it a rest.. tip hat
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Practice What You Preach..

And you think that has given you all the rights to say anything as you please about MY RELIGION, eh Sands88 or Seaworthy or whoever you are?? Where is your own tolerance??
Why don't you practice what you preach. wink

Remember, when you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you." Jesus had a version of this wisdom when he said, "Don't focus on the speck in your brother's eye while ignoring the log in your own eye." nerd

Why do you always see the bad in others rather than yourselves. dunno
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The New Burqa Lady..

I know this lady quite well. She is a Muslim and just like me she also wore hijab and not burqa. We talked and discussed certain issues sometimes. The other day we talked about how some cs people were "bashing, insulting and attacking" Muslim women who chose to wear burqa. Then few days ago, I met her again and I was surprised. She has worn burqa. shock

It's like reverse psychology.. the more you are attacked for what you wear, the more you fight to wear it.

I told her that although I don't wear burqa, I will be her biggest supporter. heart wings
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My gentleman werewolf buddy. happy birthday

July 2th, 2018 (your time) rose
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