The New Burqa Lady..

I know this lady quite well. She is a Muslim and just like me she also wore hijab and not burqa. We talked and discussed certain issues sometimes. The other day we talked about how some cs people were "bashing, insulting and attacking" Muslim women who chose to wear burqa. Then few days ago, I met her again and I was surprised. She has worn burqa. shock

It's like reverse psychology.. the more you are attacked for what you wear, the more you fight to wear it.

I told her that although I don't wear burqa, I will be her biggest supporter. heart wings
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Let's Have A Little Fun..

I was told that our eyes are like our finger prints. They are so unique and that's why advanced technology has used them to secure rooms where very important products are kept.

Oohh that's boring. doh
So let's have fun a little, shall we?

Well, please give your best guess which one is whose..
I will give you a hint.
No. #4 is my eyes.. flirty












While I am waiting for my office colleagues to show up at the office,
I wish you a great weekend! daisy
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My gentleman werewolf buddy. happy birthday

July 2th, 2018 (your time) rose
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Joke of the Day..

"If you don't eat pork, I don't trust your spiritual secularism and love for democracy."

Hahaha... laugh rolling on the floor laughing
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To Whom

This may concern.

I am setting you free.. rose

Indonesia, June 3rd 2018
frog Kal-de-Frog. frog
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And So I Am The Greek One..

Which one is yours? grin

Anyway, here’s what I got from Prof. Google.

Greek foot (also known as Morton’s foot) has the 2nd toe longer than all of the other toes. Can be seen on Roman statues Tiberius, the Greek God Apollo and the Statue of Liberty. Indicates leadership qualities. Rulers from ancient Egyptian and Hawaiian royal dynasties all had long second toes. You need to be in charge. (DK: Yup. Got this right. Kids, listen up. Your old man is a near direct descendant of Apollo. Greeks’ Rule.)

Germanic foot (also known as Peasant feet or Giselle feet) has at least 3 toes similar in length and tend to be short and stubby. Stable functioning foot. Ideal for ballerinas. (DK: Wow. Peasant and Ballerina. Scratch your head on that one.)

Egyptian foot has the longest big toe with all other toes tapering down. Described as the most functional of all of the foot structures. (DK: Figures that the pyramid-builders would get this right.)

Celtic Toe: Wiki** states that article references on this topic are subject to deletion as there is no scientific support or basis for these conclusions. (DK: Bottom Line: If you have Celtic toes, you’re in deep trouble.)

Roman Toes: (DK: Couldn’t find any research. Even Wiki** had a minor passing reference. So you are either alien or a yet-to-be-discovered species.)

[Source: Prof. Google]

Looking at the above Family Tree, now I wonder which Greek Gods I was descended from? hmmm
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Silhouette of A Woman..

I think some of you remembered my blog about a photo I showed to a man which then made him start talking about breasts.. my breasts! grin

A good advice I got was that I better not to show a breast-like photo if I didn't want him to talk about my breast. Sure that makes sense.

But then it has me wonder.
What if I show a silhouette of my real breasts? my bum cheeks? my camel toes?

What would be the wildest thing a man would think of or say or do if he saw a walking woman with all her sexy silhouettes before his eyes?

uh oh hole
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Better Not To Provoke..

Humans are animals, might even be the worst ones, so I was told.. So we, humans can be very sweet caring loving blah blah.. to whomever we choose, and can also be very dangerous, regardless how we define the words “sweet caring loving blah blah and dangerous”. I am not sure in animals world, but in humans’world, some tend to underestimate the others, especially when they think their opportunities and strengths are bigger or higher than the others’.

Some years ago, a dear someone and I were back from Paris to Brussel. We took Thalys. Sure we booked the tickets few days earlier. It was late in the afternoon that day. We checked the schedule carefully as we didn’t want to get in to the wrong coach, or worse, we didn’t want to miss the train. We searched our Thalys, we got in to the train and looked for our seats. My seat, unfortunately, was taken by a big Caucasian man. I was sure he was not just big but also very tall judging from the height even when he was sitting. grin He was reading.

I approached him slowly and spoke to him very politely that he was taking my seat. He looked at me cynically and continued reading. My dear someone asked me to just sit on the other seat.. many vacant seats anyway. I said No. So I raised my voice and told that big guy that it was my seat he was sitting on. Some other passengers turned their heads and looked at us. He then moved. I didn’t care to which seat he moved. All I care was I got what I paid for. MAYBE because he thought I was a weak scared stupid Asian Muslim woman, I could or would do nothing, especially when he was surrounded by other Caucasians, his own kind. He was wrong.

So I always keep telling myself.
~Never underestimate others. Never provoke others to bring their “animal dangerous side” out. Everyone has secret weapon. Everyone is capable of doing shocking something we never expect, doesn't matter how weak and stupid they appear.. Every one looks down Clark Kent, but we all know what he is capable of when he is the Superman~

Remember that, Kalpataru, always! professor
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Do You Think

It's ok for you to tell someone a joke, but the joke is considered insulting according to that someone's culture simply because your culture is different? dunno
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A Veiled Woman Red Colored Nails On The Hand..??

I just read that question few minutes ago. I found that interesting.

Why she polished her nails?
That she is a teenager?
That she is a free woman?
Ohh sure, every one can polish their nails.. colorfully.. doesn't matter what age. No doubt!
But a VEILED woman?

There are 3 POSSIBLE reasons that I know why a Veiled Woman does that.

First. She is not a Muslim.
Why on earth would a non Muslim woman wear a veil? You may ask.
I read news about a "new" religion which is very similar to Islam.
Or she is in disguise to mislead. She doesn't realize that someone noticed the red color.

Second. She is a Muslim and does that for a show only, like in a catwalk business or adv modelling.

Three. She is a Muslim but doesn't pray.

I know that, and so does she.
But do you? dunno
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I Don't Know What I Am Supposed To Do With You..

I know you will come and take a peek here today. I tried very hard to forget it, but I couldn't. I guess it's better for me to not try at all. It will later be forgotten eventually if not sooner. Oh well..

Blow your candles and make a wish.
Do it hurry while the lights last.. rose

Indonesia, July 2, 2017.
frog Kal-de-Frog frog
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I Love You..

I really do.
I think it would be very difficult for me to find a kind sweet patient funny good looking man who doesnt smoke has no pets no piercing nor tattoes not a muslim hater and financially quite stable, like you are. You're a rare find.. very rare. It really breaks my heart to see you go. crying

Nothing can make me feel honored but to let you go so you can spread your wings, fly up in the sky and find the one who can make you a very happy man.. and so I can practice archery with my new bow and arrows..

No wait! professor

and so I can blast you out of the sky with shotgun. Yeeaaahhh! That's better.. much better.. head banger

Hmm which one would you prefer, honey? love


I keep this blog as a reminder for me.
-Kal de Frog-
May 17, 2017
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