I Am Ready For Tomorrow..

I know tomorrow is Sunday and it's time to enjoy the day far from work. But.. as usual, I have to go to the office tomorrow and take part in the big city event.. The 2018 City Cultural Festival..

Last year we wore Jambi Traditional Dress. And this year, it would be Dayak Costume. banana

Selamat Memperingati Hari Pahlawan 10 November 2018 to all Indonesians around the globe. tip hat

And have a nice weekend to all bloggers. teddybear
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Give Me Your Best..

No cheating, please.. professor grin

Kal-de-Frog.. less than 12 hours ago. nerd
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One More Time..

Give me your best.. head banger

And have a nice weekend, every one! teddybear

I need to clean my house. So I will be back later to check if any of you deserves a prize.. banana
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I Got Emotionally Bullied Today..

I know it's no one's fault, not even the bully's. It's simply my fault for letting myself. I should have been stronger and fight harder.

You see today I asked someone to deliver my lunch to the office as I was too lazy to go out. When I started to enjoy my lunch, suddenly there she was sitting in front of me.. staring at me.. with the looks!

At first, I ignored her.. I tried to ask her to go and leave me alone. She didn't even move an inch. She kept staring at me still.. I started feeling uncomfortable.

Oohh shhiiittt.. I got up, brought my lunch to the kitchen. She followed me. I put my lunch somewhere in the kitchen. She then gave me a different look and started eating..

Whatever she did to me, that pregnant momma was successful in bullying me emotionally and made me do what she wanted.

I don't like pets. But who can resist such hungry looks from a pregnant cat.. blues

Now would you excuse me, I have to find something to bite. I am soooo verrry hungry. pizza burger
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In the Last Minutes

Changing mind, have you ever?

Several hours ago my sisters and I discussed about a quite important matter as it involved big money and time. They asked me to join them to go abroad for 10 days or so on a religous purpose in Januari 2019.

We had argues as I had a different travel plan with my office colleague..

You see, our office was recently visited by two representatives of an Embassy of a country that has developed smart city projects. Then E (my office colleague) and I took them to lunch. We talked about lots of interesting things.. interesting enough to make E and I thought of going there.

After considering certain things, E and I agreed to make a travel plan and to start preparing. I liked the plan as I had a dear friend (B) living in that country I wanted to meet. I told B all about this visit plan. Then somehow meeting B became my priority.

I told my sisters about that when we discussed about the religious journey.. Yes, like I said, we had argues.

Unexpectedly, B and I had a fight when my sisters and I were still discussing the journey... a stupid fight but enough to make me finally made a decision and said: "Hey sis, guess what? I agree with you both. So lets go and make our religious journey worthwhile!"

All I need now is to find a perfect moment and proper way to inform E about the change.

I wonder if any of you have made a plan but then changed it in the last minutes. hmmm
But because of something stupid? Naahh I guess you never.. laugh
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Why Should the Call to Prayer Be So Durn Loud,

and use the speaker too?? Does it not disturb others who are not Muslims?
Such question or I may say such complaint has started to emerge lately, especially among tourists. Sometimes when explaining certain thing, using analogy is the best way. wink

Adalah teman saya, yang kebetulan non muslim, bertanya kepada saya, “Kenapa kalau adzan harus dibunyikan keras-keras dengan speaker pula?”.

“Bro, adzan itu adalah panggilan sholat, pasti dong namanya panggilan tidak mungkin dengan cara yang sama seperti berbicara atau berbisik-bisik”.

Teman saya membalas “Tapi kan di orang-orang sekitar tidak semuanya muslim?”.

Saya jawab lagi “Benar. Bro, kita sekarang sedang ada di bandara, dengar kan announcement bandara selalu memberikan panggilan boarding? Apakah kamu juga mempertanyakan ke mereka mengapa melakukan panggilan boarding pesawat YANG LAIN keras-keras padahal bukan panggilan pesawatmu?”

Dia tersenyum namun membalas lagi “Tapi kan hari gini semua orang sudah tahu dengan teknologi jam berapa waktu sholat apa, apa masih harus adzan keras-keras?”.

Saya pun kemudian menjawab “Ya setiap penumpang juga kan sudah tahu jadwal penerbangannya sejak pesan dan memegang tiket, kemudian check-in, sudah tercetak jadwal keberangkatannya di boarding pass, sudah masuk ruang tunggu, tapi tetap bandara melakukan panggilan boarding bukan?

Dan ada satu hal lagi mengapa adzan harus dikumandangkan, itu bukan hanya sebagai penanda sudah masuk waktu sholat tapi benar-benar panggilan sholat, karena kami harus menyegerakan sholat. Sama halnya semua penumpang harus menyegerakan masuk pesawat setelah panggilan boarding, walaupun masih ada waktu naik pesawat sampai pesawat tutup pintu”.

Kali ini senyumnya bertambah lebar, lalu dia setengah memeluk saya sambil menepuk-nepuk bahu saya dan berkata “Super .. I got it bro“

I got that from my friend on WA.
Any of you who is interested to know what it's about, please contact MiMi for translation. grin
Or you can simply use Google Translate. peace
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Please Stop It..

When D Trump ordered his foreign affairs minister (or whatever you call that person) to announce something officially or to make an official statement, then the minister showed up on TV reading the announcement, do you think Trump typed the statement? Do you think the minister typed it?

Ofcourse NOT.. his staff did that. Trump dictated it to his staff. Once it's announced, no one would even care who typed or wrote it down.. It's Trump's words, not the typist's words.. that's all that matters. No?

You see, it's the same thing as a Holy Book, whatever that is. Ofcourse it was WRITTEN by men! God dictated his words to His Messengers through His Angels.

The believers BELIEVE that. Some, yes, shove their beliefs down others' throat, but some don't.
And YOU, the non believers, BELIEVE that's not true..all was just fiction...it's primitive beliefs made by primitive humans.. blah blah..
Although some non believers don't shove such belief down others' throat, remember some do, like some of YOU.

Then what is the difference between YOU and them?? confused

So please stop it!
Or should I too say, please give it a rest.. tip hat
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Practice What You Preach..

And you think that has given you all the rights to say anything as you please about MY RELIGION, eh Sands88 or Seaworthy or whoever you are?? Where is your own tolerance??
Why don't you practice what you preach. wink

Remember, when you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you." Jesus had a version of this wisdom when he said, "Don't focus on the speck in your brother's eye while ignoring the log in your own eye." nerd

Why do you always see the bad in others rather than yourselves. dunno
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And So I Am The Greek One..

Which one is yours? grin

Anyway, here’s what I got from Prof. Google.

Greek foot (also known as Morton’s foot) has the 2nd toe longer than all of the other toes. Can be seen on Roman statues Tiberius, the Greek God Apollo and the Statue of Liberty. Indicates leadership qualities. Rulers from ancient Egyptian and Hawaiian royal dynasties all had long second toes. You need to be in charge. (DK: Yup. Got this right. Kids, listen up. Your old man is a near direct descendant of Apollo. Greeks’ Rule.)

Germanic foot (also known as Peasant feet or Giselle feet) has at least 3 toes similar in length and tend to be short and stubby. Stable functioning foot. Ideal for ballerinas. (DK: Wow. Peasant and Ballerina. Scratch your head on that one.)

Egyptian foot has the longest big toe with all other toes tapering down. Described as the most functional of all of the foot structures. (DK: Figures that the pyramid-builders would get this right.)

Celtic Toe: Wiki** states that article references on this topic are subject to deletion as there is no scientific support or basis for these conclusions. (DK: Bottom Line: If you have Celtic toes, you’re in deep trouble.)

Roman Toes: (DK: Couldn’t find any research. Even Wiki** had a minor passing reference. So you are either alien or a yet-to-be-discovered species.)

[Source: Prof. Google]

Looking at the above Family Tree, now I wonder which Greek Gods I was descended from? hmmm
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The New Burqa Lady..

I know this lady quite well. She is a Muslim and just like me she also wore hijab and not burqa. We talked and discussed certain issues sometimes. The other day we talked about how some cs people were "bashing, insulting and attacking" Muslim women who chose to wear burqa. Then few days ago, I met her again and I was surprised. She has worn burqa. shock

It's like reverse psychology.. the more you are attacked for what you wear, the more you fight to wear it.

I told her that although I don't wear burqa, I will be her biggest supporter. heart wings
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Let's Have A Little Fun..

I was told that our eyes are like our finger prints. They are so unique and that's why advanced technology has used them to secure rooms where very important products are kept.

Oohh that's boring. doh
So let's have fun a little, shall we?

Well, please give your best guess which one is whose..
I will give you a hint.
No. #4 is my eyes.. flirty












While I am waiting for my office colleagues to show up at the office,
I wish you a great weekend! daisy
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My gentleman werewolf buddy. happy birthday

July 2th, 2018 (your time) rose
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