I choked up... just a little.

A few times a week, I pass a cemetery that borders a major roadway. It's a huge piece of land, probably 4 acres and appears to be full of flowers on the grave-sites. The cemetery in Miami where my parents are buried doesn't permit artificial flowers and I don't know if this one does but, as they say, people are dying to get inside the place, hopefully those who are remembered will get real flowers and not fakes.

I can see when the ground is prepared for an upcoming burial as they have plywood covering the hole and a blue canopy with wheels set over the plot waiting for the event. Sometimes, there are a few scattered around the cemetery, especially on weekends.

If I pass by in the afternoon, traffic may be backed up at a red light giving more time to look over and see people visiting the graves of loved ones. One day, I saw a man sitting on the ground and appeared to be leaning over a small gravestone. He had a wheelchair that was tipped on it's side and partly folded, also a blanket laid out and what appeared to be a basket. My best guess would be, he brought food and intended to be there for a while.

From the street, you cannot see any roads or walkways, my guess is the passage ways run parallel to the highway and it would be extremely difficult for someone in a wheelchair to maneuver over the lawn to be where he was.

Twenty minutes later, after doing an errand, I passed the cemetery again and the man was still there. It's been a few days now and I keep thinking about it...

I chose the blog category: Family and think the man is still grieving over the loss of a loved one.

sad flower
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