Making plans for my second trip to the US (part 1)

I know I am very early with this, but in October 2025, I will head back across the pond to the USA for my second trip there. This time, I am visiting a friend in New York, and now I know how much money I need to bring. The last time, I brought about $1300 with me - and I was left with $600 when I was home again. I didn't go completely wild with shopping, because i had no real sense of how expensive or cheap the US would be, but now I know. The next time I go, I am gonna spend a LOT more money than I did the first time around.

First, I need to find the price of the flight. I did economy the first time, and it was fine. I am thinking of doing the same thing again. I get there the same time as the other people, and we're on the same aircraft. Honestly, the only thing that's different is the food, and airline food is definitely bad. The food I god on my way to the US back in May was great. Chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The food back... Well, that was awful. I didn't finish that.

I still have quite a while to go before my trip to the US, and before that, I have a trip to Italy planned. I just need to confirm with my friend where she wants to go, and when we're going to leave. I know it's gonna be a week, so we'll see where we end up.

But for now - my next USA adventure is being planned!
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New York City, or New York state?

For an October trip it may be worth checking the schedule of the fall colors.
If you go to Italy, I suggest Rome. I have the name of the hotel we stayed at when we went on a field trip with the school I was working at in 2017, most of the rooms are with 2 small beds and a small kitchen, if you want to cook.
What I'm not sure about is the transport connection to and from the airport, as the principal had that prearranged for us.

The hotel is quite central, a short walk to the Vatican, a 5 minute walk to the Vatican museum, about 10 min. to the Square, etc., in fact, it's located just below the Vatican
city wall. It's also quite central as far as taking the underground rail (2 minutes across the street), to all the other historical places: Colosseum, the Spanish stairs, etc.. There's also a local market hall down the street from the hotel, where you can buy local food products, such as different cheese, olive oil, ham, pasta, etc., small electronic stuff, leather goods and clothing, but unfortunately it closes at 14:00.

I plan on going back to Rome next spring, and staying there again.
Allow ample time between flights. If one plane is late it doesn't affect the connecting flight.
New York state. New York City scares me. Way too big..
I am only booking a direct flight. Luckily, there are direct flights from Copenhagen to New York
I’m with you on that one..

All my children have been to NYC many times...

Way too big for me..They stopped asking me to go with them.
The biggest city I have visited is London. I am a small town guy. The population in my city, at the moment, is 16.431 people. New York City has a population of 18,937,000 people, or 1152 times the population of my current city. I know from experience that my anxiety level will rise if I visit a city with over 1 million people..

Fun fact: The entire population of Denmark is 5,910,913 people. That means that the population of New York City is 3.2 times higher than my entire country..
Too bad I don't still live in NYC, I could take you around & show you a lot of the unknown places, as well as the places to avoid.
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