Already planning next years holiday!

I am on my 2 week mandatory summer holiday/break from work, and I am already bored. So what better to do than to plan next years holiday? These past few days, I have been watching a YouTuber named Mr Jww, and his experiences in the Mille Miglia Storia, which is a global brand that combines the heritage of the world's most beautiful race with a fun, sophisticated, inclusive and contemporary lifestyle. It's essentially a 1000 mile rally with some of the most beautiful and rare cars in the world. Some take it as a road trip, while others take it VERY seriously.

Mr Jww is in the 1st bracket - he's just there to experience it and have fun while driving.

Anyway, as I was watching the videos, I made a decision - I am going to Italy on my next holiday. When is that? July 2024, is my aim. I will not go there alone. I asked a friend if she wanted to come, and she said yes. Now the planning begins.

First, we need to figure out where in Italy we are going to go. I have my eyes fixed on Rome, but Italy is a big country, so I will look around. The next step is to find a hotel. Because I am such a gentleman, I will ask her if she prefers one room together, or our own rooms. That's gonna be up to her.

In any case - one week in Italy next years is gonna be the best thing ever! I have so many things I want to do. Cooking classes, take pictures, relax and eat good food!

There is still a LONG time to go. The flight will be booked early next year, when we have picked a location. Until then, it's time for research.
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A friend of mine traveled to Italy...he decided to rent a travel van to experience the country...but he was there for more than a week...sounds like a great vacation and better experience with a travel
Experiencing a new country from the road is fantastic, but I am not sure my friend is up for driving in a new country. So we're gonna experience things on foot :).

The trip is gonna be great!
@merc on the other hand my son, then in the school band playing bass clarinet, liked the girls in Italy - a lot! Well over 20 years ago ...
My son liked the girls too I said gawd I hope you don't have a child in every country you visited laugh

In saying the above my son is a very decent very respectful man.
I have no doubt about it Merc...

I'm planning a family trip for next year, twas to be Italy but given I've heard its smothered with refugees & etc which brings along its own share of problems... I'm planning elsewhere instead.

But a lot can happen in a year wine
Refugees couldn't afford your services...find a place that loves to pay for
And here was me thinking I was replying To Phil .....

You've really got it bad Lou... haven't you comfort
I am going to look around for the cheapest place to visit. Rome is expensive, so it might not be there.Maybe Milan. I have heard good things about that place
It so happens my son was in Italy also ...
Back then he had a fear of heights, so his holiday was a waste of good money ... loved absolutely loved the pizzas so his trip wasn't a complete waste by all means.

Go cheap save a fortune and spend it on good times instead wine
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