DeSantis is out...

Nearly all of the back biting is over. It's not that Florida's absent governor Ron DeSantis really had a chance at the Republican nomination, but it's down to Nikki Haley and Donald Trump. Come crawling back to Florida Ron... maybe You can catch up on reversing the laws they reversed while you were gone.
It's okay... but I suggest you get some taller lifts for those boots as you're looking mighty low right now.
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My opinion, he should have not ran until 2028...

But, it did bring out ... the absolute hate out from the far left women...Poking at the way his wife wore her make up..and, some, saying she faked her breast cancer...When in reality...she was an absolutely stunning woman..and an awesome mother and wife... are not a nice person...this will be my last post in any of your blogs.
His campaign brought out the worst in him. I predicted he would run several years before the announcement. Also, I mentioned he appointed someone to change Florida law so he could return if his campaign failed.

I heard the 'crawling back to Florida' phrase from a political news team. Funny, but not mine.

I intentionally avoided making comments about his wife. There may have been a time when she was in public with a jacket saying wokeism comes to Florida to die. Not appropriate, but I think I avoided saying anything about it. I wouldn't be able to recognize a photo of her.

This isn't the first time my comments about DeSantis struck a nerve with you and I'm sorry to hear your decision to avoid my blogs.
Strong words, considering I write about a whole world of topics, I'll say good bye for now.
American's so far has shown their true colours.
Let's see what the result of the general election will be.

Chat, if America should become a dictatorship, I have a country to move to, do you????
Uh... no. That country is also run by a dictator.
Seems like you are misinformed. tongue
Misinformed about what?
But it's okay for Republicans to say awful things about Obama's wife, things like, she is a man, ugly, etc etc.
I don't recall you speaking up about her abuse!
The dictatorship fear is planted into the public by the democrats. This is how much they fear Trump.
All your (public) fears and anxiety is brought on by the ultra left to control and manipulate their followers into doing what they say.
Trump is no dictator but all the false accusations against him since 2016 has made him bitter. Who can blame him if he opts for revenge?
Luke, I'm up late working on a few things before going to sleep... Time permitting, on Monday, I'll post some video clips with the words coming out of Trump's mouth and not an interpretation or manipulation by the news media.

Also he vowed retribution/revenge to anyone who crossed his path, should he win a second term and maybe 'backstroked a bit' as his comments in a recent campaign rally he claimed to be too busy. The first thought that occurred to me was his comment in his last administration when he said he wouldn't have any time for golf.

With the exception of DeSantis vowing to support Trump, I rally really didn't want to cloud this blog with Trump stuff.

Stay tuned for a different blog !!

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Sorry if I was off-topic but he was mentioned in your blog and in comments.
So you support Ron Desantis despite his policies potentially killing, maiming and criminalising women because he doesn't think women are capable of making difficult decisions.

You openly support Trump who has been found legally liable for rape.

But you actively oppose Chat because he was a little rude to Meatball Ron. wink
The only way to defeat Joe Biden is by voting Nicky Haley Trump has no hope of beating Biden

Nicky Haley would defeat Biden in a huge way

First of all how can a person convicted of a s*xual attack be allowed to run for President?

If any person whether it be a Dem or a republican had 91 indictments against them there is no way in hell that person would be found innocent on all indictments unless of course your Supreme judges are corrupt

To me any man who supports a person whom committed a s*xual assault they themselves have the tendencies to do those things themselves To me any woman who supports a person whom sexually assaulted a woman need to see a shrink The vile names Trump call's woman & anyone whom dare speak out about his dismal record when he was President is bloody disgusting

When Trump was in office he pocketed millions from foreign countries which is illegal

These Republicans in office whom are afraid of trump are also disgraceful for enabling a demented dangerous scum bag

Biden has America in bloody good stead after receiving 8 trillion dollars of debt from Trump

Trump has lost his marbles he confused Haley with nancy Pelosi He mentioned how he ran against Obama He ran against Hillary So many more blunders it's bloody ridiculous

I could go on but the thought of Trump makes my skin crawl

Vote Haley thumbs up

USA is not my country, but whatever will happen in USA with that election craziness, will affect Canada and basically whole World, one way or another.
So here is what I think about it.
Joe Biden gets out of Election process (retirement or something else)
.Kamala Harris becomes a President and Michelle Obama becomes a Vice President.
Michelle Obama becomes a President and someone from Democrats will be a Vice President.
Forces behind Democrats will never allow Donald Trump to win. They will go all the way not to let it happen.
Would be interesting to watch how they will be counting voices. Especially the MAIL once.

Absolutely fantaziyahandshake
Pray tell me who is there that can really stand up and be counted to keep Trump out and defeat Biden.

Maga (Make America Great Again) voters’ real obsession is not banning books, or battling wokeness; it’s worshipping Donald Trump.sigh
I don't see 1 person taking out the US election circus properly it would be better if the military took over the mess, and have the military in place for a couple of years to make sure the US politicians don't turn into puppets for the deep fake..
Military in place?
Good question. I'm thinking there must be some governments somewhere in South America like Columbia. Maybe an African country or Middle East country.

Google could be your friend. check there.
On Sunday, The Miami Herald, chimed in about DeSantis:

“DeSantis never appeared to want to save the GOP. He was more interested in making it a more ravenous, angrier and intolerant party. That worked for Trump, but didn’t work for the governor with all the charisma of burned toast.”

One reader comment:
"Now he's proud to honor the oath to support Trump, who never agreed to that oath. A man with 91 counts against him."
True... not a problem... not a problem this time.
Maybe next time I'll have jac take a bite out of your behind!!
Plant based behinds only, please. snooty

Good lord, do you want me to die from rabies?

I'm starting to agree with gone about you.laugh
I don't know about gone. It wasn't my intention to pissheroff.
Maybe if a say a few hail Mary's she'll get over it.

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No President should even be considering revenge, let alone demand it

It is naive to suggest Trump wanting to be a dictator is fake or lies, you only read/watch media that supports him, whereas the world media has carried both stories and videos that conclusively show Trump making suggestive comments about being a president for life and rewriting the constitution.

Just open your eyes, the truth is not hard to find.
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