Last year, I blogged about a $10 toaster I bought and put it in the powder room (where the toilet was wrapped in plastic and not being used) only because there was a vent fan in the ceiling. The new appliance emitted a plastic smell that needed to be used a few times for the smell to go away. The kitchen is tiny and I don't often make toast so, months later, it's there next to the Waterpik.
A few days ago, I wanted to toast some sliced Italian bread. The bread was much wider than sandwich bread so I have to switch the slices to get both ends toasted. It's an acquired skill not to burn your fingers flipping the bread. The setting is 'just right' so I don't need to make any adjustments and actually get evenly toasted bread.
I started the toaster and my phone rang. It was a contractor with questions about a recent order that required 2 minutes for me to open a drawing to answer his question. The fan was on so I didn't smell anything, but when I hung up and when back to check, the room was filled with smoke and first part was severely burned.
What was strange is hidden in the ceiling, the vent pipe is connected to the other bathroom with a "T" fitting so both exhaust to the roof in the shared pipe. Somehow the smoke was filling the other bathroom too!
They are on either side of a hallway where I have a smoke alarm. I closed both bathroom doors and turned on the window fan. Thankfully the alarm didn't go off panicking my neighbors.
The bread was so charred there wasn't anything worth salvaging and I had to toast two more slices. The bathroom wreaked of burned (burnt if you're across the pond) for a few days and now all is well.

Speaking of toast. I see Donald Trump Jr. appeared in court for a second time. He and his father's attorneys were unable to explain how a Trump building listed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and architectural plans as 63 floors is advertised as 72 floors.

A few news services mentioned 'Trump is toast' and that they may want to consider getting new lawyers, as his team seems to continually blow up his defenses in his various legal disputes.
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I think you need to buy a new toaster...professor laugh
Ohhh I see what you did here! roll eyes

I don't know about preparing food in the loo Chat. It just dosen't seem right. laugh Plastic wrapped toilet or not. And what's up with that? I know you guys get snakes in the toilet occasionally but that's taking it to the extreme.
New lawyers...?

Like somehow that might mean he gets evenly toasted, rather than go up the chimney in smoke?
'Spect Trump will be making snacks in the same room as his toilet in the fairly near future.
This blog should be in the Comedy section or needs a new section for Dumb and Dumber.
First you buy a $10 toaster to save like $10.
Is it a pop-up toaster which switches off.
Did you jam the bread in.
You have a Powder room!
You didn't switch it off before abandoning it.

Worst of all you nonchalantly blog about it all, twice.

Oh and it reminds you of TRUMP!

Just out of interest, does Everything remind you of Trump.

banana rolling on the floor laughing
gone... I make toast once or twice a month and my system actually works well, both ends are evenly toasted.

Loh, it is what it is. Good hygiene doesn't stop people from hanging their toothbrush 4 feet from the toilet.

jac... a new round of lawyers would be reason to delay his trial dates. Possible ploy on his part already mentioned he is capable of doing.

Merlot... yes it's a pop-up toaster intended for sandwich bread. The Italian bread is okay in height but much wider than the sandwich bread so putting it in one end and flipping it for the 2nd part was working well. It wasn't an issue until I received the phone call and watched away.

Maybe the news in Ireland isn't so saturated with stories about Trump, but he's the number one topic on many news feeds.

thumbs up
My advice is go back to the sandwich bread. You got your warning and your lucky break, don't push it. beer
"Italian bread" from a local bakery made daily from scratch, unlike white bread that comes on a truck where thousands of loaves are baked in conveyor style ovens.

There is no going back! applause
Dude!! I've seriously got nothing better to do than try and cheer you up! x

Cheer me up? Thanks... but why would you think I'm down?
'Cos you're a gristly old Italian fart who never stops moaning!!! laugh heart wings x
Mona darling, how could you say those things to me... laugh
True, but that begs the question: why hasn't he done that yet?
Maybe you forgot to take the plastic off the toaster as welldunno
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